Trapper Explains: Ghost Face (Dead By Daylight)

Trapper here to explain: GhostFace. Hey, i can speak for myself. Yeah, but i popular one. Alright, you got me there.. GhostFace is the newest killer to join Dead By Daylight! His turn-ons include long walks on the beach sitting next to a warm fireplace and butts Oh wait, thats wrong list. Here we go. His perks include:I’m all ears! Let’s him see survivors that jump the windows and other stupid stuff they do. Thrilling tremors: makes the entity block all generators not being repaired when he picks up a survivor! And fur-tive chase shrieks his terror radius everytime he looks at his obbsession So let’s now read GhostFace’s backstory. Danny Johnson, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Done! GhostFaces power is called:Night shroud. While in Night shroud. He has no terror radius and emits no red stain! Okay im jealous. However, this can be depleted by a survivor looking at him for a short duration. Duration Times May Vary. Ask your doctor if Night Shroud is right for you. It can also be depleted by attacking like so. Now you may be asking yourself While GhostFace can also stalk victims during Night Shroud. Marking them with exposure. Okay, i’m jealous again. Enjoy this compilation footage! Oh, did i mention he can also peek around corners? And crouch walk? I mean what can this guy not do. Meanwhile i have to walk all over the map to collect my own traps like a sucker! Yeah, make him eat that pallet! Ok, that’s all for GhostFace, i’m done. I-i need to talk to my agent. Last one got vomit. Huntress can get her hatchets out of lockers,hag could just draw her traps, but me no i can only hold one, maybe two Wha-Where’s my agent number? Wait what do you mean i dont have agent. Oh, by the way here his mori. SPOILERS !!! Oh! he get a camera too! I see,i would like a camera. I’m done, i’m DONE! CUT CUT! THE END! I demand a raise, or i get buff like freddy. Buff me! I want freddy buff!! Thanks for watching! Subtitles by NoobPlays!! Have a nice day!

100 thoughts on “Trapper Explains: Ghost Face (Dead By Daylight)”

  1. Danny Johnson = Danny Rolling
    Roseville, Florida = Gainesville, Florida

    DBD creators certainly have some balls to do this, I mean, I get he was the inspiration, but still. You know someone’s gonna get all uppity about this. Hopefully not

    Edit: Also, LOVE Trapper

  2. Can a Doctor tell me if Night shroud is right for me? Because Im sturggling between Strider attacks, Eating too much taco Bell, Drawing on the ground, Being a cheap copy of Sonic, Mind gaming, Being slow but mad enough to make a Survivor trip and say OWWWWW, Grind to make my spine chill and have a bond with everybody I meet and stuff, And Night shroud. If no, Which one should I choose?

  3. Trapper should explain horror movies, good and bad ones, kinda like a review but trapper style cause trapper is the best

  4. Danny Johnson

  5. I laughed out loud when he said, "Yeah, make him eat that pallet!" Poor Trapper, even Rodney Dangerfield gets more respect.

  6. I don't know how popular the legion gang is but their my favorite killers and i would love for them to have their own series or have the trapper explains them video. That would be great to even know it's in the works!

  7. I want Freddy buff!
    We need Trapper to be able to trap closets and have his traps reload on a time so he gets more and more over the period of the match.

  8. Just got this game was like sweet all these killers then I saw you have to buy the really cool ones and level up like 70 times go get the other ones well maybe a couple of them. The whole wiping the weapon thing is annoying also I guess I'm too use to Friday the 13th.

  9. Poor Trapper, he needs a Freddy buff stat! And get this man an agent, he is the Mascot for the game and my awesome profile pic.

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