Transforming Love — Sunday School, July 21, 2019 (International Sunday School Lesson)

the love of Christ is life-changing and once we realize that we we learn to walk and move and do everything in love and we realize it's not always about us and and what we want and what we need but it's about demonstrating the love of Christ daily and once we understand that it brings about a change and everyone around you will see the difference in you and that's my goal to allow Jesus to use me to make a difference in a dying world once again we are here for the sanctuary Sunday School and I am so grateful for you that are joining me today and if this is your first time go ahead tap that Bell subscribe to the channel so that you don't miss anything now I have received feedback that some of you are not getting notifications for all of your videos and that's because there's so many people subscribe to YouTube now until all of them the notifications don't get to all of the subscribers but if you are subscribed just go to the channel the lessons are there every single week I usually post on Sunday night they go live for both Union Gospel press and the International Sunday School lesson so if you go to the YouTube channel or even go through the website wws and to Ares Academy you will be able to find your Sunday School lesson this week's subject is transforming love and we see Jesus here and this is in the book of Matthew and we're talking about Jesus and again we're talking about that love that transforming love and Jesus doctrine was different and new and he really had to teach this thing so that we could get and we could get it right and so he talked about one oh he said you have heard it has been said that there is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and what that means is when someone does something to you you are justified to do it back everybody's gonna get what they deserve and that is what had been said and what had been taught to that point but Jesus brought in an entirely different approach to that think about it Jesus did not – give us what we deserved which would have been the wages of sin which is death Jesus gave us love he gave us grace he gave us mercy and he paid the price for our sins so as Christians our saints of God we have to do the same thing and be just like Jesus is and so now the first thing that he says in this next verse really jumped out at me this time it says to resist not evil and that phrase it actually convicted me because I'm one of those people that once offline find out that you're shady or that you've been trying to undercut me or do things against me I'm not gonna fight you I'm not a fighter I'm not gonna try to hurt you I'm not gonna wish you evil but I'm gonna stay away from you I'm not going to really want to be bothered with you you know I'm not that person who hangs all the people who know who I know that they're against me I don't I don't do that I try to avoid conflicts and God showed me that you can't do that because for me it's kind of like once I find out that you're on the shifty side it's like you don't exist anymore and God was showing me that you have to actively love those people as well and that's something that just really jumped out at me this time and I wanted to clarify that because when it says resists not evil that is not giving you permission to sin and to do evil out stay away from evil things I can do evil things and still be okay that is not what that phrase means that phrase means that even when you know that this is a person or situation that does not mean you well you've got to love them just the same as you would love someone who loves you and treats you well and that right there was a lesson for me I got my Sunday School lesson with the note with the second verse of this text today so he said just not evil and then he talked about turning the other cheek and this is that scripture that is the subject of so much debate now is God telling us to just staying there and just keep turning your cheek and letting somebody beat you until your unconscious no that is not what it's saying but what he is saying is that not to allow yourself to be so self-centered and so sensitive that any little thing that happens against you causes you to be ready to fight you know it's my dad or my parents will says we can walk around with a chip on their shoulders not daring you to knock it off and we're ready for a battle we're ready for a fight and sometimes we can't that's how we push people away from church and you'll hear me say this so much because I've been on I'm 49 years old this year and I've been in church my entire life and I have encountered a lot of unkindness right in the church and I'm always going to speak against that because God is loving God is kind and as Christians we should be kind as well again it doesn't make you be a pushover and passive and allow people to abuse you but at the same time you are not perched ready for a battle you ready to love you're ready to forgive you're able to see past what somebody did to you and see what they need and help them I love them anyway and that is sometimes a challenge but that is what God is commanding us to do and then he talks about if somebody Sue's you and they take your coats give them your cloak also the coat is styled as an undergarment over piece but it's worn under the cloak the cloak is an outer garment and they're saying you said if they take one thing you give them that too and that's the powerful message because sometimes especially in this society we are so tied to material things don't touch my stuff don't take anything that's mine and Jesus is saying let that stuff go if giving you my cloak also draws you to Christ and changes you and saves your soul you can have it and that is what Jesus is teaching he talks about walking the mile and you've heard the phrase saying go that extra mile this scripture is where that phrase comes from if somebody makes you ask me to walk a mile go that second mile with them as well stay with them these are things that show people that we are saints of God and then he goes on and he talks about how it had been said that you love your neighbor and you hate your enemy but within the body of Christ there is no room for hatred at all there is a transforming love that allows you to love everybody even your enemies and he goes on to say that anybody you don't take salvation to love somebody that loves you and to be nice people that are nice to you and speak to people that speak to you but it is that's extra that that extra love of Christ that allows you to love your enemies and it doesn't matter what they've done to you you are not justified to hate them and sometimes that can be difficult because we live in a world that's full of hate but the Bible says that where sin abounds grace abounds more so so by the grace of God you have the power to love and are reminded of a situation where I always I referenced my daughter all the time and there was a situation where there were a group of girls that did something in there was one girl in particular who was threatening my daughter so now you know if you're a parent you already know how that affected me and how that did not sit well with me so my natural instinct was to rise up and defend my daughter in this situation then as I began to talk to my daughter and she began to give me details I found myself having compassion on the young lady because I was able to see that she did not have the kind of mother who took care of her the way I take care of my daughter she didn't have the training and what she was doing and what she was saying was all she knew and I even talked to my daughter I said you know what I know that what she did was wrong and I hurt you and it made you angry I said but you need to love her I'm gonna look to me like what but it's one of those things where the love of Christ in you allows you to see the need for Christ and others I'm gonna say that again the love of Christ in you allows you to see the need for Christ and others and when you can see that you're not going to be distracted by the way that they hurt you or what they try to do to you because you understand that that was a distraction from the Christ in you and if you can manage to love in spite up that's how you get that transforming love and you're able to change lives and be an impact and just get people draw people to Christ because remember it's not about you and your example is right there it's Jesus Jesus was hanging on the cross anybody ever hung you on the cross anybody ever laid her cross on the ground and then laid you on top of it and took mallets and drove nails through your hands and your feet that's what they did to him and while he was on the cross he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do the work says that while we were yet sinners Jesus died for us so when we think about that does that really give us any room to hate anyone for anything that they have done and when when you study this and when you read this Jesus makes it really tight and so a lot of these things that we're feeling that we wanted to do you go oh man I can't do that because that's not christ-like in and God you know yeah that's the way I don't know if he does to you but God has the way I've tapped me on a show to say hey I need you to get it together I need you to obey me I need you to represent me I need to love like I love and that is what we will do what we experience the transforming love of Christ

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  1. Hi. I've been fighting depression. This was really for me cause I try to stay to myself. No matter if you don't socialize, trouble still come. I myself if you do or say anything that hurts me I cut that person off. So after hearing you I just unblocked a few numbers. I'm asking for prayer that I be transformed I thank you. BLESSINGS TO YOU. AMEN

  2. Amen!! Yes i know how it feel when He has tap you on the shoulder and say in a powerful way "Do what i told you to do" how can you refuse!! Thank you for breaking it all down this week. God Bless you!!

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