Transferable skills with career coach Tina Persson

hello my name is Tina person and I'm a global professional career coach for pcs and postdocs today I'm invited by Karolinska Institute Career Service to talk about transferable skill training what is transferable skills well it's something that you're gonna have to learn to use if you're going to leave academia and look for a job in industry so having a look on the next slide what are you here and now have you thought about leaving academia and go for an it career in industry maybe also have already looked for jobs you have used to CV and you have been reacted or is it say that you don't know how to rewrite your academic skills to language that industry understand you have today a PhD in academic training and the trick is to learn how to articulate your academic skills and to describe them for people that maybe don't have an academic career behind there or to explain for industry how you can use your academic skills in industry what you usually do when you start with a transferable skill is that you think about what you did like to do or when I train or coach my PhDs I start asking them what did you like to do as a PhD a transferable skill can be practical it can be something that's creative it can be something that you know you're supportive or maybe a very administrative or you like the entrepreneurial mindset what kind of PhD or parish doc are you do you like the lab work or is it so that you actually prefer the teaching part or are you the person they like to support and help people do you know how to articulate that that is to start to build awareness about what you are good and what your drives and motivations are why you did your peak so if you look on this slide here you have started to build your career as an academic fundament career where you have a common expert specialized in a very specialized field but you have done so much more if you start to think and reflect what you're really driving you in the lab the teaching supporting giving seminars actually being in the lab or maybe create PowerPoint presentations reflect about what you like that is start to build an awareness so you can start to explain more than just your science that you summarize in your book or in articles that is what we say in care equation and transferable skill and by building that awareness and start to learn how to articulate it you can go to clean jobs I will give an example here transfer the skills you train them as a PhD on daily basis so some of these skills could be like information management you are trying to do that you look at articles you summarize a lot of information in review articles you are specialized doing that that's a very good transferable skill that is used in industry communication actually what do you prefer do you prefer the oral communication or the written communication that's another transferable skill analyzers and problem-solving product management organization collaboration and P management innovation of funding you have all this during your PhD but if you now have a look on the slide here which do you prefer what is fun and what is when you look at it your drive and motivation what makes you happy a job that's very often I was seen by PhD just to give and understanding for you how important it is to articulate your transferable skills and investigate and build this awareness application specialist is supervising teaching communication understanding of products that's something many pcs do on daily basis so if you are PhD that actually do like to teach that like to be around with people and also is that kind of person that like to deal with instruments kits and read the manual why not an application specialist is that the job you have thought about when you know working on your thesis or doing your postdoc this is a job that we're very very slowly move you and transfer you from an academic world to an industry where you also move to a business mindset this is a typical job a first step job this is just one job there another 20:18 jobs that you can move over to the typical titles but what you need to do is to start to think about more and reflect what you like to do translate that get the language for it and understand and talk with the industry so they understand what you want to do because when you and know what you want to know you get your dream job so thank you for listening

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