Training in Sports | Unit – 10 | Physical Education | Complete Notes

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    Ab me aapko bataunga kuch important questions jo exam me aata rehta hai..!! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
    Q. What is isometric exercise. Give some examples?
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  2. The process of preparing a sports person for the highest level of sports performance is called training in sports

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    Isometric exercise are those exercises which is not visible or we can say there is no movement involved. These exercises are performed for improvment of strenght but its does not provide much value in sports.this exercises are best for rehabilation and can be done by injured person.
    Ex- pussing the wall or ground

  4. Thank you so much sir today is a exam of physical education and because of you my paper gone very well.
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  6. I think there is a wrong explanation about active and passive flexibility according to books in your video.

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