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during the campaign I committed to finding four cents on every dollar that we spend balancing the budget is a critical first step to protecting our core services we have to find small efficiencies across the board it's not sustainable Ontario Premier Doug Ford campaigned on a promise to find six billion dollars of efficiencies in Ontario's budget pledging that no one would lose their jobs in the meantime when his government delivered its budget this spring they laid out a plan to get back to balance by 2023 in the weeks since that budget there has been outcry and protests across the province as more details of cuts were announced on a range of programs the CBC's Queens Park reporter Mike Crawley joins us now for a deep dive let's call it and some of the key cuts hey Mike great to see you so we know that we've been learning about these cuts kind of drip by drip by drip over the past few months ever since the budget was actually introduced let's go through some of the key areas that are seeing those cuts though beginning with education so this one's controversial because there have literally been hundreds of teachers who've been given layoff notices across Ontario so the government has a target over the coming years of nearly 3,500 teaching positions that they want to eliminate the biggest impact is in the high schools the class size average in Ontario's secondary schools is going to go up by about 25 percent and the the government although it looks on the bottom line that they're spending more on education when you consider the fact that there's enrollment growth they're actually spending less per pupil that it's down by a little over $50.00 per student they have insisted that those 300 3,500 I'm sorry jobs are by attrition but what we've heard from school boards is that no they're actually having to cut jobs so the layoff notices have been issued and the government says there's a fund to allow them to protect some jobs if they don't have enough teachers leave the profession or retire to replace them so we're really only going to get a sense of that come September when when school resumes okay what about healthcare or public health cuts specifically we saw ten former health ministers sign a letter complaining about those cuts tell us a bit about those what's happening there yeah Public Health 200 million dollars is the plan for cutting within the public health sector and that's important because the public health is actually administered by the municipalities so they're the ones who are feeling the pinch in particular a lot of the health care spending cuts that we're not going to be able to see yet because the government's doing this big reorganization of the healthcare bureaucracy in Ontario and they say that they're going to be able to save money by reducing duplication and things but we've we've already seen some cuts in funding to certain areas so the government's health policy and research programs being reduced by a little over fifty million dollars eHealth Ontario which is supposed to you know bring technology to the healthcare system its budget is being cut by twenty percent those are just a couple of examples what about mayors that those are some of the more vocal critics of these cuts even everything from education to public health here's a sample of what one mayor had to say day after day night after night weekend after weekend more letters and envelopes and emails and smoke signals come out of there saying that there's cuts to everything so what are some of the concerns coming from municipalities Mike well one of the biggest concerns is that in municipalities set their budgets back at the beginning of the year they were going to calendar your system so they feel that they're blindsided that the government is now all of a sudden expecting them to change their budgets midway through their own fiscal year the the target that the government has set for municipalities is to try to find four percent of savings on every dollar which that doesn't actually sound like all that much but the municipalities are insisting they're running pretty lean operations and that this would have to eat into some of their you know key services that they offer like policing which is one of the most expensive things that municipalities do the City of Toronto has added up the figures and they say that the funding cut and a reduction in plan revenue that they were going to get from from the government is nearly a hundred and million dollars Wow okay I know the government contends that that that the budget in Toronto specifically they've they've the fight seems to be you know pretty big between Toronto and the province and that they're saying oh the budget has you know become inflated under John Tory which which he obviously disputes anyway moving on to two other cuts because those are some of the bigger areas but there are a lot of smaller more incremental cuts elsewhere can you go over some of those yeah so these are the things that you we only really found out about for instance when the estimates were published which was saying you know the very nitty-gritty line by line stuff there was a program to plant 50 million trees across the province that was that was cut an interlibrary loan service that brought loans I brought books between libraries and rural areas that their funding was cut in half stem cell research there was a cut big cut in funding to artificial intelligence research so as we've been hearing about these things it's been a bit of a kind of political death by a thousand cuts because the the government is trying to you know spread things out find these efficiencies in various places but what what it seems to be doing a bit is making them enemies in a in a bunch of different places and they have been insisting that they you know they've been contradicting that or drawing opposition to the terminologies they say this this isn't they're cutting their actually spending more on health and education here's one conservative MPP Stephen leche on our show or earlier this week saying exactly that in virtually every single area from long term care for our seniors to mental health for most vulnerable to those who are trying to get quality health care without having have the indignity being in a hallway we are adding money every step of the way in education 700 million more money increased and spent this year so help us understand that is the government spending more on those programs well if you look at the bottom line yes but factor in inflation factor in population growth and what they're spending per person is actually decreasing and the and you don't have to take my word for it the financial accountability officer the Ontario equivalent of the Parliamentary Budget Officer looked at the numbers and and they're forecasting that actually what you're going to see is a 10% cut in per person spending because Ontario already among the provinces has the lowest per capita spending on provincial government services and just before I let you go we're a few weeks out now from the one-year anniversary of this government talk a bit about your impressions on whether or not this has had a political impact for them what kind of reaction have Ontarians had to this to the budget and what's happened since yeah I don't get the sense that it's eating away at kind of that core conservative support but there's been three polls in a row of a XI that have indicated that the PCs have shrunk in their overall support down to about the 30% mark from around 40% that they got in the last election so that would kind of indicate that some of those swing voters that came to the PCs to kick out Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are feeling that you know they're not so pleased with what's going on you know remember these guys campaigned on a promise to balance the budget through efficiencies right but those efficiencies are turning into actual spending cuts and you know maybe it's that maybe there's less waste going on within this provincial government than the PC seemed to indicate at least during the campaign all right I'll leave it there thank you Mike that's the CBC's Mike Crowley in Toronto hi I'm Vashti Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

26 thoughts on “Tracking Ontario budget cuts to health care, education and more | Power & Politics”

  1. Hey Trump north, Where's all the cannabis tax money going??? It isn't in the infrastructure or health care or anything else by the looks of it!!!

  2. most services provided by government can be streamlined and made more efficient. problem is telling certain people they are of no use.

  3. The freeloaders really hate that the Ford government is putting a stop to waistful spending but with a Liberal media, they sure get bashed for it.

  4. Please pray for God's guidance as King George did when England was at war in World war II. He wrote the poem at the Gate of the Year. England and the Aligned forces won against all odds at Vimy Ridge. Or Israel at the Yom Kippur war. Pray and repentance works. Love and forgiveness stir in mix well.

  5. This is awesome good job good news on the child welfare cuts , I know do many single mother who scam the government as the taxpayers, now they either have to get a job or get knee pads and assume the position

  6. Billions taken on in DEBT given to every other country and Canadians pay for it. QUit GIVING money to other countries and MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN and close the dam border.

  7. Stuff this clown and call a snap election. if trudeau is the countries shame, ford is Ontario's. trudeauisium at it's best.

  8. $28.5 billion on transit, cuts to AI – the very thing attracting foreign investments like GM and Google? Cutting research and education and increase spending in manual labour, what kind of future is this? Tax revenue will shrink as economic growth diminishes, with interest rate raising. You won’t balance the books as expected.

  9. It's unfortunate the Pres Ford Cabinet has to cut over 3000 teaching jobs to balance the budget. Also other cuts. Great show very informative.

  10. When conservatives come to power they always cut things people needs. If you think of voting for conservatives in the federal election better think twice .

  11. God forbid someone try to reign in government spending and return the province to running in the black.

  12. conservatives like to cut spending ——taking money out of an economy shrinks the economy —–IT MAKES THINGS WORSE NOT BETTER —AND THERE IS A NEGATIVE MULTIPLYER EFFECT TO ACCOUNT FOR AS WELL

  13. the accumulated ontario debt is 320 billion ——-the interest cost on that at 5% is 16 billion dollars —close to $1000 for every man woman and child in the province and equal to the annual deficits —
    the bean bag could save a lot by renegotiating the debt costs but he prefers not to harm the lender class

  14. Ford ran on a platform of reducing government expenditures. You are getting what you voted for.No one likes cuts but with a debt of $349 billion, you need a government that does go over all government expenditures and makes decisions on what to cut, where to cut and how much to cut. Let's face it under the Wynne liberals the government employed a strategy of giving public service unions pretty well what they wanted for their support at the polls. You have public unions that demand more compensation and have a fantastic pension and benefit packages. Benefits and pensions you would not get in the majority of private businesses these days. Taxpayers pay for this.
    The growth of Ontario's debt now means 8% of Ontario's income is spent on interest payments. That makes interest on the debt the 4th largest expenditure of Ontario's income. That is unsustainable. Ontario needs a government that brings expenditures down. Ontario has seen an exodus of manufacturing businesses, and part of that reason is the cost to manufacture in Ontario.
    The PC's are fighting the federal government imposed carbon tax. If you don't think a carbon tax will drive businesses offshore, think again. Not everyone has a PhD and many need those manufacturing jobs.
    You are going to hear a lot of squawking and complaining from special interest groups that their funding has been cut or in some cases eliminated. Well too bad.Welcome to the real world. Companies restructure all the time, it is that or the company goes under. If we don't do it now we will end up like a country like Greece, and austerity will be imposed upon us.

  15. This is all caused by Kathleen Wynne's massive accumulation of debt. I don't remember the CBC questioning her reckless spending

  16. Ford & trump are same they are bully only bully
    They just do whatever they want that’s it
    They doesn’t care about the people

  17. I wonder how all the federal cuts under the Harper Government, that took years to trickle down and come into effect, factor into the budgets of the Provinces and the municipalities ?

  18. seriously what about all the money made from pot. the ontario cannabis store had over 500,000 orders filled before apirl and more shops have opened. where the hell is all that tax money going.

  19. Maybe do a piece on Turdeau's corruption, taxes and spending. MMMM!! OH I forgot he not a conservative. And how much Canadain's tax money pays which is mandatory to CBC to push propaganda.

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