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– [Host] Hey guys! Welcome back to the D and M Toy Club. We’re gonna check our new
toy tool collection today. Hey, by the way, are you a Clubster? D and M Toy Club Clubsters
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right there in the corner, right where the drill’s poking. Right there. Hey guys it is time for
the D and M Toy Club! Let’s go! So today we are going
to be learning colors with toy tool sets. Cool, from our kids’ workbench. So let’s take a look at our first color. Which color is this guys? It’s orange. You’re right, the handle is orange, and the rest of it is grey. That’s cool, cool. What’s our next color? Alright guys. The handle on this one is the color red. Red… and black. This screwdriver is red and black. It’s also a flathead screwdriver. One of our really cool toy tool sets. The next one up is really cool. This color is peach. That’s right, that’s odd, it’s peach. Kind of like the fruit. And that part is grey. The part of the screwdriver is grey. Let’s take a look at our next color. Which color do you think that is? You’re right. It’s green! The color green. And the other end of it is red. The part that’s the
Phillips screw head is red. So let’s take a look at our last color. Which color is it? You’re right, it’s yellow. Cool yellow. Yellow. The handle on that is yellow. And this part is grey. That’s the part that makes the
screws go inside of the wood when you’re using a screwdriver. Cool! (joyful music) What do we have up next? Whoa, check out that power driver. That’s our power drill screwdriver. That is really cool. It has an extra handle in the front. Look at it go. That power drill has
the color black and red. Whoa, that’s one of the
coolest ones we’ve got. What’s up next? Whoa, we’re checking
out our yellow colored, Stanley power drill. The handle is yellow. Really cool. So life-like. It looks real. You just have to pull back
the trigger and it moves. That’s really cool power drill. I wonder what we have up next guys. Can’t wait! Whoa, check out this one. It has the colors orange and green. That’s kinda cool. It’s really small too. Orange and green. We’re learning some colors
today on D and M Toy Club. Check this one out. This is the Black+Decker red power drill. This one has a battery in it. It’s so realistic. (joyful music)

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