Toy Master's Escape the Toy Challenge

le yeah I told you to install guys I must be dreaming if there's no way if someone can turn into a doll why'd you bite me I was trying to pinch you soon you can stop dreaming now is that the new door helpful Christmas it has so many cool things isn't she pretty I don't think you'll mind if I play with it papi you bang Nani you cannot do that Oh puppy you wanna treat ok let me look in the kitchen see if I can get you something oh no the only thing I have is this capable papi see puppy he's I'm both a cake that's a good puppy you ate all of your food well puppy eats his food I'm hungry too I'm gonna look in the kitchen see there's anything else I can eat I'm gonna look in the bathroom oh no there's nothing that's this I'm gonna have to look upstairs but um is really one bling wow guys look I found this silver it's a winch do you look on the channel leave a comment down below I negate this Oh a soda now I'm not bossy anymore I'm still hungry look I I got this healthy green salad there's so many veggies in it I wanna be a healthy so I'm gonna eat the salad Oh what scuse me that salad was delicious and healthy but I want something else just listen to my tummy I'm gonna look in this bathroom for me to eat in here let's go to the next floor empty again let's look in the kitchen hope there get something down hey guys I think I found something look guys I found this lollipop but there's an Omar Hale I don't know what it says I miss a little kid I need that Sally waddle on it yay guys I could kind of wheel Oh toughest out light hey guys look at this new Bobby única oh my god isn't he cute let's open it up and play with him there we go she's so cute look even has wings and everything it's an alicorn look it says the pleasant lights and Sam hi it's Barbie my unit word friend isn't feeling too well oh I think she has a cold give her a treat what is good patient handle water bottle let's give her a drink to make her feel better look I see comes of all these different days she even cause of a shot just in case she gets sick she comes with a bottle anything hundred for sweet little to eat and she comes with a unicorn that's for her you couldn't lure on her I think I'm gonna listen to our heart again what I think I'm hard to sit help me let's take a listen again she just say Naya help me I don't think it's coming from the unicorns heart I think it's coming from someplace else I think we should investigate with a noisy [Applause] wait that noises coming from the hallway hello I think he's coming from this way guys it's definitely coming from validator hello is anybody there anybody what's that look there's a cute little baby I don't want my beginning this for Christmas mommy must have got this recruitment and forgot to give it to us le guys I must be dreaming if there's nobody if someone can turn into a doll why'd you bite me I planted pinky thing you can stop dreaming this is crazy how old does this happen well I hate to walk through and I ate this lollipop would have eaten late I started to feel funny whoa that candy must have trade you to doll okay I tore master I think I'm gonna have to open a bunch of toys to see what toy Detroit master won some folks I think the for Lucius revealed and looks like we have to open a picnic which one there's a whole box here I can open them all that's them all out good I get Ellie I read up off the rounds I still know which one to choose open them all up we have time to open all of those guys tell me which one I opens hmm maybe I'll try this one do you guys take this the white one okay it's a glittery bubble whoa I don't think so I don't see anything here in here but the bubble pop which one should I open it I'm gonna pick this ha ha let's see I hope this is the warmup yes it definitely has to be the world oh he's so cute and he has a cute little tail whoa it's really really but I think this belongs to the toy master don't worry Ellie I'm gonna fight I'm gonna save you wait I see something about this one hmm TM what could tear me doesn't mean toy master I think we found that I'd better open it oh this looks super cute hey what's that there's something stuck in his mouth there we go broccoli I think I know why Ellie you're gonna have to eat this broccoli and must be the antidote antidote this work takes a spell I'm not eating that you're gonna have to we don't want to be a doll forever Oh No le you're back I am back yes now you save me how my kids for your little sister I can't miss ah I'm not even kidding that's not mine again no where's Maya for that kiss

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