Toy Kids Education Robot – Maboaha Idol Interactive Educational Robot Unboxing!

hey guys welcome back with another video today this my Mabaoha little robot and it is this early smart educational robot this is what she looks like she’s pink so let’s get right into the video hi I’m Kallissa from the channel KG toys and more and on this channel we vlogs, toy reviews and other funstuff like this if you new the channel consider subscribe subscribing and also why your at it maybe like or hit the bell so you know whenever we post a new video also check it out the scripts and down below for this anything I didn’t say it and also there is a discount code it is kgotoysandmore15 you get $15 off on this is a great Christmas gift so like I said I have this pink robot this is what she looks like something it’s a she because it’s pink but anyway this is also the box of telling so this is what she looks like I mean she’s really cute and there’s this button on the back it’s like this twisty thing there’s a speaker which turns her on and there’s also like a little phone line that you can connect to your I’m like that but you can connect it to your phone so I’m going to do that today so I’m just gonna turn her on in the back so it usually did okay she’s gonna turn off she’s really annoying cuz she just talks a lot so then actually these instructions they’re really helpful and you will need them because basically just told all about her so how to download it which I already did this ahead already downloading it how to start and how to quit you just turn her off or to quit or keep her silent for 20 seconds or touch idols head alright so to download it I’m gonna look on the other side to download it you can either do it on the App Store or the Play Store and to download it is capital y capital y capital D space lowercase I lowercase D lowercase o lowercase up so you’re gonna type those in in the app store Play Store and you can download the app which I already did so let’s check that out really quick so I’m actually in I download this before it’s y yd idol so I’m going to tap on that app so it’s bringing me to the app right now alright so I’m on the idol so what you can either do interaction or study so I’m going to do interaction first okay it looks like I came up feed it there’s three different ways you can see it there’s I have like a hamburger fruit and like a drink and then I can do it animal noises but this is though Oh like toy no is it noises and instrument noises or not I want to teach you an orange here or a orange go what do you want to eat I like to eat fish all right then I’ll see you later see you I’m gonna feed you some kills let’s see what else can we do it so looks like we can also go to study you see what that is I’m gonna go to see he go communist shit English logic and math so I’m gonna laugh and then let’s see let’s see what problem am I gonna get for her I’m going to do 2 plus 4 you gotta answer that all right she could do my math for homework okay cool all right I think that’s pretty all for the app you just like feed it talk to it and all that robot actually came with English stuff you could do so it says agree it can respond to command to sing dance tell a story it can imitate babies talking in various kinds of zones of in a funny way you can ask her some questions and it will answer play with me touching robot will also react oh I forgot to tell you so you can talk to its arms and its head baby you are so you just touches and legs and yes you don’t want to play with me so you just reacts to it you like do some let’s try another one with mobile app we can also learn knowledge together such as English math math logic etc I got a lot of emojis on my face grants I can also make friends with other navaja robots and there is a what if it’s the same thing but it’s actually white it’s just a different color but it’s the same thing so they can interact each other but I don’t have the white one so I can’t do that so you can turn up and down this volume you do a ton of different things with this it’s really fun I cannot get to all of it today but this was really fun to play with so if you’re new to the channel make sure you like subscribe and comments bye thanks for watching have a great day oh and don’t forget the description down below so you can get your $15 off the kgtoysandmore15 go check it out Bye

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