Towards knowledge transfer between robots: Computers teach each other Pac-Man

you video games are awesome and in fact there's a lot of very interesting things happening in video games our research has looked at a pacman and starcraft some fairly sophisticated games because the ultimate goal of this research is not just to let one agent teach another agent but also to let one agent teach a human because anything we can do to speed up human learning will be great for education for training and we chose video games for this domain because it's very easy to get human subjects willing to participate in these kinds of experiments as robots become more common we want them to be able to learn quickly and anytime one robot learned something we want to make sure that it can teach that information to another robot because we don't want this information to be lost once your home robot knows how you like your bath how you like your house cleaned you don't want to lose that information

4 thoughts on “Towards knowledge transfer between robots: Computers teach each other Pac-Man”

  1. i mean sure some people will want a robot to clean their house, but then again the military industrial complex will LOVE these for war. its like building skynet. i dont believe humans are ready for this

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