Totally Reliable Delivery Service: First Look!

I'll see you there you are okay you can land on this road which road the one like Britain fruit you to the right all right folks what's he getting called totally old delivery it's gone totally unreliable delivery service reliable it is unreliable this is just a first look we won't we all wanted to get on today and do multiplayer but they don't have that available again other than split screen okay it closed it they got had it for a little bit and the closed it's not raining okay here's how this game works oh it's totally reliable says right on the trunk yeah you go here yeah grab the thing package and I've got to deliver it to where is it oh right there oh it's right there that's young oh yeah it said use the forklift at your vanity I don't have to yeah yeah don't want to 52% five bucks oh this could be fun with all of us reliable yes load the gyrocopter and fly take your time never flown a helicopter you set it on in there they're a load button they grab it just one one hand and then grab the helicopter with the other hand oh you're gonna need two hands for flying up you are flown in this yeah okay so it's barely in there yeah I know I know all right let's get it in there a little softer next time let's try that again just just drop it maybe don't just maybe maybe the game recognizes when you drop it it just know he's on board oh thanks let's around it's a cylinder yeah he knocked it off early remember that I want to see what it does when he starts flying I'm genuinely curious I can't even reach it now can no fly from the back now the pilot now the barrel is flying folks my voice is screwed because we just got back from our TX and I was talking to lots of people yeah none of us talk to other people now that's weird you guys are just sitting there like I stayed quiet the whole time yeah you took a vow of silence oh well I was an introvert people come over see how you do it I just stare it I'm a monk now should we check the controls to see if there's a load button because this doesn't make any sense yeah it's fun perfect perfect perfect doable maybe your body will right but right this one grab that one no grab the other one that barrel is starting to roll yeah I thought about how you said my goal now your delivery man in there and they're real is it all right you got it you got it this is easy I don't know how you you learned how to fly right there's no reason to the turn okay there you go yeah man we do not want to do this again so take no time no no yeah take your sweet time easy down easy down that was not easy down at all hard down with you you did it got this right be very careful getting this off no building out the control I need the barrel why don't you hop off of the helicopter they grab the barrel right yep okay stop the friction from the metal on that helicopter right there okay over here all right all right here was their Scout yo easy easy a little bit yeah bones all right you want to see the airplane yeah you headlock facial hair all right I'm going here we go we're good all right airplane folks I just gonna have phone anyway no don't go no you need something to deliver first I want you to deliver something wouldn't it be fun me blah let the man fly all right I'm not a delivery man taking off not even a man well tripling right we could jump like a plane hit the trampoline oh the hot air balloon trampoline didn't see it was a little one this game seems to have a bevy of vehicle optional and it flies really good too why don't that bridge just went over about that which one just passed it okay what does this have roads where all the road right there tiny one yeah little tiny one you're crazy oh not you can do it let's see what the people want to see and by circling back around you're making me crazy you not look straight ahead oh god oh god me look yeah why can't you look straight ahead what are you doing trying to change the camera options okay got you we're flat now today we'll be behind you okay okay let me get you some distance it's not Paul's if there is no pause I suppose you ready yeah a waste of triggers got it got it get that hand off at hand officer over control still going for that one huh I tell you what I'll go for a little one first how we do it how he does all right now getting the hang of it oh yeah watch this oh there was a building there all right what do we got here do delivery hey come on fish boy a boat needs new fishing supplies everywhere you do it careful where they bobbers Rigel styrofoam peanuts there we go perfect all right all right look around where's the fishing thing there's honking slow and easy upstroke easy easy easy easy I'm sorry I'm not gonna walk down here Yeah right there slow down you have brakes bring with you yeah brakes ain't worried about it maybe delivering man I'm delivering oh you hear that fox fishing lures him later let's go we got better crystal confident delivery man I've ever seen this is just like a normal delivery service a package health was 45% that's fine wait fellas you all right okay now second is that a boat can you draw the boat let's do that to ramp the Elevens boat ramps everywhere Oh shark Oh Rama Oh ramp jump the bridge faster boat jump the bridge yeah girl oh don't stop it turn around then the bridge have a lever on it is it yeah go back to the base of the bridge so a little yellow thing it's amazing yeah game of the year get a boat throw huh jump right into that cross-bracing yeah no you're gonna be so right now this game is in beta 3 beta and there's a lot of the world locked off right now so hopefully in the full game it'll be just a figure of the world lots of stuff to do this is all you know what that entails that was worst possible scenario actually hey salmon why would you so I would just pop you in the room was just curious well fun am I missing out on well grab a mic you're honest hey sassy black mama girl free you bear looking at let's hold on welfare's wheel can we ride that oh oh yes all right babes hop in okay ready yeah No Oh yep you got it again I hand now I'm gonna grab this changing this what happened okay damn it I got it I get it I got it god that's the best get inside of it though and then this way you can get flung to nice up there in Japan umbrella man the view from there Wow all right you're the Radley throw you out so bad yes I get you I did it [Applause]

28 thoughts on “Totally Reliable Delivery Service: First Look!”

  1. Hi, Soon I will post videos on the game first look on my channel. Please stay tuned to support me and stay informed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. when you are forcedto watch a few idiots ignore the real job and try to put an explosive barrel into a helicopter in a physics game

  3. Considering I'm expecting some parts to come in tomorrow I pray that they are more careful with my package lmfao

  4. Can we please start a GoFundMe to help restore Thick44's voice? This is the 3rd video now where he sounds like a dying old man. RIP Thicks voice.

  5. Simon's laughter added a melodic quality that I signify with Neebs Gaming that I didn't quite know was lacking until he joined in… We all need a bit of Simon in our day!!! I sincerely thank you all whom add to Neebs!!!

  6. Thick got what is affectionately known amongst the convention community as "Con Crud" ๐Ÿ˜. That's unfortunate, but a minor setback. Get well soon and take some Airborne or start consuming vitamin c a week before your next convention.
    Been enjoying the entertainment y'all provide since early BFF. Thanks. What ever happened to the "presidential run" y'all were gonna have for Neebs Gaming President? Still in the Appsro camp.

  7. I still like your videos but are you only doing pc games now… what happened to the GTA series … pretty much died when rdr2 came out and you have done nothing worthwhile with that game, no wonder I was probably the last subscriber you got, still havenโ€™t broken 2 million…….. in over a year….. you guys are hilarious but need to do something other than ark and Conan. I totally am uninterested in those games. How many of you need to make a living from this channel…. and yes I realize I am commenting on a video that is not and ark or Conan video. I have watched a guy go from 2 million to 8 million subs in less time than it has taken you to get virtually none. I think a review of your business plan is in need, I would hate to see you go due to a lack of keeping up with the times. You are a great group that seems to work together well form the viewers perspective but the increase in ad breaks says it all

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