TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 3 | Ep. 2: “Learning to Fly”

( music playing )Cassie:Previously on
“Total Eclipse”…
Cassie, I’ve been concerned
ever since the incident
last year. Still feeling guilty
Cassie did the time
for your crime? My Aunt Bonnie
moved in with us. You know I have cancer. You didn’t call me back
last night. I’m just used to
doing things on my own. I’m Miss Dawson.
I look forward
to getting to know each and every one of you
personally. Morgan, this is
the experimental film club. I’m excited to be uncool
with you guys. The problem
with daydreaming, Cassie,is you can lose touch
with reality.
It’s time to stop living
in a fantasy.( music playing )Okay, here you go. Glenn, you burned that side. Well, Christy, feel free
to make breakfast in the future. Feel free to find a job
in the future. It’s not so easy
being the only one
in this house that works. ( fading )
Uh, I’m working on keeping this household running
right now, Christy. You’ll never defeat me! That’s where you’re wrong. It is I who has
the upper hand. ( grunts ) What is this? If you both continue to fight, you’ll destroy each other
and wreak havoc on the city. Finch may be right. Release us,
and we’ll never fight again. Don’t make me regret this. ( scoffs )
What is this? Superheroes
are for boys, Jenna. It’s a project for school. They wanted us
to design costumes. That’s a stupid project. You know,
I think it’s a great idea. – Good job.
– Yes, of course you would. ( fading )
And you can pull out
your Superman costume from the closet and maybe
go to school with her. ( fading )
That is vintage
and worth a lot of money. ( fading )
Then let’s sell it!( music playing )Are you really
learning Russian?Da.That’s Russian for yes. It’s so hard,
but it’s worth it. I never really thought
about it before, but maybe I could be
a real astronaut. Won’t you get lonely?
I mean, all the way– Kate, can I talk to you
for a minute? Alone? I’ll see you later. I’m surprised you’re still
hanging out with her. She’s my best friend. She’s a criminal, Kate. Listen, I’m sorry
I blamed you for it. Anyway, I wanted
to talk about Luca. I know he wasn’t
always good at showing it, but I think he really liked
spending time with you, Kate. He’s been acting out lately
and he needs a friend, not a stepmom
who’s always nagging him. Yeah, that doesn’t really
sound like something
that he would like. – No offense.
– None taken. So, what was that all about? Luca’s stepmom wants me
to hang out with him again. Do you want to? I think there’s a good guy
inside him somewhere, but it’s buried
really deep down. Maybe if you had
a really big shovel. – ( chuckles )
– Maybe I can help? What are we dealing with,
Spellbinder? It’s the Dark Warlock. I know that there’s good
left inside of him. Then we must
defeat the villain
to unleash the hero. ( bell ringing ) ( laughter ) You okay? All right, people,
we’re taking a test today. But here’s the twist. Everyone will get an A. Since I’m coming in
mid-semester, I just want to see
where everybody’s at. But history’s my best subject.
I always get an A. Why should everyone else
get one without even trying? Come on, Diana. Plenty of good grades
to go around. Hi, best girlfriend. Hi, boyfriend. Accompany a gentleman
to lunch? Sorry, I have to help Kate
with something. I love how you help
your friends. Do you want to come over
for homework later? – Sure. See you there.
– Awesome. ( clattering ) Still haven’t worked out
those aggression issues? I’ll never get used to you
in civilian clothes. There is more to life
than cheerleading, Diana. You should try to get
Miss Dawson next semester. She’s giving out A’s
like candy. And that’s bad why? ‘Cause I work really hard
for my good grades. Now people are getting them
for free. My mom will freak out
if I don’t do well. Then why don’t you just talk
to Mr. Lane about it? That’s not a bad idea. I have good ideas sometimes.
Sometimes. ( bell ringing ) – Hi, guys.
– Hey. Okay. First lesson
in being avant-garde, today, maybe just
try not talking as much. Just, you know, like,
try listening, uh, see what
we like to talk about. Got it! I mean…( music playing )There he is. This is his place of power. We have no idea
what darkness lurks. It doesn’t matter
if it’s safe, Spellbinder. Heroes take risks
to help those in need. – What are you doing here?
– Aren’t we friends? Not last I checked. Well, we used to be,
and we can be again. Prove it.
Do a new beginning spell
with me. No. I’m not doing magic right now. Fight back, you cowards! Those days are over,
Dark Warlock. Throw down your hands
and return to the lightness. You were foolish
to come here, Spellbinder. You and your little bird
exhaust me. Then we have nothing
to talk about. This is going to be harder
than I expected. Come on,
let’s go sit with Cassie. Oh, I forgot.
I have this, um, class thing, so I’ll see you later. Okay.( music playing )Hey. I didn’t realize
anyone else was here– with a backpack and a car. It’s a super secret project,
but stay tuned. What about you? I was trying to help Kate
become friends with Luca again, but I don’t think he wants
to be friends with anyone. Just keep trying. Sometimes people think
they want to be alone, but what they really want
is just someone to talk to. ( bell ringing ) What class do you have next,
Morgan? Oh. Right. Okay. Well, have fun with… whatever that was. So, no talking.
Just listening.
How did I do? I mean, I didn’t mean for you
to take it so literally. Oh. All right. It’s okay, though.
I mean, eventually
you’ll fit in, you know? Hey, Kate. We need to keep trying
with Luca. He made it pretty clear
that he doesn’t want
to spend time with me. Come on.
I bet if we leave now, we can catch him
before he leaves. Oh! ( laughing ) Hey, Cassie.
Got a minute to talk? Sure. Cassie,
you remind me of myself
when I was in school. – Thanks.
– Oh, honey, it’s not a compliment. Wait, what? I’m telling you this
as a favor, Cassie. If you don’t want the kids
making fun of you forever, make some changes
in your life. That’s what I did. Thanks, Miss Dawson.
I’m already trying
some new things. I hope so, Cassie,
for your sake. ( indistinct chatter ) – Luca?
– What? I’m serious about wanting
to be friends with you. But not as a witch
and a warlock, – as people.
– Since when? I’ve been thinking about it
for a while– since we met. But, I mean,
it’s like Gretchen said– Gretchen put you
up to this? No. I mean, she asked me
to spend time with you, but– I should have known
that you didn’t really care. You think
I’m just as messed up
as Gretchen does. Well, that’s fine. I don’t understand
why anybody would want to be friends
with you anyway, Kate.( music playing )Cool move, Cassie.
Can you teach me that one? I learned it
from watching you. Touché. Okay, everyone,
take five. Hey. Hey.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Something weird happened, but it’s not
that big of a deal. Oh, my gosh. Was it me? Was it something I did?
Is it my jacket? Is it too flashy?
You would tell me, right? Am I asking
too many questions? Yes, but it’s not you. Okay, thank goodness.
Okay. Well,
if you need anything,
let me know. Thanks, Felicity. Hey, can we talk? I’ve already said everything
I need to say. Right. Um, well,
I just want to let you know I got into the Highland
Dance Conservatory. I wasn’t sure
if I was going to go, but if we’re not together, then there’s nothing
keeping me here, I guess. – Julian.
– Julian? Where are you going?
Is it my jacket? Well, if Julian’s gone,
you’re gonna need somebody new to dance with
for the partner stuff. Oh! Cassie!
You can dance with Diana. Both:
That’s not a good idea. Please,
if you can talk together,
you can dance together. Great, so you’re partners now. I did a good job today. ( laughing ) Oh, of course,
that was after “Never Learn.” What’s “Never Learn”? You know, “Never Learn.” ♪ Never learn ♪ ♪ I tried to teach you,
but I got burned ♪ – What?
– What was that? That was the single
from Flea Market Sweater, the band I sang for
in the ’90s. That was before med school. – You were in a band?
– Yeah. Okay, you have to teach me
everything you know. Oh, Sam, I’ve heard you
play and sing. You’re great. All you need to do
is sing from your heart. Thanks.
I wish it were that easy. It is.
It’s all in here. – ( coughs )
– Sam, get her some water. ( coughing ) I’m fine. I’m sorry, guys. I don’t think my body
wants any more pizza. I’m gonna go rest
for a little bit, okay? But save me ice cream.( phone beeps )( music playing )I need to talk to you. Jenna, I have nothing
to say to you. – Warlock.
– Finch, this is useless. I’m here to extract
your good side. It doesn’t exist. Listen, Luca,
I know what it’s like for your home life
to be crappy. And I know it makes you
want to be mean. I also know it’s a big deal
when someone wants to help you, even when you’re being a jerk. Don’t mess things up
with Kate. Be better than me.
Stay with your friends.( music playing )Hey, Kate? I’ve thought about it, and I do want to be friends. What made you
change your mind? Well, let’s just say… a little birdie
told me some things. All right,
here are your tests. Now remember,
I’m just about seeing
where you’re at. ( gasps )
An A! Oh, this is not gonna fly. That is a great drawing. Thanks, Miss Dawson. B-minus? Cassie:Next time
on “Total Eclipse”…
– It’s me. Spellbinder.
– Who am I? If she can’t remember,
maybe it’s time
to get rid of her. Try harder next time, Cassie. I have some concerns
about Miss Dawson.( music playing )

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  1. Me: looks at title
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    'we fly so high we can fly together we are a girl gang like birds of a feather'
    does this ring a bell ? chicken girls ;-;

    Don't ask why i'm posting this 5 months later ik im a total clutz tbh i just reply to old videos cus why not but i love total eclipse i was re watching the series again Oof

  2. Jenna: daydreaming about being a superhero 🦸‍♀️

    ….but shoplifting and send her best friend to jail….wow she’s in a good path 😕

  3. What ever like number you get is your character also any 2019 peeps

    1.sam 🎤🎸

  4. “Superheroes are for boys!!”
    Boy and girl stereotypes and gender roles are a social construct (this is not saying gender is a social construct.) society forces certain genders to like certain things for reasons that I will never understand. You should like what you like no matter what anyone says.

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