Toronto 4K – Night Drive

Tour Highlights: Toronto’s Skyline Yonge Dundas Square Downtown Toronto The Entertainment District Union Station

73 thoughts on “Toronto 4K – Night Drive”

  1. I'd love to know your setup, the image doesn't shake at all even over bumps (digital IS, optical IS, or mechanical IS?). I drive down every morning at 5am ending around where you start, I still love the view of the skyline and CN Tower. But I'll tell you, traffic gets horrendous around the Dome (Rogers Center) along this route. I had to go to Billy Bishop to pick up my family and took this route in the middle of a Jay's game, 30mins and we only traveled maybe 150m.

  2. wow There are well mannered and educated people in Canada Not like bullies and rascals of NyC, Allen, and many other US cities.

  3. Fabulous Canada cheers up Toronto, a magnificent city visited in 2014, J Utah you could also make a video about Rome.

  4. Hello from Miami love Toronto Canada 🇨🇦 very respectful people in Canada and very honest if a Canadian does not like a person they will let you know and move on no wasting time, love your vlog 👍

  5. موزدورای خائن یه درصدی کشف حجابی و املهای دولتی سد راه توده های زحمتکش هستید تمدن مصرفیهای کون اتو زن در توچال تهران

  6. Gente io sono stata a Toronto tre anni fa. Meravigliosa città, gente splendida. Conoscendo poco l'inglese non ho avuto nessun problema.Tutte le etnie del mondo convivono pacificamente.Se non avessi paura delle ore di volo sarei già partita di nuovo.

  7. Canadian cities look like us cities but cleaner and more dense with people walking around and malls, restaurants etc.

  8. who dont want live in a city like this. everybody love your videos. thank you so much to subscribe my channel too : wonderful cook br

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