Top Ten Countries With Best Education System In The World

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Countries With Best Education System In The World”

  1. Rank:
    10. Switzerland 49.6%
    9. Croatia 49.8%
    8. Germany 50.4%
    7. Poland 51.9%
    6. Canada 52.6%
    5. Singapore 59.9%
    4. China (PRC) 61.8%
    3. South Korea 70.1%
    2. Finland 78.5%
    1. Japan 89.2%

    By the way USA ranked 28th at 40.1%

  2. There's no Switzerland, no Germany, but there's Poland on this list? Haha!!! What a joke!!
    Polish education system is one big mess. They change the curriculum every year, if not more often. Because of which kids missout on whole lot of material. Also there's ONLY dry theory, not practical application because there's simply no time for that. So maybe they teach a lot, but kids definitely don't know a lot and they are overly exhausted and stressed out.
    Because of all those stupid changes this year there will be ×2 more kids applying to high schools, because the government created a huge mess. Not to mention that teachers are mean and rude to kids. 10th place my bottom!

  3. India has some of most serious education system. Competition here is very fierce among lakhs of students to get admission in good colledges

  4. I'm very surprised Canada on 7 position I was working for board of education in Toronto I never see this many Idiots in my life

  5. It is really hard in Hong Kong , it is survival of the fittest, you get even 0.5 mark below the average, you don't get a second chance .YOU DIE

  6. Excellent! I intend list of universities. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Thanks and regards.

  7. In spite of all the jokes, mainly engendered by the US, Poland has one of the highest average IQs in Europe.

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