Top Scientist: "People perish for the lack of this hidden knowledge…" – Law Of Attraction

46 thoughts on “Top Scientist: "People perish for the lack of this hidden knowledge…" – Law Of Attraction”

  1. Everything in universe exists in harmony, except us, this thought bothered me for a long time. I was in crisis whole last year, and searching for answers , for meaning of all what's happening around and inside me…
    Dr.Bruce Lipton, so glad I found you !!!❤❤❤

  2. People eithervvplay thdd competitor/controller or the victim noth gets them attention.So cells have their own minds to live with purpose.

  3. This man ❤ is so gifted , his mind Is unique " what a blessing , I wish I could hold him and cry , and thank him for the courage to open our souls to a real world with hope and peace for all men !!!!!!🏆🌹🙋

  4. fear, worries, anger, etc all other negative energies make you sick …..that's why the bible tells us to always practice love, gratitude etc


  6. Very hard for people to grasp, let alone put into practice. The belief that this is the End, may very well bring it about.
    Keep telling people the New Truths!

  7. In my 40s I went from analytical thinking to intuitive thinking because psychology taught me about my subconscious mind. Instead of 'what do I think about the situation to what do I feel about it. This thinking and the decisions it engendered led me to live in a tiny chateau on a remote island with no debt. Now my only sadness in life is seeing all the other humans suffering themselves living in a world of lies and deceit. MSNBC looks you in the face and says 'WE TELL YOU WHAT TO THINK!' STOP LISTENING TO THEM.

  8. This is GODS Country. We are taking it over. I can prove it. They are deploying Souls to instill fear in you. We dont believe in war. Every Soul has a right to deny it. Its a trick to continue on Killing us because they are dark agenda.

  9. Thank you for teaching us, you're a HERO and this world needs more of you🙏🤗💚💙🧡🌻🍀🌞

  10. @7:15 This analogy is fundamentally flawed. To "restructure" into a utopian society would involve men making laws that would necessarily have to be enforced at the muzzle of a gun. That's more genocide than anything. Anything that man has his hands on will be fundamentally flawed.

  11. Every time I see this guy, I ask myself! does he study the Bible? because he quotes so many scriptures! Lol!
    ❤ is the way out of this hamster. wheel!

  12. New science…ha..ha…ha! This really sounds like religion!
    Star Wars / The Matrix explained
    it well. Tradition, costumes, values make us see rhe world in a way our ethnic group/government wants us to. Its not an existence, its an experiment…a race for survival . Nothing new just hippied !
    Bunch of re written religion .. the "holy books" promote fear, struggle, genocide, fortune telling, fate, etc. They clearly estate the need to follow the "creators" law/rules/ and do away with personal free will….once you don't go with "its" program…you are doomed ( go to hell, are an infidel, etc.)…holy books narrate vividly the masacre of hundreds od cultures and ethnicities in the name of a god and a chosen people….on the other hand they also incite stress, uncertainty and confusion whith the duality of "flesh-spirit", "soul-mind', " heaven-hell". We need solutions here and now!…no more puppet governments, no lore human experiments, no more conspiracy theories…everyone deserves a good life!..Experiments since 1967…nothing new….damn still based on 1 lonely un updated experiment…just like the other guys 200 year old mumbo jumbo compilation of rethorical phrases they don't even know were they came from but built an empire upon….any way…good luck with this stuff…don' t be fooled….people say anything playing around with our desperation for answers…

  13. Religion, education, money, corporations, governments, culture, traditions etc…..have all contributed to our miseducation.  But we are all waking up now….so fuck them all starting with religion the most evil of all.

  14. Wow! Aren't we living in THE most amazing, exciting times. We're on the very cusp, of finding immortality, inwardly and outwardly.

    Such profound questions have such profound benefits, implications and consequences for all of us. I for one, can't wait. This is beyond any dull superlatives I can think of right now.

  15. "…hidden knowledge." that it is!

    "matter isn't all that matters." no it is not.

    "misperceptions … our minds are shaping the world …" love the anorexia example.

    "…genes don't control your life,






    W O W!!!!

  16. Thank you for taking my understanding to the next level by sharing your discoveries. It came at a great point in my life.

  17. I resonate with what Bruce is saying. I still have this burning question about genes…on my father's side, none of them, including myself…ever look the äge we are! I was told my youthful looks are in my genes. It's this true or not?

  18. Instead of teaching this stuff in schools They teach so much useless stuff like how a frog is built who needs this in life only biologists and if you are going to a atomy.

  19. manifesto?…

    Learn How I Manifested Over 7 Sources Of Passive Income With The Law Of Attraction,
    New Zelanda mass murderer.

  20. I wonder if those cells making the caterpillar can just change it into a chicken? Or is everything already predetermined?

  21. I am glad the terminologies he uses are inline with eckhart tolles teaching. Truth and law of nature will never change.

  22. It is NOT a lack of knowledge …Bruce -It is from LACK of USE of knowledge ..Mostly…Just Sayin Rusty*J😇🇺🇸

  23. WOW You sound so realistic and logical yet very imaginative that one gets to a point to practice and participate and anticipate in developing the best of your guidance of knowledge. Thank you for being with US and sharing your precious super knowledge yet very simple in style which is your best point

  24. I agree EXCEPT that he forgets that Orthodox Christianity has held this perspective for 2,000 years, so his conclusion is inaccurate and won't lead to the same place that Orthodox Christianity does. This is not hidden knowledge. This is
    ignored knowledge from the past.

  25. What an awesome interpretation of the end times! End of the old ways and just the beginning of the new.

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