always do it on my own so I gotta get through it and the only thing I know is to love what I'm doing never give up never slow till I finally prove it never listen to the nose I just wanna keep moving keep my head up when I act head up that's a fact never looking back gotta keep myself in check keep my head up staying strong always moving on feel I don't belong time I bust a move along push myself to be the best table though the grass baby with every birth see my message start to spread and I have so many dreams then get your teens I gotta get through it and the only thing I know is to love what I'm doing never give up never slow till the final approval never listen to the knows I just wanna keep move yeah I put out all the shards yeah everything I do on this beach anyway I'm sick of this fool my other channel and yet do disorder – and I let me enjoy I'm stable no play ball yes and no me going okay love I want the real stuff everybody listen up cuz I've only said I want so I'm gonna show you all the path if you want it bad I'm gonna show you every side yeah how you can get it back cuz I never done I'll be number one what can never heart until I catch us what I want yeah crisis sucks the song yeah fader life is done shooters gonna shoot in I'm gonna shoot intelafone us I'm doing yeah I'm break-off stable so young too young way too much fun in the Sun don't bring wendy's come on to prom dance to our song dance all night don't you the lights come on it's too late now I remember every and how careless late night long fights and belfry we would rather live we would go about we were so loud we were so proud we had no doubts weekends and weekdays and we'd spend our own way we were careless we were fearless Restless Thomas Preston what to waste time with speed and fun drinking all night asleep by your side your vibe we would you strive left by fighter he was live stand out testing our faith but in a way we live for two so gold left get old squirrel what words old we can't be controlled it's too they now I remember every and how careless [Applause] be you're never gonna make it you're not good enough there's a million other people with the same self you really think you're different and you must be kidding think you're gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible it's not probable that you're responsible too many obstacles you gotta stop it don't you gotta take as though you can't be your proud own wish you have no more who the fuck to you to tell me what to do I don't give a damn if you say you disapprove I'm gonna make my move I'm gonna make it soon and I'll do it cuz it's what I wanna fuckin to you throw these opinions at all these positions they come in and millions they Park in your vision but you can't listen that shit is all fixed because you want the power is why you're dreaming maybe you could fake it but you never gotta make but you're just gonna take that make them take it all back don't tell me but you just gotta take a fucking fight back for advice you ain't gonna make it you ain't never ever gonna break it you can never beat him in the better than you face it because that they given him your life you can strike here nah they don't give it them you thought what I'm saying I'm not playing no give you two straight mins too many others and you're not that great man stop but you say yeah and stop what you're making everybody here knows that you're just fruit I don't wanna hear it anymore I don't want to hear it anymore on this fucking Berkeley or not but I need any more fucking talk on all you poor babies heads in the clouds talk now that so probably there's no way that you and maybe to say but she's never gonna make it but you just gonna take that they can take it all are you just gonna you fucking fight 4 Kbytes that


  1. Ngaku jadi kakek jumpshot?frontal ae di akui bukan mengakui!!dasar Chanel berlebihan gw sekarang kgk suka lagi Ama Chanel ini
    Saran:klo buat thumbnail ngk usah berlebihan
    Klo emang lu kgk suka w komen kek gini kita custom room:'/ klo lu berani:')
    Yang mau ikut langsung tulis ID Klian:'v terimakasih!!!

  2. Kok aneh, aku aja di diamond 4 mau ke master susahnya grgr musuhnya minta ampun, lah ini udah master malah musuhnya kayak bot .

  3. cuma channel ini yg ngaku ngaku pro jumpshoot padahal yg bneran pro gk ingin menamainya bapak jumpshoot atau bahkan kakek jumpshoot karen itu terlalu berlebihan alias alay

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