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that subscribe button. – Hit that bell notification – [Both] So you don’t miss a thing. – So today on GabeTube TV we will review Multiplication slam by
Educational Insights, if you haven’t had a chance
to check out Gabe’s review on Math Slam also by Educational Insights, make sure you check it out now. (screams) So Multiplication Slam is the perfect game for those of you who are trying to improve your multiplication skills, it’s for grades three plus
and ages eight and up. So you read the problem, you
scan the possible answers and then you slam that answer home. – Sla-sla-slam! – So each game is timed
and the faster you answer the question, the better your score. So increasingly difficult
levels, flashing lights and awesome sound effects
helps keep your kid engaged while they’re
learning at the same time and for some kids who
may be a little bit ADHD it really helps them to focus
on what they need to do. – Actually nothing can stop
me from focusing on the game. – Unless you’re like Gabe and you have laser like focus anyway. So make sure you check our
Gabe’s review of Math Slam also by Educational
Insights which we reviewed earlier on Gabe’s channel. It teaches young kids the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. – So lets open this baby up. – [PapaDoc] So the game
is laid out like so, obviously you have the power button, but it shuts down
automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity so that the
batteries get preserved. So for those of you who want
extreme peace and quiet, there’s a headphone
jack so that your child can plug in his headphones. You have the LCD windows
that shows the math problems and it shows the elapsed
time at the end of the game so that you can compare your
times to your best times. – [Gabe] Woo! – [PapaDoc] So then you
have the answer paddles and then you press the paddle
to choose the correct answer while you’re playing the various games and at the bottom you
have the game buttons with the name of the games on the button which makes for easy selection of which game you want to choose. On the back of the unit you
have the battery compartment which can be removed
with the use of a coin and it requires three
AA batteries to power. So to compare and contrast
the Multiplication Slam with the Math Slam. – [Gabe] The first thing
you notice is the Math Slam is the larger game, also the
Math Slam has fewer buttons. The Maths Slam is for grades
K plus and ages five and up, whereas the Multiplications
Slam is for grades three and up and ages eight and up. – [PapaDoc] The first
game is called Skip It where you do skip count,
so you choose a multiple with which to practice. After you choose the multiple to practice, you then press all the
multiples on the answer paddles. So after you choose the
multiple to practice, nine multiples appear
on the answer paddles, then you have to press
the multiples on the answer paddles from lowest to highest. After you press the multiples
in order least to greatest your final elapsed time
appears in the window. And so you’re playing against yourself, you’re trying to beat your best time. – [Gabe] I’m, let me
choose, I choose five. 11 seconds! – 11 seconds, I think you
can do better than that Gabe. Do it again. Pay attention and press the button fully. – [Gabe] Where’s five? Seven seconds. – Whoa seven seconds, good job. High five. – I haven’t even missed one yet. I haven’t. – You just missed one on the game before. So on Fast Facts you
choose a fact to practice then random multiplication
facts appear on the LCD screen, you read the problem in the window and then you press the
correct answer paddle. If you press an incorrect answer
just like in the Math Slam, that problem appears again
at the end of the game to ensure mastering and comprehension. When you answer all 10
questions then your best time appears in the window which once again, you’re trying to beat your best time so you’re playing against yourself. So on Factor Frenzy you
choose a factor to practice it’s similar to Fast Facts
except one factor is missing. Just as a point of information, Factor Frenzy has nine
questions as opposed to three of the other games
which have 10 problems, not exactly sure why. So the fourth game is called Factor Pairs, so you press the two answer
paddles that are factors of the answer in the top paddle. After you’ve answered 10 problems, your elapsed time appears
in the window at the end. – [Gabe] Okay, okay. – So the final game in Multiplication Slam is called Sequence. So a sequence is shown
in the paddles at the top and you choose the paddle
that completes the sequence. When you have successfully
completed all 10 sequences your elapsed time appears in the window at the end of the game. – I got 51 seconds! – Congratulations! (cheers) But I think you can do better. – So guys I hope you enjoyed
the video cause me and Dad did. – We really enjoyed playing
Multiplication Slam, it is an excellent toy which
is also an educational toy so if your child is trying to learn their multiplication tables for the first time, or if your child is trying to build upon their multiplication skills
that they already possess this is the perfect toy slash
educational game for you. With it’s flashing
lights, fun sound effects and increasing level of difficulty, this game is sure to keep
your kid engaged for hours, even if they have ADHD. – Hm? And make sure you comment down below and let us know what you want to see on – [Both] GabeTube TV. – Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, we outta here. Hi, I’m Gabe and you’ve
been watching GabeTube TV. If you wanna keep up with
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