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rapper boy. Don’t tell me you’re coming up with some more of those garbage rhymes that
you have. Lee: Man Bernice here you go again. I don’t
know why you just don’t admit it. When it comes to my rhymes you know they are tight.
Bernice: Please boy! Don’t nobody want to hear you and yo honey rhymes (Laughing).
Lee: Honey rhymes. What you talking about girl?
Bernice: Yeah you got them honey rhymes. Because yo rhymes is straight up boo boo.
Lee: Anyway girl. I don’t know why you hatin’. Bernice: Please Boy! You heard me before.
Lee: that’s okay one day cause one day I’m gone be famous.
Bernice anyway boy. You’ll be famous in your wildest dreams. But I gotta go. I’m getting
ready to go play video games with my brother. Lee: Video games. Yeah what’s up with them
video games? I love gaming. Bernice: Boy you can’t play the video games
that I play. See my mom let us get an early Christmas gift and we got a new game. Umm.
Yeah. We got that, “Big Time Auto Playaz.” Lee: For real? I thought you had to belike
an adult or something to get to play that game.
Bernice: You do. But from the sound of it, it doesn’t look like you’ll get to play anytime
soon. But that’s okay I bet you can go home with your momman and play, “Nursery Rhymes
Bandits.” Chills: What’s up dude? What’s wrong with
you? I haven’t seen you look this sad since your boy Bernard took your favorite mix cd
and flushed it down the boy’s bathroom toilet. Lee: Whatever dude. Ha Ha Ha. funny.
Chill: okay dude what’s up? Lee: man I went to talk to my mom about letting
me get that new game, “Big Time Auto Playaz.” You know the one with the cars and the gangsters
and all that. Chillz: You went to your mom and actually
asked her for that. I mean that gangster game where everybody’s jackin’ cars and acting
crazy? Really? Lee: Yeah that’s it yo. I wanted to get that
game and my mom told me because of the rating I couldn’t get it.
Chillz: Dude the game is rated A for adult.? My mom would laugh at me if I asked for that
game. Lee: yeah I know but Bernice. She said she
was gone get it as early Christmas present for her and Bernard . She was making fun of
me talking about you need to go get Nursery Rhymes bandits.
Chillz: I don’t know what to tell you dude. I mean you can’t go get it yourself. You have
to have your mom or dad or an adult buy it for you.
Lee: I got it. I mean I got to get it. I’m feenin’ for it. Mr Franklin: Hey Lee. what brings you by the
center? Lee: Man I want to see my cool dude. You know
My cool guy before it was time to go on break for Christmas.
Mr Franklin: umm okay. So what brings you buy the center outside of telling me I’m a
really cool guy Lee? Lee: Well when it comes to all the adults
i know right now, I know I can always depend on you Mr. Franklin when I’m in a jam.
Mr Franklin: Is that right? Lee: Yeah Mr Franklin. I mean me and all the
fellas look up to you. Mr Franklin: All that sounds pretty cool.
I’m just trying to be a good role model. Lee: and that’s what you are Mr Franklin.
Mr Franklin: Well just let me know if you need something from me. I have to finish doing
inventory on all the sports equipment. Lee: Wait! Wait! Wait Mr. Franklin. Now that
you mention it I needed a favor. Mr. Franklin: Oh Really. What’s the favor
Lee? Lee: Well check this out. I’ve been saving
up my money to get a video game and I wanted to know could you a maybe give me a ride down
and help me buy the game at the video game store.
Mr Franklin: You got your money. I don’t see what the problem is. What’s the name of the
game? Lee: Oh it’s called, “Big Time Auto Playaz.”
Mr Franklin: Lee do you think I just fell off an apple truck. Don’t you know those games
are for adults? Lee: You knew?
Mr. Franklin: Yeah I knew boy. Those games are not for kids like you. They’re full of
violence and all kinds of crazy stuff. Did you ask your parents about that.
Lee: Yeah they said no. Mr. Franklin: If your parents said no don’t
come down here trying to trick me. Lee: I didn’t mean to start no problems. I’m
sorry. Mr. Franklin: No problem boy. But remember
when you’re older you can make better decisions for ya. But right now I know it might feel
like your parents are being mean to you but they have what’s best for you at heart. So
when they make a decision respect their decision. Lee: Yeah I hear you Mr. Franklin. I just
wanted to get that game cause Bernice was getting it.
Mr. Franklin: Boy please. Bernice’s mom goes to my church. I think she’s getting her some
type of game. Something bandits or something like that.
Lee: Are you talking about, “Nursery Rhyme Bandits?”
Mr. Franklin: Yeah that’s it! Her momma was so happy to get her and Bernard, “Nursery
Rhyme Bandits.” She says little Bernice loves that game.
Lee: Wow Mr. Franklin. I just want you to know I hope you have a very Merry Christmas,
cause you just made me have a very Merry Christmas.

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