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Hello all, this is Neel from Edureka and welcome to this interesting session on Internet of Things projects. Now in this session
we’ll be talking about the top seven projects which are outstanding
themselves in the Internet of Things domain now before we talk about each of
these projects let me start off with a simple introduction to what is Internet
of Things Internet of Things basically is a concept or a technology which aims
to connect all the devices to the Internet and help them communicate with
each other using the Internet as a medium now these devices can be anything
it could be a TV it could be a mobile phone it could be a watch even your car
as such anything that can be connected to the Internet can be considered as a
device for Internet of Things the intention of using Internet as a medium
of communication is to help you achieve a wider and a greater reach with respect
to these devices again the end aim of Internet of Things is to help you create
a smart world that’s out there now let’s talk about each of these projects let’s
start with number seven which is a biometric system now a biometric system
is something that we always encounter on our daily basis as well because we
always either use a fingerprint sensor or we use an iris scanning so it depends
from organization to organization but how does this actually work
the system there let’s take in case of this example has a fingerprint scanner
now the first time that I am presenting my fingerprint it scans the fingerprint
and considers this as part of an enrollment process from this fingerprint
template would it does is that it extracts certain key features which
makes different from others and stores it into a database from then forward
every time that I placed my finger on top of this fingerprint scanner it
creates a template and compares this with all the templates that’s present in
the database if it matches then correspondingly let’s say gives me an
attendance or lets me access a tour if it does not then it raises an alert with
respect to that same now this is just a foundation now as I said this biometric
system can be fingerprint it can be is canny or it can be a combination of both
as well voice recognition system is one of the key products in the biometric
domain next we have smart irrigation system now
I am someone who personally likes gardening a lot now this is something
that would really make my life easier because usually what I do is that on
Sundays I spend our two hours just watering and looking after my plants
through a smart irrigation system what it does is that it checks the moisture
present in the environment or in the water lines that I have created now to
help you understand how it works usually there are two main Internet of Things
devices that I used here which is the Adreno board and the Raspberry Pi your
Raspberry Pi becomes the main processing unit and I place an Adreno board for
each of my water channels these addressing modes themselves are
connected to multiple sensors which are part of this water channel so what these
sensors do is that they check the moisture present in these lanes as such
so let’s say a specific link does not meet the minimum required moisture then
what it would do is that it would send a signal to the Raspberry Pi again all
these devices are connected on the same wireless router network and the
Raspberry Pi would identify the lack of moisture and pass a signal to the relay
the relay in turn would initiate the water pump and water would be parked now
in order to ensure that water is not wasted we would create gate controls and
only the gate where the moisture is less would the gate be open once my sensor
detects that the moisture level has gone beyond my required limit it would again
say another signal to the Raspberry Pi asking it to stop the pump as well so
this in turn helps you to save a lot of water and also makes your life quite
easier as well so after this your only task in your garden would be either
setting up new plans or creating new water channels as such the next project
in our list is a security camera and door unlock system now this is something
that’s quite interesting and I’ve personally tried to start and it’s
really something that you should try out as well here what happens is that you
place a camera on top foot door which in turn clicks the photo of a person who
comes into the frame now this photo is again sent to an analytical system which
in turn compares this with all the photos that it possesses in order to
identify whether to let the user open the door or not now an evolution to this
is that if it does not find the photo of that person it can notify the concern
that so-and-so person is trying to access this door would you like to
authorize this person and add his information to the database or would you
like to deny the access to this person as well usually this is used in areas
where you have high sensitive information stored in order to maintain
a strict control to the access to this information as well another usage of the
security camera and/or unlock system can be even at our homes when we can
identify who’s come at our home when we’re not there and either decide to
give them access to our homes or not now the next thing is something that we all
really desire to have which is a smart home system a smart home system can be
something that really makes our life quite easy starting from energy
management where the light control system is the AC the appliances that we
use the thermostat all this is managed in short trying to cut down the power
consumption that’s taking place my door management system is also part of this
my security system is also part of this my water management system again becomes
a part of this Asma again these are key things that really stands out in the
smart home system but again what I would personally recommend is that a smart
homes limitations is where our imagination stops anything that you wish
to automate or may wish to make your life easier can be part of a smart phone
system as well now a smart home usually is going to be a base for our next
project which is a smart city a smart city is an evolution of a smart home
here it’s not just the sensors of a single home that is connected here its
correlation or a network or a connection between various organizations various
domains as well as various segments of that city as a whole as such here the
life of every single dependent person in that city becomes easier as a whole as
well and in turn will really help develop that city to greater extends as
such now the key factor here for a smart city is a government support as well and
if governments are really willing to take this step then I hope we would see
a smart city completely built on Internet of Things maybe the next five
to ten years as well now the next project is something that really stands
out on a personal level this is Zelda Ocarina controlled home
automation system this is personally something that I feel
the closest to a smart home system well most of the elements of the hoop is
completely controlled by an ocarina what Alan pan has done here is that he’s
created a node-based recognition system which completely automates his hope but
rather than telling more about this let’s just look at a quick video which
will give you a glimpse into how he has done this and what has he done next on our list at number one if you’ve
not already guessed is javis javis is the artificial intelligence system that
Facebook’s creator Marc second burg has built for his home automated system I am
quite sure you’ve already seen the video of Mark Zuckerberg interacting with
Jarvis which has Morgan Freeman’s voice and if you’ve not here’s a quick glimpse
into the same good morning Jarvis good morning mark
it’s Saturday so you only have five meetings room temperature is set to a
cool 68 degrees earlier this year I’ve started building a simple AI to
help run our home I talked to Jarvis using this app I built it uses
artificial intelligence to understand me and figure out what to do max woke up a
few minutes ago I’m entertaining her alright let’s go check on her – sound
man Jarvis your Mandarin is so soothing
future Jarvis also helps me get ready in the morning fresh shirt fire in the hole hell yeah
Jarvis knows when to make me breakfast your toast is ready
alright it’s time for my call – rep can you get him on the video conference line
setting up the BC room now remember to check on the AI guidance system for
akela one of the best things about Jarvis is it could recognize people at
the gate let them in automatically and then just tell me about it mark your
parents are coming in thanks Geoffrey its Jarvis and Jarvis can play all of
our favorite music hey play some good Nickelback songs I’m sorry mark I’m
afraid I can’t do that there are no good Nickelback song good
that was actually a test okay how about just play some songs that our whole
family likes what I’m a dad now this is what I listen to now what you need to
understand here is that Indian of things is not something that’s this dependent
on a sensor or a few sensors which is connected to a Raspberry Pi on an Adreno
put when I look at the entire architecture of IOT this is a complete
ecosystem wherein my sensors gather information which is again stored on a
platform and then processed on this now if there have been any issues or
failures that have been reported by these sensors then I need to create
actionable items in order to ensure that this is never really repeated again but
the information once it’s been processed the processed data is then passed into
machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to understand
analyze and identify various patterns that’s out there and help pass this
information on back to the sensor this in turn helps you have a better
experience and also improve the system as a whole a system where I come home
every day at 8:30 start off my AC wait for 15 minutes for it to cool down is a
tedious process but say today my Internet of Things platform identifies
this patter already switches on the AC at 8:15 then I just need to come home
and I can relax right away this is one of the key examples or one of the key
ideas that’s out there today and the limitation here again is just your
imagination so with this we got to come to a
conclusion of this video but we are going to come up with a lot more videos
on Internet of Things and the various projects are on that so if there’s some
project that really you want to know more about please let us know in the
comment section below with this thank you and goodbye
I hope you have enjoyed listening to this video please be kind enough to like
it and you can comment any of your doubts and queries and we will reply
them at the earliest do look out for more videos in our playlist and
subscribe to any Rica channel to learn more happy learning

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