54 thoughts on “Top 7 Art & Design Schools in the World”

  1. I do enjoy your videos and hate to leave this comment but if SAIC is on this list…. why wasn't SCAD on this list?? SCAD is known to have one of the most reputable art schools in this country.

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  3. Hi, Can you suggest me Top Art Schools for M.A. or M.F.A. in Contemporary Fine Art Practice in the World?

  4. I remember getting a recommendation letter from #6 on the list. I think art is REALLY fun even though I’m not very good.

  5. I am an aspirant of study fine arts as a professional programe, but am from India, so is it affordable for me there tution fees, accommodation etc

  6. When i get older i wanted to learn to be a doctor but an art school it's sound fun i hope i have a an art school in malaysia

  7. I know it's more industrial design, but how come Umeå Institute of Design is not on the list?
    It's been ranked number one quite a few times in the past years…
    I go there and we win more design awards than any other university in the world 🙂

    Here's just a few articles:

    Also missing Art Centre LA,

  8. Go to Angoulême in France, the capital of french and belgic comics also known as "BD". Heure u can find some of the best schools in the World (just as popular as The GOBELINS)

  9. My photography teachers always said “a degree is just a piece of paper…. you need talent and passion and a little luck to be an artist…”

    to make it even weirder… this was at two different times in my life and two different teachers who didn’t know each other said this to the class😂😂

  10. Art Center College of Design in Pasadena is not even in the list!.. and is the best of the best!…

  11. I loathe how no Parsons or SAIC faculty ever told students to keep all of their artworks to make an archive, cursing students with lecture phrases such as "the starving artist". I even loathe how the instructors never told students to sign all of their works before selling at the college art sale. I even loathe how SAIC had a school art sale to begin with. I even thought it was a waste of time and my precious money at classes such as SAIC's art enterpreneur class in which 2 faculties (including 1 male lawyer) barely talked about copyright protection and instead edited our resumes, no i mean artist statements. "The best US art school" treated its art students like ready-made-failures. There was one SAIC Sound(yep sound not rotten) male instructor whom i only had a 1 day lecture with my classmates who told us to keep our electronics and don't throw them away.

  12. Hey dude I’m studying bachelors in fine arts at Chandigarh University India and I wanna go London for further studies , I’m Pershing applied nowadays

  13. Want to go to Rhode Island's School of Design. I'm 14 going into high school later this year. I'm want to start evolving my art early on.

  14. Well its a very conservative perspective so I have extreme doubts as to the validity of this evaluation on a planetary scale…

  15. I thought this was around the WORLD!!!!
    Really bias towards America, What about all the famous art cities of the world? Paris, Florence, Kyoto ect….
    Very Bias video!!!
    America, America yap, yap
    America is NOT the world!!!!

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