Top 5 Tips for Teaching a Learner Driver

Teaching your child had a drive for the
first time can seem like a daunting and stressful task, so we’ve put together the
top five do’s and don’ts before you let your teenager behind the wheel. Don’t pass on bad habits. Before you start teaching your child make sure you’re teaching them the right things. Refresh your knowledge of the road rules,
indicating on roundabouts or giving way are some of the most common mistakes seen on the roads. Don’t get stressed out or yell. Staying calm without raising your voice can be difficult but try and keep a
level head and stick to simple clear instructions. Don’t fight for control. It may be instinct to want to grab the wheel and correct your child, this can not only be dangerous but it’s not the best way for them to learn. Don’t be too busy. fitting in time for your son or daughter to clock up the
required 100 hours can be tricky, but remember every little trip to school, the grocery store, or to sporting practice is an opportunity for them to learn. Don’t throw them in the deep end. Heading straight to highway driving or hill starts in peak hour traffic is a little unfair. Start with the basics like gear changes, control and handling of a car before the more difficult manoeuvres. Remember it takes time and consistent
practice to learn how to drive. The more supervised hours they clock up the safer
and more experienced they’ll become.

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