41 thoughts on “Top 5 programming language in 2019 with Learning Paths”

  1. Sir… please make a video about what is Google Cloud computing, AWS, Data Science, Analysis …. how to learn that… and what purpose there are being…… and whether the beginners can learn that…… and more …. waiting for ur response soon

  2. I don't have any experience related to programming or in a software company . Which language I can choose to get joined in a software company??

  3. I dont understand clrs because it is maths heavy, so can u please suggest how much maths I must know before data structures and algorithms ? like concrete, discrete mathematics etc ? please also suggest some resources, some books maybe.

  4. sir, can you recommend me a good book for learning python or series of book……………………………………………………….quick response will highly be appreciable……………………………………………………………..THANKS

  5. I don't agree, I started learning algorithms before writing any code in any programming language for more than a month. And its made me great when it comes to reduce program complexity. And many students today lack that ability because they started as you mentioned

  6. My favourite programming language is C#. It's fun and easy to program and worth a mention in your video.

  7. thank you for your video and I really like it. but i am scare because I am 27 years and i feel like i am qualified for that job.

  8. The world is moving to microservices. Java is the best to pick for microservices. If you want to play with a huge amount of data with an awesome performance go with java. For machine learning, Java also has some popular libraries. My suggestion java is best for any situation. Still, Java is ruling the world.

  9. JavaScript and Python both have good real world use. But I don't think Swift is a good choice for problem solving. Just try to solve some String problem using Swift and you can learn how verbose it is. My suggestion either select Python or JavaScript for interview preparation.

  10. Sir I have just completed my 12 class n I have learned c , c++, SQL and data structure , so should I go for learning core and advance java now or wait for my college to start???

  11. Which programing languages/software are required for Computer science in Specialization with Big Data Analytics Btech In India….

  12. I really wish videos like this would just stop. Firstly, establish what you want to achieve then pick the right language for that. Secondly, once you’ve learnt programming logic you can learn any language at speed. Any programmer or developer will tell you this.

  13. Why any of the experts comment about Prolog language. Do they know it even exists? by the way, great video Hitesh.

  14. Please, tell me which language I should learn first for beginner for Android Software development. Also step by step list for learn language

  15. Awesome video.. keep it up..

    My list would be

    1. Python
    2. Javascript
    3. Java
    4. Golang

    Please post a video about Block Chains..

  16. I absolutely love your channel, you know your stuff and how to present it well enough for anyone to understand thank you

  17. My favorite programming language is java . And I want to know what framework of java is very best for me . I have good knowledge of core java and collection framework and I want to become a full stack java developer.

  18. Javascript alone is useless I'd say. You need the frameworks like react or angular … but then yes, it's current and in demand.

  19. hi hitesh sir I m just 13 year old an i want to become a youngest android developer and get job in google , so plz can u help me

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