20 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Learning Guitar”

  1. 1. put your guitar on a proper stand so it doesn't fall over and break.
    2.a classical guitar with nylon strings is not the same as an acoustic guitar with steel strings.
    3. We DO know what Mozart intended because it's written down! The tempo is written down, what kind of bowing on a violin is written down, play soft/loud is written down. I'm sorry but you're just wrong about sheet music.

  2. There's another myth he mentioned without being aware of it – 1:32 "Practice makes perfect"
    Well, it doesn't!!!! PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT, NOT PREFECT!!!!!
    If you practice wrong, you'll end up playing wrong

  3. I reckon myth #1 is NOT a myth. No one mentioned whether a nylon need be the acoustic. I found my feet-tapping and legato learnt on my acoustic meant a great transition to electric.

    Myth #2 seems to clash with reasoning against myth 1, having an amp is an important part of inspiring a player to continue, to create that what they are attempting to emulate.

  4. I've been confused by a lot of people telling me to get the cheapest acoustic to start with, while in fact, that also tends to discourage me since I like heavy metal and rock. So I tried to not believing them and now I get another confirmation from you for what I believe. Thanks! // was playing without amplifier for a couple months as well.

  5. I started to learn how to play the guitar (acoustic) many years ago. My mum paid for a private teacher to come to my home every week to teach both my sister and I. We did that for a few years and I even eventually could read and write music and confidently play quite a number of songs. However my teacher had just got married and was moving away so we no longer got our weekly lessons. We tried a different teacher but they weren't as good and soon after started to lose interest in the guitar and began to like other things instead including boys (silly me!!). I always regretted not continuing and never really got around to picking up an instrument again until now. I am 59 years old and have decided to take it up once again. I will be going electric now. Even though my hands especially my left thumb have a bit of arthritis in them now, my husband thinks I should give it a go and they say you are never too old to learn new things. For me its a bucket list thing and have set a goal of learning to play at least one song every year if I can. How many other people here have decided to take up learning guitar at an older age, and how are you finding it?

  6. Myth 1: start with acoustic guitars = false
    Myth 2: You need an amp to learn to play on an electric = false
    That's an infinite loop

  7. Starting to learn as well. While im dull as hell with music and dexterity, I'll try my hardest. Gonna buy an electric in the next payroll

  8. Amen to the "learn on the guitar you intend to play on". I was discouraged from learning because my parents demanded I learn acoustic first, and I only wanted to learn electric. Now I'm middle aged, and been learning for a time; and I morn the time I've lost not learning to be honest.

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