Top 5 Fun Facts about Lions for Children! (Animals for Kids Educational Videos)

Hey friend, thanks for watching and make sure
you hit the subscribe button and the thumbs up for more videos just like this. Let’s Go! Hello, friend. I see you are working late today. What’s up Moe. Yeah, I’m trying to get some homework done
on fun facts about lions for kids. You should have come to me first. I know plenty of facts about lions. Like what Moe? When looking in my database for the top 5
facts about lions, one of the first things that pop up are lions are very sociable. For example, the African Lion which we see
the most run in Prides. A pride consists of approximately 15 lions
that stick together. Interesting, robot guy. If you think that is interesting check this
out. When it comes to the pride male lions protect
the pride at home, while female lions actually go out and do all the hunting for the pride. Really. Like that, huh. Really, Lee. I see that you are hearing me. I also know that you would hear a lion if
it did roar. For example, it is said that a lion’s roar
can be heard up to five miles away. Really, five miles away. That is pretty loud. It sure is, but just as loud as a lion’s roar
is, they can be quiet. For example, male lions can sleep up to 20
hours at a time. That sounds like me. I love sleeping. Also, Lee, you have dark hair. The Mane of a male lion helps us to tell how
old a lion is as well. For example the darker the main, the older
the male lion. That is some good stuff, Moe. Well, I am glad I could help you with my top
five fun facts about lions for kids. Can I help you with anything else? No thanks, Moe. I’ve got to go home and get this homework
done. I’ll see you next time. and I hope you had fun learning with F.R.E.S.B.E.R.G Cartoon.

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