Top 5 Educational Coding Robots for Kids

in the future robots will transform
everything in morphx we believe that anyone can be part of this
transformation and that’s why we designed the moon bot you can use the
moon bot kit to create the three official robot forms now first is the
moon rover this is an autonomous moving platform that’s great for transport then
you have the moon mech this is a flexible robotic arm that is great for
grabbing things and finally there’s buck moon bot is a cute little robot with a
lot of emotions now the translucent shell allows you to
see the electrical and mechanical parts inside of each robot as well as its
status through a set of LEDs unlike other robot cubes moonbots uses
cutting-edge computer vision as its primary sensor by building mortifying or
even hacking the moon box everyone can learn how to use the AI technology the
moon vision sensor is the artificial four of the mood puckett this tiny
module integrates many image recognition algorithms like color recognition line
detection fall detection human detection and card pattern recognition these
algorithms legged robot see the environments and do fun things based on
what it sees the moon bot kid supports all the
programming environment that is compatible with a do we know you can do
it either on PC or on mobile devices like an iPad the controller has 15 connector ports
which provide a multitude of module combinations making it perfect for
robotics education the movement kit will provide each well designed electronic
modules and will support more with future updates the controller also
supports third-party modules that are arduino compatible with generic mounting
holes designed for adding whatever you want whether it’s metal cardboard even
LEGO pieces whether you’re eight or 80 you can make something amazing with a
bucket hi I’m Joseph Schlesinger and I’m Hani
Hugh and this is Sparky Sparky is a simple to use open source or do we know
base robot the lowest cost full-featured robot on the market and is an engaging
introduction to programming electronics and robotics Sparky is very easy to use
and to get started with just take it out of the box plug it in download our
customized Arduino software and get started with any of our dozens of
programming samples or you can write your own code in minutes using our
online tutorials we’ve been conducting pilot classes with elementary and middle
school students and have an amazed at what they can do we are working hard in
enhancing and expanding our curriculum for Sparky improving the lessons and
code used in the class Sparky is easy to use with beginner feature-packed enough
for even the most passionate enthusiast or researcher and has named it anyone
would ignore these subjects or to have a comprehensive robotics platform for
their own projects experiments spark includes a servo mounted ultrasonic
distance sensing head three light level sensors a 3-axis
accelerometer to the second for an angle of the robot five line following an edge
detection sensor infrared send and receive modules for inter spark a
communication and to use with the included ergo control 128 by 64 pixel
graphic LCD and two geared stepper motor wheels for highly precise measured
movement which when combined the Sparkie center mounted mercury holder allow you
to do some amazing drawings if we raise enough to reach our 200k stretch goal we
will include a multi-channel video video perfect for coordinating multiple
parties just farmer lies sparkies durable ABS plastic
construction st. plastic use of Legos will also be made with a special texture
injection will technique so that you can easily drawn it with martha’s simply put
you know spark can do anything ever wanted a robot to do for you thanks to
our last completed pulley ship Kickstarter we’ve demonstrated the
experience and sourcing distribution and manufacturing necessary to complete this
project it’s also given us the time to develop Sparky for close to a year
through an evolution of dozens of prototypes and working with our
manufacturing partners to refine our current version for months and as always
in keeping with art products open source philosophy all designs for the robot
will be released online kids love technology they all know how
to use it that they almost never know how it works we wanted to break open
these magic devices and let kids build our own stuff with technology that’s why we developed the build your
own robot get with more kids can use the magic of
Technology to build their own interactive robots devices or works of
art it all starts with the easy board is the brain of the robot on the one side
it says input on the other side it says output the input parts are blue and the
output parts are green if you connect them on the opposite side of each other
on the easy board they will respond directly there are different input parts
like a sound sensor a rotary knob and a distance sensor and there’s also
different output parts like two different motors or buzzer and led your
turns their interaction with technology into a fun educational and creative
experience you can create anything you want with
your sometimes the scary to start at the blank canvas that’s why we created the
craft kits an ideal kickoff to your creativity the craft kits are created
from pre-cut cardboard that you can assemble yourself using an instruction
manual it’s still cardboard so you can attach all kinds of stuff to it and make
it to run the easy board runs on Arduino tip so
when you’re done building you can dive into the code and make a robot respond
exactly the way you want kids constantly surprise us with what they can build
with the order together we can find out what this new generation can build if
they have the tools to build the technology their creativity is endless
and I can’t wait to find out what they were built in 2003 two robots named
Spirit and Opportunity were loaded onto a pair of Delta 2 rockets the Rockets
blasted off separately about three weeks apart seven months later the pods
arrived streaking through the Martian atmosphere containing perhaps the most
complex and advanced robots ever created the Rovers were powered up stretched
their legs and made contact with their controllers on earth to begin their long
missions on the Red Planet today we’re proud to share our newest creation the
spirit rover a desktop version of the famous rover sent to Mars our miniature
version of the real thing is built around a Raspberry Pi computer and
includes an Arduino compatible processor along with a ton of sensors and smarts
whether you’re new to programming or an experienced pro spirit is a perfect
robot platform for learning to program in Python and C as well as learning the
inner workings of the Linux operating system
tutorials and lessons will guide you along the way you’ll code and control
your own Rover missions while learning how computer vision and autonomous
robots work remote control your missions using Wi-Fi from a computer tablet
smartphone or a game controller Spirit is an ideal platform for teaching in
classroom environments playing on your own at home and even used in serious
research we’ve combined the most common pieces of hardware available in the
open-source and maker community into a single robot that’s endlessly hackable
and expandable not only is spirit of practical robot for learning he’s also
loaded with personality he has a pan tilt head to look around and tell you
how he’s feeling 27 neopixel style lights can be individually controlled to
create any color sequence you can think of and a piezo sound chirper can create
blips and tones these are the droids you’re looking for
the Raspberry Pi camera can be used for computer vision this is an exciting new
field in robotics spirit can identify objects colors movement and even faces
the rover includes a gripper along the front suitable for moving and collecting
small objects spirit can see the gripper and object with this camera so remote
controlling and computer vision operations are possible spirit includes
several useful navigation sensors in addition to the camera the eyes are
actually an ultrasonic rangefinder that measures distances to objects the main
board also includes a three axis accelerometer and gyroscope these
sensors can be used to move specific distances and make accurate turns an
array of bottom sensors are also provided that can be arranged in various
patterns the sensors can follow lines or sense edges you can also enable an
emergency stop where the motors will automatically stop if the robots about
to fall off an edge three ambient light sensors are provided to measure light
360 degrees around the robot we’ve also included a port to add an optional LED
headlight or infrared emitter for communication or navigation in the dark
the spirit is actually three computers in one the Raspberry Pi at the heart of
the rover will handle most of your code and processing the Arduino compatible
processor on the rover’s main board can be used to run code by itself or used
together with the pipe the third processor is a microchip pic processor
it’s preloaded with code and handles low-level tasks in the background you
can hack it too if you like all three processors communicate with each other
using simple functions allowing you to effectively control any of the robots
hardware and sensors and almost any conceivable combination this is truly a
hackers dream robot you can communicate upload code and drive the rover remotely
from just about any computer or smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
including common sixaxis type game controllers you can even program and
remote pilot the robot over the Internet use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth built onto the PI
or add your own module to the main board for Wi-Fi Bluetooth and even xp for
ZigBee mesh networking the robot is powered by a single cell battery with a
runtime of one to four hours automatic charging is built right in the robot can
be powered or charged from a USB cable connected to your computer or an
optional external wall power supply we should also point out spirits
high-quality components the micro gear motors are precise and allow the robot
to run on a variety of surfaces the plastic frame parts are made from semi
flexible ABS plastic the parts are not brittle so you won’t have to worry about
them cracking the rest of the hardware includes durable parts stamped from
metal striking a good balance between light weight and durability you’ll
assemble spirit yourself from a kit using common hand tools no soldering is
required and will provide Illustrated instructions to make the process easy
spirit is a great solution for so many applications from basic remote-control
toy to learning simple and advanced coding to learning how autonomous robots
work at a deeper level you’re not going to get bored with this robot any time
soon easy access is provided to connect to
monitor and USB devices you can use the Raspberry Pi inside the spirit just like
you would a normal standalone PI all the important signal lines and ports are
exposed so advanced users can add on to the robot or use the electronics on
their own custom robot frame or chassis will guide you along the way through
written guides and tutorials along with examples you can customize on your own
for the past two years we’ve been creating an ecosystem of robots and
guides to teach programming continuing with this effort we also plan to launch
a youtube series covering all kinds of tutorials and inspiring examples for
spirit and our other robots this project is not officially endorsed or affiliated
with NASA JPL or any of the agencies related to the actual Mars missions but
I am a huge space nerd this project is a salute to the extraordinary engineers at
Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA and the rest of the world space agencies by
backing this project you’ll help us by parts and larger quantities and cover
the tooling costs for spirits custom parts you’ll also help educate and
inspire the rover designers of the future will add another awesome robot to
our lineup and continue in the spirit of the open-source movement to share and
freely educate thank you for your time and thank you for your support

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