Top 2012 toys are educational

DECEMBER IS HERE. AND YOU HAVE 22 DAYS LEFT TO GET YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR SOME SOME FUN GIFTS FOR KIDS…LOOK NO FURTHER…BECUA SE WE HAVE YOU COVERED. NEWS 13’S DAVID ROMERO IS LIVE IN THE NEWSPLEX… GOOD MORNING DAVID. GOOD MORNING MATT, WE HIT THE TOY STORES AND FOUND THAT SOME OF THE MORE POPULAR GIFTS THIS SEASON ARE NOT ONLY FUN, BUT EDUCATIONAL: AH, THE TOY STORE, ROWS AND ROWS FILLED WITH EVERYTHING THAT COULD ENRICH A CHILD’S IMAGINATION. ALTHOUGH THIS YEAR, MORE AND MORE TOYS ARE WORKING TO EXPAND A CHILD’S MIND. parents are coming more for the learning toys as opposed to the fun toys. We always sell a ton of pre school toys for the early learners getting a head start on their kids education. STARTING OFF AT A HUNDRED BUCKS, IS AN ALREADY POPULAR ITEM THAT’S BEEN UPDATED. we have the leap pad 2 which has been revamped for this year from the leap pad one, this one actually has two cameras on it now FOR FIFTY DOLLARS LESS, MOST PARENTS ARE HELPING THEIR KIDS GET A HEAD START ON LEARNING LETTERS WITH THIS… another popular toy would be the vtech alphabet activity cube. This helps children learn their alphabet and also keeps them active. The cube actually flips around and all four sides of the cube can be used IN THE SIXTY DOLLAR RANGE, YOUR CHILD CAN DISCOVER THE WORLD. this is the itikes map, it actually has six different subjects brought to life, it talks about the united states, dogs around the world, cats around the world. It will actually talk to them about the solar system and also about prehistoric north america AND FOR THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR FUN, THERE’S THE WII-U… it actually comes with a gaming console and a screen for more interactive play and it does go along with all the wii games ALL THE STORES WE TALKED HERE IN TOWN SAY THEY ARE STOCKED WITH ALL THE POPULAR ITEMS, BUT THEY EXPECT THEM TO START GOING PRETTY FAST. MATT, BACK TO YOU. THANKS DAVID. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR SOME SAFETY TIP ON SOME OF THESE TOYS AND OTHERS WE’VE ADDED A LINK TO OUR WEBSITE JUST GO TO KRQE DOT COM AND LOOK UNDER THE NEWSLINK TAB. THE DEADLINE TO AVOID THE FISCAL CLIFF KEEPS GETTING

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