41 thoughts on “Top 100 Epic Skill Moves 2019 || Season Finale ||”

  1. 1:06 i'm so proud about paek in this video paek is korea talent player🇰🇷
    영상에 백승호선수가 있는게 너무 자랑스러워요

  2. قالك لي جوار تع ريال يحبو يديرو لاروليت بزاف بور امبريسيوني زيدان ملك لاروليت اون موند

  3. Very nice video as usual bro!!! I loved the face of the player that did the skill at 0:22 and looked back to the guy that he humiliated, and the protection of the ball of the following scene like it was on Fifa ahahah. I think you should have added one more clip of Ben Arfa, he’s so good with this kind of skill moves… keep it up bro!!! Love you…

  4. 00:33 me acordé del meme que decía que el barça ganó la liga pero Brahim hizo un caño, jajajajaja ¡balonazo de oro!

  5. I love this video so much, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask your permission to share this video to other websites in China. Because of an embarrassing reason, YouTube is blocked in China. Of course, I’ll give the sources of the original website, thank you very much!

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