40 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Teachers”

  1. I have a teacher who called me lazy for being late and not finishing my history and fact writing I just wanna kill her (ok ok don’t call me a physco path

  2. I have a teacher that actually only gives a one day to do a lot of math, or than its homework.
    Oh and my French teacher hates everyone and abused us just for talking
    In 5th grade!
    A lot of people actually are think hes gonna be fired.

  3. The tape thing on mouth is somewhat reasonable and the lap dance thing is whatever and the teacher who did it with the student is fine if both are willing.

  4. I went to nine different schools before I finished high school. Constantly had to try to make new friends and was a very backward, awkward nerd. I loved college and graduate school, but hated elementary, middle, and high school; it was all awful.

  5. My 7th grade history teacher got charges pressed against her in my 8th grade year for sexual behavior with students. Her husband did too. This has happened in the past with the same people all the way back to the 90s and my school still let her teach.

  6. I remember being in Junior High and having a subsitute teacher that would practically yell at a class for not even saying anything. And guess who was in the room when that teacher exploded? Me.

  7. S.C.H.O.O.L. = super, cool, Happy, Open to all, Obviously better than Fortnite, Losers hate it cuz they're dumb

  8. Putting duct tape on a kids mouth is more of a joke than anything, how the hell will that harm a student? Lol

  9. Poetry is awesome because my teacher a.k.a. my language arts teacher she lost both horror and hip-hop a.k.a. my two most favourite subjects ever

  10. I understand that everyone here hates school, but are we not gonna talk about the fact that for the lap dance one they used a picture of Jensen Ackles because they were P.E. teachers.

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