Top 10 worst cities for Smog! Air quality losers

What is going on everyone? I hope you are
all healthy and happy if you live in some of the cities on today’s list you
may not be as healthy as you could be today we’re looking at cities in the
United States that don’t have the best air quality actually these are the worst
of the worst the way they measure air quality is known as the air quality
index what is that you ask an air quality index or AQI is a chart used by
government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air
currently is or how polluted it will be in a forecast public health risks
increase as you get a bad a Qi so here’s the chart they go by Green is perfect
it’s a nice day to be outside yellow or moderate isn’t the best but it’s not bad
it’s like the air quality that you get when you’re a couple yards away from a
campfire maybe orange is unhealthy for sensitive groups this is like the air
quality of a reggae concert red is bad it is called unhealthy and it’s like
you’re on a tour bus with that reggae band purple is called very unhealthy and
it’s like you’re still on that bus with the reggae band and you hit a skunk and
pick up some glaucoma patients maroon is the worst
it’s called hazardous this is like being on that bus with the reggae band the
skunk is now stuck underneath the bus the glaucoma old folks are getting wild
in the back and the exhaust breaks and now you have exhaust coming up through
the floorboards I hope that clears it up for you now here’s the formula they use
we won’t be getting into that today because that could be written in Klingon
for all I know I’ll tell you what let’s get started on the list here’s my top
ten cities with the worst air quality in the US number 10 Chicago Illinois
the air quality here in the Windy City is one of the worst in the country
especially the closer you get to the city if you have sensitive lungs and you
need to work in Chicago it’s probably best to live in one of the surrounding
suburbs where the air quality is slightly improved or just don’t live
here altogether head to Iowa they have decent air quality and almost zero smog
the good news about Chicago is when the wind comes in off the lake it makes the
smog Peoria’s problem any major city with a large body of water get some
relief from smog when they get some wind the air quality during the winter in
Chicago isn’t that bad the word months are May through August and I’m
looking at the air quality today in Chicago and it’s considered healthy it’s
not a bad day today’s October 11th 2019 number 9 Dallas Texas Dallas has an
overall poor air quality mainly due to the power plants in the area they have
recently done a coal power plant cleanup which has improved the conditions
however the city still ranks 15th for high ozone days out of 228 metro areas
and it came in ninth for overall smog Dallas has a lot of things going on for
it considering how large and busy it is I’m surprised it’s not worse I’ve been
to Dallas on what I would consider some really bad days for air quality and I
can tell you you could see the brown air not really as bad as some of the other
cities on this list but it’s there okay maybe it’s not brown but it’s definitely
a light amber I’d say yeah amber almost like a beer but not as refreshing no
brie Washington DC as of April 2009 teen the DC area received a failing grade for
air quality according to the data collected in 2018 our nation’s capital
had eight moderate yellow days and two orange days that isn’t great but it also
isn’t terrible keep in mind some cities this country haven’t seen an orange day
in years and obviously the goal is a hundred percent Green Day’s has nothing
to do with AB and you know what I’m talking about
you’d think with all the BS in DC it would be so much worse Washington DC has
taken great strides in the air quality Department in 2011 they had three red
days 12 orange days and a buttload of yellow so they’re moving in the right
direction it’s obviously not the best jet number seven Salt Lake City Utah
Salt Lake City is known for having the Great Salt Lake but it’s also known for
having brown skies and 6 coal power plants in the area these plants are
producing dangerous amounts of ozone pollution currently the city ranks is
one of the worst when it comes to smog pollution there’s this one power plant
called the Bonanza power plant that’s scheduled to be shut down in 11 years in
like 2030 so that’ll help out the air quality Salt Lake City Metro has
mountains and hills unlike three sides of it so it kind of keeps that smog
right there over the city by the way the word smog is a combination of the words
smoke and fog and it was first used in London in the late 1800s so the
bad air quality stuff isn’t new we just started realizing it was bad for you in
like the 1970s at least that’s how it seems
number six Las Vegas Nevada as if cars buses human regret and despair aren’t
bad enough for the air quality of Las Vegas you have for coal power plants
within Sin City a fifth power plant was closed within
the last several years make it a little bit better but still the American Lung
Association gives Las Vegas an F in high ozone days and an F in high particle
count with air similar to the air five feet behind a 72 Impala and the heat it
only makes things worse if you’re someone with sensitive lungs may be
living here isn’t the best idea on summer days flying into Las Vegas it’s
not a pretty sight you really hope the pilots looking at the instruments
because you know he can’t see the airport you punched through the clouds
you land you look out the window is your taxi to the terminal trying to figure
out where all this smog is coming from that’s when you see a bus traveling down
East sunset road with smoke billowing out of every crack it’s on its way to
perform at some reggae festival it’s crazy in Vegas number five New York New
York although New York has retired most of its coal power plants the city is
still suffering from the effects they’ve caused to the environment emissions for
vehicles aren’t helping improve the conditions either it is recommended that
you walk bike or take public transportation any place you go in the
city at the very least carpool the American Lung Association gives New York
City a big fat F in high ozone days but this should be expected it is a giant
city and it is very busy busy means all forms of transportation are happening on
a major scale New York City’s air quality will never
be good for anyone with sensitive lungs if you haven’t figured this one out
already on your own you have bigger problems
than sensitive lungs like maybe not enough oxygen is getting to your brain
or something like that because this one’s kind of obvious New York City has
bad air quality number four Houston Texas Houston has the worst air quality
in Texas although it only has one coal power plant
it’s the largest coal power plant in the state of Texas that’s not where the fun
ends in Houston if you go an hour south you have Texas City which has a giant
area of refineries and chemical plants that looks like a futuristic world in a
sci-fi movie that’s trying to suck the last ounce of
natural resources out of the planet before they just leave and give up on
the plant that’s what this area looks like the wind off the Gulf is forever
sending that crap towards Houston had enough wait there’s more just outside
and to the east of Houston you have another area similar to the one in Texas
City that is just dumping crap into the air Houston is also very spread out and
everyone drives everywhere they need to go they also have a strange amount of
uninsured drivers they all need to call Geico or a quote that’s from another
video let’s move on to the air quality Houston is in bad shape when it comes to
air quality all these things add up the Houston sucks if you have sensitive
lungs number three Denver Colorado Denver’s already a bad place for those
with sensitive lungs do the elevation however it gets worse when you consider
that the mile-high City has a failing grade where high ozone days on average
and particle pollution on average and yearly actually the annual report on
that once horrible also get away from Denver and you’ll find some of the best
air on the planet Denver is just bad for people with asthma COPD mesothelioma and
lung cancer far too many days throughout the year
are marked as moderate when it comes to air quality
like I said moderates not the best when you’re that high above sea level it’s
harsh number two Phoenix Arizona Phoenix carries the nickname the Valley of the
Sun and a lot of people think they should change it to something a little
more accurate like the valley the constant coughs constantly has poor air
quality ratings thanks in part to the coal power plants in the surrounding
counties thankfully though many are in the works of being shut down and
converted to natural gas let’s hope that works I mean theoretically it should the
sad truth about the Valley of the Sun is a lot of the air quality stats haven’t
changed since 1999 most major cities in the United States have made great
strides in air quality it’s like in Phoenix they didn’t believe
the smog thing was bad for you it’s almost like they were 1940s and 50s
American when they actually believed smoking was good for you or at least how
that’s how they dished it out to the general public the American Lung
Association gives Phoenix F’s in every air quality measurement they give EPS to
at least the valley the Sun is consistent so that’s good and number one
Los Angeles California the smog in Los Angeles is a thing of legend it’s like
some legendary beast that hovers over the Las
Angeles basin I mentioned this before but as a kid I was way into Godzilla in
my six-year-old brain I thought the smog was put there as a smokescreen to hide
the city from Godzilla I always figured it worked because he never showed up I
thought he was just wandering up and down the coast looking for Los Angeles
could never find it Los Angeles is known for having the
worst air quality in the country they’ve had them for years being surrounded by
mountains having millions of cars idling on the freeways every day throw in a
couple refineries and the heat of Southern California you have a horrible
place for air quality the American Lung Association gives them so many FS if you
tried to read the report out loud people would think you have a stutter to make
matters worse there’s frequently forest fires like actually today they’ve got
major one outside Los Angeles and one up in the wine country great sunsets when
you have a forest fire but the air quality drops through the floor I mean
worse than it normally is on a daily basis in general it’s just a bad idea to
pick up a mortgage in the hills around Los Angeles alright so that is my top 10
worst cities for smog or air quality I’m not sure what I’m gonna call this one
yet hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it you know
your lungs are probably the most sensitive thing in your body and when
you’re just inhaling constant bad air quality it’s it’s worse than a lot of
things that people are doing it’s really bad anyway don’t forget all the links
below give this video a big thumbs up leave me a comment tell me you thought
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a video coming out everybody have a great day be nice to each other you

100 thoughts on “Top 10 worst cities for Smog! Air quality losers”

  1. What does "old folks" with glaucoma have to do with bad air quality? I'm a senior citizen with early-stage glaucoma and it's nothing to joke about or make fun of. 😡

  2. Salt Lake City is especially bad during the winter, though it can get bad during the summer fire season as well. Not only does the city have coal plants, there are multiple oil refineries in the area. On top of that, inversion occurs, trapping the pollution along the Wasatch Front. You only realize how bad it is during the winter when you go up to the local ski resorts and you see the giant cloud of pollution swamping the city.

  3. I lived in Redondo Beach in the 80's & the smog in LA then was God-awful, especially towards San Bernadino & Riverside where it would get quite Brown, it isn't near as bad as it was in the 70's & 80's, just watch some old "Rockford Files" or movies like "Blue Thunder" & you will see it at it's worst!

  4. Mr. Briggs: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the '60s, and remember days when my brother and were running around, and our lungs hurt—and we were like 10, so our lungs were good!
    Do you have any AQI from the '60s? I'm guessing they would have been way up in the 200s.

  5. On the other hand NYC is a lot better than it was when I was a kid. It used to take a couple days to get the film of filth off. It was a lot more fun when it was filthy though.

  6. I grew up in So Cal in the 70's and the air was worse back then you could taste the smog! When playing outside after school it would hurt to take a deep breath.

  7. How could you leave off Fairbanks? Just take a look at how bad it is there, especially in the dead of winter. A lot of wood stoves combined with heavy, cold air makes it a health hazard.

  8. I'm guessing that Jersey City is still worse than NYC. I had to leave JC decades ago because the air stank, made me dizzy and my allergies/asthma was making my life Hell. At the time NYC seemed a little better. In point of fact the high pollution zone likely extends outward from Manhattan for about 100 mi. in all directions, but worse on the West because of the ocean breezes. Thanks for another fantastic video Briggs!

  9. Here are my personal experiences with pollution:

    Atlanta: I remember going through Atlanta back in 1977. It was a normal hazy summer day there that day. I remember seeing a lot of factories there and also a lot of smoke beliching from them. I could've swear that day going through Atlanta, at least back then, was like going up the New Jersey Turnpike! The amount of smoke I saw that day there was MASSIVE! I then heard back in 1982 that Atlanta was the second most polluted city in the country. No shit! At least back then.

    Baltimore: I surpised Briggs you didn't include Baltimore on this list. I remember going to Orioles games there and one time I was up there my eyes were burning as soon as I got out of the van. The last couple of times I was in Baltimore though it wasn't bad so maybe the air quality there has improved. True? So readers the biggest problem in Baltimore is not crime it's POLLUTION! At least from what I have experienced.

    NYC and New Jersey: What can I say enough? I used to live in New Jersey and I remember riding in the car seeing the smog on the New Jersey Turnpike back in the early 70's when it was still smoggy but the days when the New Jersey Turnpike had it's famous pollution there, as I am sure everybody that's, like me, been there more recently will tell you, are long gone. That was in places like say Newark. I used to live in Ewing which is near Trenton and when I learned how to swim at the JCC there back during the summer of 1976 I never saw a hazy day there. However there were still issues. Whenever I used to see a truck or bus up ahead when I lived there the smell coming from the exaust will stay there. We also had the Pennington Steel Plant nearby which was just across the state line in Pennsylvania (still open today?) which caused some air quality issues on some days when we used to live in Ewing from 1974 to 1977.


    Richmond: I heard in the past there's been a lot of pollution there at least I think back in the 1970's and Richmond I remember was always in the top 10 on the EPA list at least back then. All the times I've been there though it wasn't bad. Now a days?

    Charlotte: I've been to Charlotte a lot over the years and I've seen the tremendous growth there since 1970 when my grandparents moved there. Is there more pollution there now since Charlotte has grown a lot? I haven't noticed. Readers?

    Readers I would like to see posts about your own personal experiences.

  10. my car's A/C didn't work when i was stuck in LA traffic one time. so, i rolled down my windows. bad idea. i felt like i was dying from breathing in pure carbon dioxide from the idling cars around me. terrible experience.

  11. Missoula is officially an "air stagnation zone". Being it has the highest suicide rate in the nation and as of 2018 was awarded worst drivers in the USA 4 years in a row…it should at least get a mention.

  12. Yay cough, cough, hack, hack, sneeze wheeze and runny, itchy noses galore…I live at the beach in Santa Monica where the air quality is ALLEGEDLY better. I really want to laugh at that joke, but I'll go into convulsive coughing fits if I laugh too hard. Ahh-choo! We're Number1 woo!

  13. I lived in Glendora , California as a kid during the '50s and 60s and experienced L.A. smog from time to time.
    Glendora is 27 miles from L.A. and I remember that the smog would burn your eyes.

  14. Guessing in no particular order: Denver, Phoenix, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Albuquerque, Tucson, Houston, Dallas, and Detroit.

  15. briggs i cant understand why people and state govt in C.A build houses in historic fire ranges were the santa anta winds come in every year and like burn 500 or 600 house boggles my mind why would any one live in a fire range?????????

  16. LA is number one followed by other California cities as well as Chicago, Houston tx, and Gary Indiana

  17. And yet in Los Angeles the 10 billion 2 stroke leaf blowers and weed whackers are totally ok, because they don't pollute AT ALL!!!! But I am expected to drive an electric car or a damn PRIUS!

  18. Surprised Houston isn’t #1 or #2. Have lived here my entire life and have COPD despite being a non-smoker.

    Extremely surprised Denver is ranked above Houston…and now shocked scared because I’m working on a work transfer there

  19. He didnt elaborate the SLC one, our air quality is crisp and spectacular through the summer and spring, but through late fall and winter it gets worse and almost horrible because of the inversion and cold air which acts as a trap and so do the mountains, so yeah be careful through the winter in SLC, though snowstorms relieve it

  20. Surprised SF or Seattle isn't on this list… and other than here, I hear the valley effect much like SLC has been negatively affecting Boise's air in recent years… but I may see for myself soon enough…

  21. I'm surprised Boise, Idaho didn't make the list. Boise sits in a valley and is surrounded by mountains. During the winter it is prone to inversions which is when the air is filled with car fumes, smoke from lots of wood burning stoves, and some factory output fumes. The air stays that way until a storm finally comes through the valley and clears it up. During the summer the air gets filled with smoke from surrounding forest fires. The air has been bad enough sometimes that the schools have had to have indoor recess. There are some times when the air quality is good. Those times are called Spring and Autumn, but even those times have some iffy days.

  22. The biggest contributors in Phoenix are #1 vehicle pollution (ozone) #2 particle pollution caused by construction Construction companies that are building new housing by law are supposed to water down the soil so debris from construction doesn't cause the soil to get airborne. Still, many construction companies ignore this law. Dust storms also cause particle pollution. Please also note that while there are some coal powered generating stations in Arizona (I agree, they should all be closed), none of them are within 200 miles of Phoenix so they are not a major contributor to Phoenix air pollution.

  23. I’m not surprised about Southern California with all the wildfires the whole state is terrible about California in the wildfires Is Chicago in North West Indiana is terrible with the steel mills

  24. I found myself coughing during this video. Not sure why.
    Didn't they used to send people with lung problems to Arizona years ago?

  25. Now you know why Californians are not all there I'm a truck driver been there seen it i live in midwest don't have shit like they have there bad aur trash every where homeless so quit trying to change our way of life fix just yours and shut the f up

  26. Hope you have some success in getting people to leave my state. There are too many of you here. So if you don't like it here stop crying and complaining and start packing. That LA smog is caused by too many cars on our roads. So haters please leave because that will result in less cars on the road. That's a win/win for both sides. The one thing you will hear is that a dwindling middle class will result in less tax revenue to run the fifth biggest economy in the world. That's not completely true because less people means less wear and tear on infrastructure, less pollution and litter and less crime. And since we are overtaxed already then that overage amount will account for much of the difference. I think throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water is stupid. Just like trump suing the state because we pass laws to reduce pollution. We passed a law here to mandate all cars get 45 miles per gallon. Trump wants 21 miles per gallon. Which of those two measures will reduce auto exhaust? Not a damn thing wrong with California that cannot be corrected with a high pressure hose and a few strokes of the pen in Sacramento. There are a boatload of problems in California. There is also a boatload of potential. Please let yourself out. The only question l have for you Mr. Briggs is how long before you delete this simply because it doesn't agree with your assessment. Have a great day.

  27. The air quality in L.A. was worse in the '70s and early '80s when a lot vehicles still ran on leaded fuel. L.A also had smog alerts in those days. First stage smog alert, your eyes begin to water. Second stage, you begin to wheeze. Third stage, you go the the nearest cemetery you can hear coughing.

  28. London 1940 something. I know you do vids of states, but I also know you're curious and there were some polution days back then that were melting hosiery off of the legs of women as they walked about town!!!! keep 'em comin' & I'll stop typing.

  29. Next video idea

    Reasons why you shouldn’t live
    God your so rude
    You must live in heaven to have the right to criticize everything

  30. I agree. With the freaking wildfires right outside Los Angeles and in the wine country, most days in L.A. are downright horrible for air quality. So Briggs, why'd you say in a prior list that air quality is one of the things that sucks about living in GA, like Atlanta gives out a daily smog warning that is said to be worse than L.A.? I know you're from L.A., and that you found that hard to believe. Just because someone commented that people throw stuff out on the highway, and not only that, but also that traffic sucks all over GA, but Atlanta and the surrounding areas have it the worst? I've been through Atlanta, GA in downright horrible traffic on a road trip on the way to and back from Daytona Beach, Florida in 2010, but I've hardly ever paid attention to the air quality there. They only had slight alerts this past summer. Atlanta's also in the freaking Piedmont Plateau not too far south of freaking mountains. Definitely not moving to Atlanta, GA for traffic or air quality!

  31. On the other hand, Honesdale, Pennsylvania has water pollution from free fracking. But people are abandoning northeastern Pennsylvania to drugs and lawless communities and gray shirts. So maybe this will change things.

  32. Reggae music is awesome. Yes people smoke but some just love the music. The jokes had me laughing though so you won me over.

  33. Hi!! Can you pleeeeeeeease do a top 10 reasons to move to Colorado or a best places to live in Colorado?? We're military and my husband retires in 3 years and were trying to figure out where we want to go (originally from northern California but avoiding that place like the plague 😔) Colorado Springs SEEMS perfect with the big corporations that are located there (my husband already has dealings and contacts with some) it has the weather that I'm desperate to get back to (mountains and snow) and we'd still have access to the military bases (commissary, exchange /px…) we also have to young boys (6&7 currently) and the average spent per student in CS so just below average, which is better than here in Pensacola FL. It also seems like there's some pretty good eats there as well, again unlike here… So if all sounds great but the reviews I'm reading do NOT done good at all 😔😔 I really really need help and I'd appreciate any that you're willing to give. I trust you😊😊♥️ thank you so much for your time and effort with all your videos!

  34. hi, il ove your vid series ! you and nick johnson both make great and fun videos about states and cities !!

    you should do a video of the top 10 state where people swear or cuss the most…. and a vid of top 10 or so states where people sear or cuss the least

  35. Thank you for putting Denver on this list. It's so true, I moved here from Miami, FL and the air is so much worse. The brown cloud comes a few times per year, you can see the smog blocking the mountains, it's just not good. Dry air sucks for your skin too…… I'll go back to South Florida next year! 😑

  36. How about the most corrupt cities, counties, or states in US?
    Unless of course, you don’t want them coming after you.
    This topic could either keep you busy for years or get you shutdown.

  37. sure it wasnt mentioned because of how close they are but Long Beach for sure ties with LA on this one if not worse being next to the ports and San Pedro

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