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before there was this there was this welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Sega Master System games while we all know Sega for the Genesis and a certain blue hedgehog we will be taking a look at what came before that Sega's foray into 8-bit gaming and their first attempt at dethroning Nintendo we will not be including games that were ported from the Genesis to the Master System so that Hedgehog we mentioned will not be on this list number 10 fantasy zone an invading army a space adventure and a sentient spaceship with the name that sounds like a neo pack this game puts players in the control of Opa Opa an adorable ship that's off to stop the evils of planet men on in this brightly colored side-scrolling shooter this day and age were used to seeing some shooters with cute kirby s backgrounds but back in the 80s we didn't expect something so colorful to be about blasting your enemies away in a rapid-fire stream of bullets number nine East the banished omen something wonderful happened with video games in 1987 they started to sell stories beyond what was written in the instruction booklet that's not to say that video games had no story up until then we did need a reason to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom after all but the thing that makes games like Mario memorable is the gameplay games like our number nine pick here are memorable for everything gameplay character plot and other components that people at the time thought were only capable with movies and books number eight psycho Fox once upon a time animal heroes were everywhere in video games bats cats squirrels and hedgehogs there wasn't a woodland creature under the Sun that didn't get a go in this case we have a fox who can use a shinto stick to shape-shift into a hippo a monkey or a tiger as if that weren't enough animals there is a feathered ally in the fox's quest named bird fly yep he's named after what he is and what he can do we we weren't the best at naming things back then number 7 shinobi who doesn't love ninjas they're stealthy they're highly skilled and they do that whole running across rooftops with the moon serving as a backdrop thing one of gaming's most well known ninjas is ryu hayabusa of ninja gaiden but before that there was another ninja on the scene Sega's Joe Musashi before we were getting frustrated with the NES ninjas adventures we were on a quest to save the children of Musashi's clan from the criminal organizations heed number 6 zillion in a time where video games were bouncing back from a huge crash in 1983 there seemed to be a bit of an extra risk to everything that was being released this game went a step further by being based on anime video game adaptations based on anime aren't too surprising now but back then anime was still a new form of entertainment for places outside of Japan so we have to give this space adventure platformer major points for taking that chance number 5 operation wolf operation whoa what's better than dumping quarters into a classic arcade machine dumping quarters into one that lets you use a gun controller the year was yes 1997 when gamers were introduced to Special Forces operative Roy Adams and trekked with him across different stages on a mission to rescue hostages the theft and praying the hostages the game was a huge success making it inevitable that it would soon hit home consoles sadly most ports of the game didn't use any sort of gun controller fortunately for Sega Master System owners it sport was the exception number four our type you know when they say that games were harder back in the day this is what they mean this game worked like most side-scrolling shoot-'em-up s– however it's insane difficulty level set it apart from others like it not only did you have to worry about enemies on the screen but the stages would have a correct way to get through them this was before the time of walkthroughs and FA cues so the only way to learn was to get lucky or fail and try again number three wonderboy three dragons trap you know when you begin a game fully powered only to have it taken away welcome to the third installment of Wonder Boy up until this point our hero has saved his girlfriend from an evil king and has taken on a dastardly dragon this game picks up right where the second game left off where Wonder Boy slays that dragon only to be turned into lizard man lose all of his equipment and most of his health whoops number 2 Alex Kidd in miracle world before Sega's mascot was a speedy blue hedgehog it was this kit spelled with two DS for optimal coolness while there are several installments of the kit franchise the first game is still hailed as one of the best ones in the series which made the fact that it was included in all Master System consoles internally all the sweeter platforming adventure unlike any other Alex sets out to save the land from the evil Jenkin with the almighty power of punching the crap out of things you gotta love an 8-bit hero who can punch rocks into pieces before we shut down our Master System let's give it a proper send-off with these honorable mentions number 7 fantasy star we told you 1987 was a good year for video games this game was released just two days after Final Fantasy and is known as one of the pioneers of the traditional RPG format with its overworld maps interactive towns immersive dungeons and of course random battle encounters but what really set it apart was how great it looked since it used graphical technology that no one believed could be done oh and it had a female protagonist something else that was pretty rare back then do you agree with our list which Sega Master game makes you want to pull your console out of the closet and boot it up again for more retro top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

44 thoughts on “Top 10 Sega Master System Games”

  1. LOL, Not including "Ports" of Genesis games. Every entry of the Sonic The Hedgehog series on the Master System was entirely different from its Genesis counterpart — with completely different level design. A Top 10 List of Master System games without a Sonic Game — is not actually a Top 10 List of Master System games. BTW, Zillion and Operation Wolf weren't particularly good games — much less Top 10 worthy games.

  2. The narrator had “7” on the brain, as in “1987,” haha! We all knew that Phantasy Star would be #1, didn’t we?

  3. I had (still have) most of these for my launch Master System. That excludes Sonic the Hedgehog as I had a Sega Genesis in Christmas of '89. I practically gave up the 8-bit gaming and became a huge die hard gamer when I received my Genesis.

    Before that however, I had both the Nes and Master System (still do). I know Mario and Nintendo were what most people loved the most during the 8-bit consoles heyday…not me. I did love the Mario games but Sega was my goto for everything. I remember my best friend at the time was a huge Nintendo guy. His mother literally bought him anything he wanted and he would get at least two games a week. Bad grades…here son have a game, got suspended…it's okay have some games, get caught stealing a game from Wal-Mart…it's fine I will buy it for you (he turned out to be a very bad person later in life and I have nothing to do with him anymore).

    At any rate, he would get the latest game and I would play test it and generally get it for my Master System if it was available. I remember blowing his mind with games like Rampage, Rastan, Miracle Warriors, Fantasy Zone 1+2, and Double Dragon on the Master System too name a few. The superior hardware in the Master System really helped it shine. Man…I miss those days. 😉

    Alex Kidd was not included with most Master System. Most came with either Safari Hunt and Hang On or Safari Hunt and Astro Warriors depending on which version of the machine you had (they all came with Snail Maze as a hidden game as well). Sega did not start packing Alex Kidd until 1988, after the Mega Drive was on sale in Japan.

  4. Sonic 2 for the Sega Master System was released a full month prior to its Mega Drive counterpart, so aside from the fact that it is a totally unique game, how on earth could it be considered a MD port?

  5. I have no idea how people come up with such unprepared videos nowadays? You put the worst games out there and called them top 10! You know that Sega kept releasing SMS games until 1995! Where are Sonic 1 and 2? Where is Streets of Rage? Where is Ninja Gaiden? Where is Gain Ground?????

  6. I like how everyone is posting the same thing in regards to the sonic games not being ports as if it hasn't been said already. Seriously, why make a comment like that when there is already a whole comment board already filled with the same comment?

  7. It's not o(puh). It's o-(pow pow). Check Red photon zillion anime.
    The game that's #6 on your list.
    This was the original Sega mascot if I'm correct.

  8. Asterix. Alex Kidd in Shinobi. Battle Out Run. After Burner. Enduro Racer. The Lucky Dime Caper. Wimbledon.

  9. I like how they say 'no ports', and include Operation Wolf and Shinobi, obvious ports, and exclude Sonic games which aren't ports, … maybe the green hill zone music was ported, ….. whatever you call number 7, anyways.. I tried to find a way to find a reference, the year, the number of Phantasy Star games,…. nothing, number 7 is "Top 10 worst watchmojo mistakes" material .. XD

  10. Operation wolf when game was over and he was carrying pow I would walk away and my mind would be heavy cause there is American pow's needing my help there goes the lunch money

  11. I actually said Phantasy Star has to be #1 but I think Golvellius should had been at least a honorable mention!

  12. The Sonic game you showed of at 0:40 was not a port, it was a different game.
    Wonder Boy 3 should be #1
    Land of Illusion should be on this list as should Asterix.
    Alex Kidd was only pre-installed on Master System II model.

  13. My Picks

    HM: Action Fighter, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Choplifter, Great Baseball, Astro Warrior, Enduro Racer, Space Harrier, After Burner, Rescue Mission, Outrun, Double Dragon

    10. Fantasy Zone 3: The Maze
    9. Golden Axe Warrior
    8. Gollevious Valley of Doom
    7. Quartet
    6. Fantasy Zone
    5. Alex Kidd: Shinobi World
    4. Wonder Boy in Monster Land
    3. R-Type
    2. Phantasy Star
    1. Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap

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