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some people flex their Lamborghinis their nice house I flex my book collection today we're going over the top 10 ideas from a hundred and fifty seven books its Clark with refusing to settle let's go refuse errs welcome back to the channel we help millennial entrepreneurs make passive income refuse a nine-to-five and earn your freedom now as this year comes to an end so sad I had a good year hope you did as well thought it'd be fun to look back on the past couple years in our 10 best idea series now this channel wouldn't be what it is without the series it brought a lot of you here it's how you found out about refusing to settle and it has a special place in my heart put a lot of blood sweat and tears into them so here are the 10 biggest points the 10 best points from all those books and a nice little compilation for you now a couple things before we launch into this end-of-the-year special two things actually first is I'll have all the resources linked in the description as well as where you can get some of these books down below the second is that if you want any of these books for free get the audible version in the description below you get a free audiobook with your trial using our affiliate link in the description below thanks again for watching this series I hope this video is a treat or that you can put it on relax and get some good ideas out of this so without further ado here are the 10 best ideas from 157 books the first profile is Derek Siver's this man sold CD Baby the online music store or distribution company whatever you label it for over 22 million dollars but one of the best things he said the quotable that really just I laughed my ass off when I heard it is if information were the answer we'd all be billionaires walking around with six-pack ABS love that basically saying like look it's not enough to just read it's not enough to know we have to do he also gives a story that I absolutely love don't be a donkey the hell does that mean the donkey is standing in between a bucket of hay and a bucket of water he keeps looking left and right hey water hey water not knowing which one to go for ends up dying of thirst and starvation right there in the middle because the donkey didn't realize that if he went to the water and drank he'd have enough time plenty of time lifetimes to go back to the hay and eat so he got overwhelmed and just stood there because he couldn't make up his mind he didn't see that he could do one and then the other we can't be that donkey you know oftentimes we give ourselves false choices we say should I go to college or not and we don't realize that we have time to do both you do have time to go to college and then pursue entrepreneurship or traveling or whatever I did the exact same thing or we say should I quit my job or become an entrepreneur let's use let's keep going with this we don't realize that you can do both you don't be the donkey in the middle choosing between a and B you can start a job part time and do entrepreneurship part time and sometimes that's the most successful way because you have steady income coming in and you're also pursuing your passion and you're more driven because you go to work every day thinking I don't wanted to do this forever and so that's a great way you don't go crazy because you have all this time and nothing's catching on catching on catching on this false choice between should I do A or B try and see the middle path try and say why not both and stop giving yourself false choices love that story begin with the end in mind Stephen Covey has the exercise called the funeral exercise sounds morbid I promise it is very beneficial and actually positive picture this you're walking into a church or Cathedral and you see everyone dressed in black you realize it's a funeral and so you walk up to the front row and you look at people around you and you know all these different people you start to scratch your head and say what's going on here so you walk up to the casket you look in and you realize it's your funeral that's a shock so you look at the brochure that you were handed and you see that there are four speakers at your funeral there's someone from your family there's someone from your work there's someone from your friends and there's someone from your community now the exercise he gives with beginning with the end in mind what do you want those four people to say about you at your funeral basically saying that look if you were gone today what do you want your life to say about you well it's a good idea to begin with that in mind and start acting like you want your life to be one day today so for it for example you know if you want your kids to get up there and say he was the best father he always made time for me where he played catch with me every Sunday or he was a great husband if that's your wife or whomever you got to start acting like that today otherwise it's not gonna happen likewise if you want your coworker to get up there and say he was the hardest-working person at the office or he always had a sense of direction well we can do that today and begin with the end in mind so what do you want your life to look like 10 years down the road 15 years down the road 30 years down the road and if you start today implementing some of those things like you want to be a fit person for example in 15 years you want to be there for your kids well if you you know if you eat Cheetos and pop-tarts you're not gonna be that fit person but if you exercise do do your kale salads do your smoothies or protein shakes what have you that's gonna get you to where you want to be because you have the end in mind macro first micro so I was out drinking with my friends one night and my girlfriend and this one guy I'll never forget he sits down at our booth and joins our table he slams his drink down and he's super belligerent and crazy and he just said one thing he's like guys I got it these minutes were spending right now turn into days and the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months months years years decades and that's your life he finishes his drink gets up and walks away now I've never had the combo of Jack Daniels in such prolific advice hand in hand so there's a first time for everything I hate to admit it stuck with me it's that these day-to-day decisions that we don't think much of influence us on the big picture that what you're doing right now watching this video is your life that's where it is and where I was going with this is in the book Gary Vaynerchuk comes on and he gives macro verse micro that he says look everyone's worried about what do they do in the next 20 years of their life what am I gonna do when I'm 40 what am I gonna do when I'm 50 is my life gonna be on track well I have accomplished all this stuff and we can kind of that term mental masturbation where we takin all these ideas all these books all this knowledge and we just consume consume consume but we don't act and he says look let's flip that who cares what you're doing in 20 years from now focus on what you're doing right now the day to day and if we analyze that I can guarantee that you're watching four hours of Netflix every night and checking your Instagram feed 20 times a day that's the micro that's gonna make up the macro or as the drunk guy put it those are the days the weeks that are gonna make up the years the decades Gary also says that I'm not even worried about the macro because I'm squeezing every single second out of these seconds I know that when that macro hits if I keep squeezing the micro it's gonna all fall into place yes you do have to plan for the big-picture stuff you can write visions for your life you can set goals that are five years out but you have to focus on the micro execution and the macro picture this is the idea of polarity I read this book when I was 18 and this one concept really opened my eyes to the viewpoints of the world that has stuck with me ever since and that is the concept of polarity if you look at everything there's night and day there's hot and cold there's East and West there's up and down north-south fill-in-the-blank well there's masculine and feminine and these are two energies at play and just like you have a positive side of a magnet and a negative side of the magnet they attract each other together and the more charged they are the stronger the attraction is now masculine feminine energy does not mean male and female you can have a very feminine male attracted to a very masculine female you see that a lot or vice versa you can have a very masculine man to a very feminine woman but whatever the opposite is you will be attracted to based on how strong their charges and this is really great stuff because once we identify that look it's two halves that make up whole oftentimes you know with polarities and life all around us with polarities inside of a relationship we can start learning from the other person in their perspective for example if you're in a relationship you know I'm a pretty I'd say balanced man in terms of energies on polarity scale but if you're like me you don't often have that extreme feminine side viewpoints so I'm in a relationship like with my current girlfriend she's able to see things way more clearer or differently than I am from my very logical left lane left-sided brain it's just really cool to have two different viewpoints together that can broaden your perspective so this book's all about using those polarities that north-south male/female Hawk hold night/day the two halves that make up a whole and growing more together in a relationship and bringing out that side of your partner and growing more together than you could alone because at the end of the day if you can grow more alone than with the person you're with you shouldn't be in that relationship first off and then second there's no point to it what's the point of being in a relationship if you can't grow together so that's what this books about is Dancing with that polarity dancing with the tension of the masculine energy and the feminine energy which sometimes operate in completely different ways not right or wrong just as different as night and day and how do we dance with that how do we understand it better so ultimately we can grow more together this profile is on wim HOF the Iceman awesome awesome guy he holds over 20 world records mostly pertaining to ice and cold exposure he climbed Mount Everest past the Death Zone where you know I don't know what the percentage is off the top my head of people died you know what he did it in and Intuit in the Canada Goose jackets or the oxygen tanks or you know what most people go up on I was like North Face just decked out head-to-toe insulation he did it in just shorts actually had the pleasure of interviewing wim so I was doing my research and looking at his world records and he had one for an ice-bath think it was one hour and 58 minutes was his time I asked him I said Wynn why did she just do two hours that would have been way better his response was oh so I can do it for an hour and 59 next time break the record and then two hours and break the record he knew he had it in the bag so he just wanted to one-up it by a minute every time it's kind of a publicity good strategy whim anyway he went over the breathwork strategy he does to get himself in state for doing deep dive underwater below dozens of feet of ice or summoning Mount Everest he teaches people how to do his strategies and uses methods so here's a clip of him doing the actual breath work with me and you can do it along if you want to in this video just do it just do it Clark we do it for one minute uh-huh and then you will be able to stay without air in the lungs for two minutes okay I'm gonna time it all right all right yes yeah just follow the ho and copy clock okay all right I got a stopwatch here okay I'm gonna show you the principle mm-hmm okay there we go man okay I'm ready yeah relax okay good deeply in once again deeply oh let it go deeply and let it go and deeply there you go keep on doing this keep on doing this you become lightheaded loosen the body that's okay that's the oxygen beginning to roam freely throughout the body keep on keep on deeply I'm just explaining the people at home what happens the carbon dioxide goes out now oxygen begins to roam freely throughout the body pH levels go up and when the pH levels go up they then you don't need to breathe anymore and we will show it we will show a piece of magical physiology just keep up last time yeah thanks for la deeply air and let it go and let it go and deeply here oh there we go yes unlights had it loosen the body tingling whatever you feel intense feeling geologists paleo physiology yes into it three more and deeply letting go and knowing you know breathing shut your mouth and relax just relax the oxygen in the body is has risen the pH levels so you don't need to breathe and we show all the world that the magic of the physiology is happening and it brings you right in the deeper parts of the brain right now you feel like peace this goes up to cell level and relax you don't need to think just get into whatever you sense just be there just Whitney the physiology paleo physiology right on so you passed one minute now and still without air in the logs it's because the PD chemistry is right 115 and still aren't going on 30 those are reflexes conditioning a conditioned reflexes on 40 you're getting there 45 reflexes 150 almost two minutes right on good dude good man and I'll press a little bit to work the Hat you feel great Wow man being in the play man then we go and it's all gonna happen oh my goodness oxygen bringing it back to control of the right pH levels in the blood Wow and that things happen things happen in the depth of the brain and the body alright refuses were halfway through those are the five ideas so far just a quick reminder if you like this leave a thumbs up drop it subscribe if you're not already and I'll have all the resources mentioned in the link below as well as where you can get these books or book for free with a trial of audible this is what I use it's one of the four apps on my phone because I use it so much at the bottom there do it when I'm out walking I do it when I'm at the gym when I'm commuting places it's cool we can turn idle time into time we're stimulating your mind where you're learning readers are leaders I love that saying and the more you learn the more you earn so no matter what you want to learn you know whether it's self development whether it's business with its market relationships anything like that there's books on it and we cover them on this channel but audible is what I use my more my favorite apps and it just again you know I'm an auditory learner so I learn best that way so I'm able to take it on a walk and instead of just sitting here reading for hours which I get antsy or you know I'll check my phone or go on Instagram and totally derail my reading session I can remove the distractions I can get exercise fresh air and I can take the book to go and you can put out 1.5 speed all that good stuff that's in the link below get your free book now figure out your Epiphany people don't care what you know until they know what you care so you got to know your story you got to know your epiphany and Brendon Burchard said that is the moment when you got to fill in the blank and that is the moment blank you're gonna be an expert whether it's in the health field the diet field the self growth field whatever the business field you got to know that moment because that's how we connect with each other's new stories right so you got to know yours down and I was thing about like my Epiphany store and a lot of you on this channel you know it right like I graduated college I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life I read all these books they you know I was applying stuff and I was like why doesn't this work within one month of graduating college I had to move back into my mom's basements I was 40 K in debt my long-term girlfriend broke up with me and basically handed me a book that said how to get your together um said you know I was crazy for my entrepreneurial dreams that were never gonna work I got super depressed I got super low more than depressed I was frustrated because I was trying so many different businesses or things online or opportunities that we have around us and nothing was working I was like is it me because I'm doing everything right bought a one-way ticket and I went to Southeast Asia to travel and backpack I was obsessed with like designing that 4-hour workweek style of living where it's lifestyle design you know you work when you want when you want as much as you want I wasn't afraid of work I just wanted something to invest in that would be bigger and bigger year and year after year much like yourself watching this on this channel right I remember sitting at Angkor Wat it was 4:00 a.m. it was at the sunrise and that was the moment when I saw the Sun come up and I just hit me like that like I saw the Sun rising up and it was like this untapped potential it's like what I represented this this is a giant endless ball of energy that was untapped that you could just tap into as long as you knew what it was and it would just it just brightened everything up and I realized I had that within myself that yeah I was trying everything but I still had all this untapped potential and so that right then is when I started to refuse to settle I refused to settle for a life that I wasn't proud of I refused to settle for relationships that weren't fulfilling I refused to settle for holding myself back and being my own critic in my head not to brag but I've achieved pretty much every single thing I've wanted and more you know I have a six-figure business now of where I help people super cool people I get to interact with and and help and serve them I'm a pro drummer for one of my favorite bands growing up I get the tour and play festivals for like six months out of the year I everything's on the up 10 up uptick with what I'm doing and how I want to grow I get to travel to wherever I want to go on my off time or work from wherever I want in the world but all along the way it was just refusing to settle and tapping into that untapped potential so that is my epiphany story and that was the moment when the big take away there for you is figure out what your story is because that's how you kind of story selling is the new thing in and this year and next year and and and in years beyond as we connect through stories to illustrate the next two points I want to tell you a story that he talks about in this book in Egyptian pharaoh summons his two young nephews chuma and our xuer and he commissioned them to a majestic task build two monumental pyramids as a tribute to Egypt upon completion of each nephews pyramid pharaoh promises immediate lavish retirement and all the riches they could want both Touma and Arzu who are 18 know that this is a huge task and will take pretty much a lifetime awnser gets to work straightaway he even gets a trainer because these rocks are so strong and he needs to stack them he goes on stacking the foundation in about a month he's got a pretty good one going but when you look at two months pyramid his land is empty Asura is leads ahead of him confused Asura visits Touma's house and finds him working on this big elaborate contraption that looks like a torture device he says to moe what are you doing don't you know that our goal is to work on a pyramid tomber responds with a smile and says I am working on my pyramid Asura continues to labor at his pyramid every single day but the rocks get heavier and heavier as the foundation starts getting closer towards the top he needs more muscle to lift them so he hires a trainer and get the bigger muscles so he can lift more and more stones tomb on the other hand is still not to be seen he's still in his house and his land is still barren then one day 20 years later chumma rolls this big machine out and starts picking up the rocks and laying them down the machines doing all the work for him all he has to do is crank the lever and put the stone where he wants Asura on the other hand is still struggling still training still using manual labor to build his pyramid and in a matter of three years Touma's pyramid is complete and he reaps the rewards for twenty years to come now he can relax now he can take time and go on the beach now he can surf the Mediterranean now he can do whatever he wants because his work is done and he now has the riches now I love that story what that illustrates is that so many of us are trying to muscle our way and this is the slow lane mentality that save 10% of everything you make for 40 years and you'll be rich right get a job with good benefit all this stuff over here go to school for 20 years work for 40 and then retire for 20 the best years of your life that's the slow lane mentality the fast lane mentality is building contraptions to build your pyramid for you so you don't have to muscle your way there these contraptions are businesses passive income assets things that put money in your pocket that do the work for you this is the fast lane and that's what the books about how do you build these contraptions over here so you don't have to muscle your way to success it's not saying it's not going to be work in fact I think it's Abraham Lincoln has the quote along the lines of if I had seven hours to chop down the tree had spent six of them sharpening the saw Stephen Covey tells that story in his book seven Habits of Highly Effective People pretty much similar morals there of one person going to work chopping down a tree non-stop non-stop and Abraham Lincoln's sharpening his saw over here but then with the sharper saw easier to cut down the tree so for you it's gonna require a lot of mental work to figure out that contraption device like chew Moe was doing in his in his Hut for twenty years then at the end his pyramid– almost built itself your wealth tax in the book there's a story that's really moving it's Ave UPS worker he never made over $14,000 to his name a guy comes to him and says I'm gonna make you rich he said what are you talking about I work at UPS like I don't make over 14 grand the guy said that doesn't matter what I'm gonna do from this day forward is I'm gonna put a wealth tax on you it's twenty percent the UPS worker wasn't too happy but he adjusted so he committed and saved twenty percent of every paycheck year after year he put every bonus into his wealth tax year after year now this was hard required sacrifice cuz he didn't make much but by age ninety he retired do you know how much he retired with over seventy million dollars that is the true story of Paul Theodore Jones illustrating that to really get rich to be financially unshakeable well-off we need two things discipline and time a lot of people say I can't invest cuz I don't have money both they don't realize is they don't have money because they're not investing what you and I need to do right now do we need to commit to putting a wealth tax on us to make ourselves better in the future by setting systems in place today the next point is EBS I these are the four things that we can be in life and I'll throw up a chart right here on EBS I the stands for employee business owner self-employed or investor and these are the four possible paths for us we can be a mix of all four so starting with employee basically you have a job and you use your you use your time to generate money business owner you got some leverage there you get people to work for you and they generate your cash self-employed again it's it's a it's a job you own a job so you're still trading your time for money and then investor you own investments your money works for you so Robert says that we should be in the B or the I class if we want to become wealthy you don't have to be the next Bill Gates you can invest in Bill Gates all right so finding ways to invest in like the stock market or index funds finding ways if you want to be a business owner maybe buy an existing business how do you do that maybe saving up enough money to get a down payment on that so I'm not gonna go over those strategies in there but those are the four possible things that we can be and he basically says look if you want to become wealthy you can't be an employee and self-employed you stuff to trade your time for it for the most part so focus on being a business owner or an investor and that's gonna get you on the path to becoming wealthy now let me tell you the next idea and we'll put it right here but first I want to tell you a story about this guy that's a little fish for you it's fishing for happiness and this story is so powerful I actually folded it up I tore it out of the 4-hour workweek book and I folded it up and I carried it in my wallet with me actually let me show you it's in the very very back right here it's all ratty see that it survived a lot survives many Southeast Asia trips and why did I carry this because this story is so powerful and it goes like this the short version of the story is this an American businessman took a vacation to a small coastal Mexican village upon doctor's orders unable to sleep from an urgent phone call the first morning he went out to the pier to clear his head a small boat with just one fisherman a docked the American complimented the man on the quality of his fish how long did it take you to catch this tuna the American ass only a little while the Mexican replied why don't you stay out longer and catch more fish said the American I have enough to support my family give it a few to my friends the Mexican said as he unloaded them into the basket the American asks but what do you do with the rest of your time torch the Mexican replied I sleep late fish a little play with my children take a siesta with my wife Julia and stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my amigos I have a full and busy life Senora the american laughed and said tall and said sir I am a Harvard MBA and can help you you should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds buy a bigger boat in no time you'd have a whole fleet of fishing boats you'd control processing distribution manufacturing you make tons of money way more than you're doing now you'd have to lead this village of course and move to Mexico City then LA and finally New York where you could grow your expanding enterprise with proper management Mexican fishermen looks up and asks but then what that's the best part when the time is right you'll announce IPO you'll sell your company and make millions you will become very rich millions then one sooner to which the American replied then you can move to a small Mexican coastal fishing village or you could sleep late fish a little play through kids take a siesta through wife Julia and stroll into town each morning or you could sip wine and play a guitar with your amigos so do you see the irony there that's why I love this story but the doctors thought was freedom the fisherman had all along you know sometimes we just work and we work and we work and we work trying to get somewhere like this Holy Grail one day so we can avoid it all together right sometimes that's why people in this channel they say I want to make money so I don't have to work ever again well they're trying to escape something and the irony is that if you're working to escape something chances are you're not going to be successful the true passion comes down to when you can't wait to do this passion thing and finding a way to make an income with it there you go refuses those are the 10 of best ideas from 157 books they you so much for watching and being on this channel and making the book summary series so so successful I hope that's not braggadocious to say but you know it's the thing that brought a lot of you here and it's well big reason why this channel got to where was so thank you for watching and supporting those we'll have some more in the future and yeah just remember all the links are in the description below if you want any of these books or you like these ideas they're linked down there those are affiliate links so they help support this channel as well thank you for an amazing year I'll see you back here next year and until then stop settling start living see ya

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  1. 1) Choose something meaning do NOT be indecisive
    2) What do you want someone from work, a friend, a family member and someone from your community to say about you at your funeral.
    3) minutes you spend now turn into mins which turn into days, days into months and then years, years decades and that is your life. focus on what you are doing right now.
    4) Polarity – the idea that everything has an opposite. +/- , hot/cold. Use the polarities of masculine and feminine to grow in your relationships otherwise, you shouldn't be in that relationship.
    5) Do breath work – Wim Hof method
    6) Figure out your Ephifany/your story
    7) Use your brain, not brawn – create processes and systems to accomplish what you want.
    8) Put a wealth tax on yourself – to invest in your future all you need is discipline and time. Create a system to discipline yourself to save for tomorrow.
    9) EBSI – Employee, Business owner, self-employed, investor. To be wealthy you need to be either a B or an I
    10) Make your passion your livelihood.

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