Top 10 in 10 in 2: Competency-Based Education

Hello, I’m Sheila Alles, Chief Deputy Superintendent
at the Michigan Department of Education . . . .and this is another edition of the Top 10 in 10
in 2 Podcast. One of the educational innovations that has
been identified as a strategy of our Top 10 in 10 plan is competency-based education. Competency-based education is a form of personalized
learning and personalized learning is a key component of the Learner-centered supports
Focus Area in our Top 10 in 10 Strategic Plan When we think about the purpose of education,
we know that one aspect of this work is to develop knowledge and skills that can be applied
later in life. Leaders in business and industry say that
they need employees who are collaborative problem-solvers, and who have strong critical
thinking and communication skills. How do we know that our students have these
skills when they graduate from high school? This is where competency based education comes
in. In a competency-based education system, instruction
is more student focused and personalized. Students demonstrate mastery or competency
of specific skills, or content, at their own pace. Credits and grades are based on proficiency
in content standards and skills, rather than on participation, seat time, tests or homework
alone. Student progress is assessed in multiple ways,
including activities outside of the classroom, and is reported based on learning targets
and competencies, rather than just letter grades reported over a period of time. Competency-based education represents a new
way in how students demonstrate their skills and understanding, and a more helpful way
for schools and educators to report that information to parents, colleges and universities, and
employers. Some Michigan school districts are at the
cutting edge of this approach. We want to thank these districts for their
pioneering work in this area, and encourage all educators to begin to explore these efforts,
and all of the other innovations identified in the goals and strategies in Michigan’s
Top 10 in 10 Strategic Plan. Working together on these efforts, we will
be better equipped to help Michigan’s schools achieve our education mission of supporting
learners and learning.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 in 10 in 2: Competency-Based Education”

  1. So according to this strategy we should all be teaching with computers and having students on some form of virtual lesson plan rather than classroom teaching so that they can all move at their own pace. I see then that we should be able to eliminate classroom teachers and at least 50 t0 75 percent of the education budget. Also I should be able to then work at my own pace when on the job, such as building trades or waiting on a table or cooking. My response to my boss will be I have always been able to work at my own pace so don't push me. We are not educating students for the world we are teaching failure for the world. I already can not hire any young people, they walk off the job because they hate being told what to do and that they have a deadline.

  2. If Michigan fails to achieve Top 10 in 10 is Brian going to pay back his exorbitant $200,000+ annual salary for each year???

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