Top 10 in 10: Improving the Improvement Process

Hello, I’m Sheila Alles, Chief Deputy Superintendent
at the Michigan Department of Education. . . .and this is another edition of the Top 10 in 10
videos. Over the years, the Department has heard from
local school districts that the school improvement process needs to be better aligned and updated
to support district-level improvement planning. We’ve listened, and this month, I would
like to share with you a project the MDE is excited to begin rolling out which has a stronger
and more comprehensive attention to continuous improvement as a process. The Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement
Process, or MICIP, is a pathway for districts to improve student outcomes by assessing whole
child needs. And then using the results of that assessment
to develop improvement plans and coordinate funding. MICIP involves a shift in how we think about
improving student outcomes. This shift involves engagement in a comprehensive
and continuous improvement cycle using a streamlined, integrated, and web-based software application. This continuous improvement planning system
will emphasize student outcomes rather than compliance. This does not imply that compliance is being
removed, but similar to Turbo Tax, the compliance forms will be addressed as you engage in the
continuous improvement cycle. We are building a system where continuous
improvement is constant and integrated to provide pre-populated data and reduce redundant
information and tasks. MICIP is aligned with MDE’s Vision, Michigan’s
Top 10 in 10 Strategic Plan and Michigan’s ESSA Plan. Multiple education organizations have been
crucial partners in creating MICIP since the beginning. We are truly appreciative to our partners
for sharing their resources, developers and knowledge in building this new platform. We can all be proud to be involved in this
one-of-a-kind state-wide initiative that is 100% Michigan. I am excited to tell you that MDE will soon
be sharing with the field, prototypes, that give a visual representation of how districts
will work with the software application. MDE is also looking forward to a limited launch
of the MICIP platform in October of 2020. Stay tuned for more on MICIP in the near future. And now, one quick plug… MDE is really excited to be hosting its annual
Continuous Improvement Conference on November 18th & 19th, at the Lansing Center. The two-day conference will focus on strategies
for meeting the needs of the Whole Child and features renowned education reform speakers
Michael Fullan and Jim Harris. Attendees will also have the opportunity to
attend breakout sessions that address efforts to support the Whole Child and building systems
for Continuous Improvement. I encourage you to attend, as nothing helps
to explain MICIP better than to see it for yourself. You can register for the event at I look forward to seeing you at the conference. Thank you.

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