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You’re watching FreeSchool! Today we’re going to learn about the 10 fastest
runners in the animal kingdom. While these animals are no competition for the five fastest
animals on the planet – those records are held by birds – these ten creatures can still
run fast enough to earn a speeding ticket in many places. Number 10: the ostrich. The only bird to make this countdown, the
ostrich gets around by running instead of flying. The largest and heaviest living bird,
ostriches run from predators, but when threatened will defend themselves with kicks from their
powerful legs. Ostriches may run at speeds of 44 miles or
70 kilometers per hour. Number 9: the Jackrabbit. The jackrabbit is a type of wild hare found
in the western parts of North America. Its strong hind legs allow it to leap up to 20
feet or 6 meters in a single bound! The jackrabbit uses a combination of zig-zags and leaps to
outrun predators. At top speed, jackrabbits can reach 45 miles
or 72 kilometers per hour. Number 8: the greyhound. Greyhounds are the fastest of all dogs, and
because of this they have traditionally been used in hunting and in dog racing. They are
sighthounds, which means that they hunt by keeping their prey in sight instead of by
scent and smell, as dogs like bloodhounds do. Their long, lean bodies and flexible spines
allow greyhounds to run at up to 46 miles or 74 kilometers per hour. Number 7: the brown hare. The Brown hare, also called the cape hare
or desert hare is native to Africa, India, and Arabia. The hare’s well-developed legs
help it to leap and run very quickly. Brown Hares can reach speeds of 47 miles or
75 kilometers per hour, but they can only maintain these speeds for about 20 meters. Number 6: blackbuck antelope. Native to India, blackbuck got their name
because the bucks, or males, turn black with age. Young males and the females have light
brown coats, but the older they get, the blacker the bucks become. Blackbuck can reach speeds of 50 miles or
80 kilometers per hour, but they can sustain that speed for only about a mile at a time. Number 5: the lion. The second-largest cats in the world (behind
only the tiger in size), lions are also the second-fastest in their family. They can run at speeds of up to 50 miles or
80 kilometers per hour, but only in short bursts before they become exhausted. That
is why lions try to sneak close to their prey before they begin chasing them! Number 4: Wildebeest. Wildebeest are large hooved mammals native
to Africa. The wildebeest uses its speed to run from predators, especially lions – at
about 50 miles or 80 kilometers per hour – which, unfortunately for the wildebeest, is exactly
the same speed a lion can reach. Number 3: the Pronghorn. The fastest land animal in the western hemisphere,
the pronghorn antelope is built for speed with specially adapted cushions on their hooves
and large lungs to help them take in extra oxygen. Although they can run, they cannot
jump, and so when they run into a rancher’s fence, they have to crawl under it! Pronghorns can hit top speeds of 55 miles
or 88 kilometers per hour, although they cannot maintain these speeds for more than about
half a mile. Number 2: the Springbok. Springbok, a medium-sized species of gazelle
native to southwestern Africa, are extremely fast runners as well as incredible jumpers.
They are able to leap up to 13 feet or 4 meters through the air! Springbok can run up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers
per hour, which is good since they need that speed to evade lions, whose favorite food
they are. Number 1: The cheetah. Famously the fastest animal on land, the cheetah
can reach the incredible speed of 75 miles or 120 kilometers per hour, although it can
only maintain this speed for approximately 500 meters. With a lightweight body, small
head, and long legs, cheetahs are built for speed. As it runs, the cheetah’s spine recoils
like a spring, propelling its legs out and allowing it to cover up to 25 feet in a single
stride. The cheetah’s claws, which never fully retract, act like soccer cleats…providing
traction as the cheetah hurtles itself forward. Its speed is the cheetah’s claim to fame,
and it’s greatest advantage. In a habitat dominated by bigger predators, speed allows
the cheetah to escape confrontation, so that it can live to hunt another day. I hope you enjoyed learning about the fastest
runners on earth, and stay tuned for more creature countdowns from FreeSchool!

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