Top 10 Facts About AMERICA That Make NO SENSE to Anyone Else

10 Facts About America That Make No Sense
to Foreigners America. It’s one of the biggest countries on Earth,
both in terms of population and sheer size. It’s the planet dominating superpower; the
heaviest hitter where culture is concerned; a place known by nearly every single human
on the planet… and, to all but the 4-5% of humanity who live there, it makes absolutely
no gosh darn sense. See, despite its cultural clout, America still
seems deeply weird to foreigners. And we don’t just mean people who come from
repressive kingdoms and tin-pot dictatorships. Europeans, people from Southeast Asia, Australians
and Brits all find yuge chunks of life in the good ol’ US-of-A beyond comprehension. If you were born stateside, the following
might not seem super crazy to you. But trust us, every single foreigner is reading
this with their jaw dangling open and their eyeballs popping out. 10. US Toddlers Shoot One Person a Week Americans sure love guns. The US has the highest rate of gun-ownership
on planet Earth, and the least-restrictive gun laws (only Switzerland comes close). That’s all thanks to the 2nd Amendment,
which has been the subject of near-constant debate since being written. But it’s not the sheer number of guns in
America that really astounds foreigners. It’s the crazy things that leads to. Things like US toddlers shooting one person
a week. There’s literally no other country on Earth
you could write that sentence about. Even countries that are swimming in guns,
like Serbia, Norway, and Switzerland, don’t have toddlers blowing one another away. To be fair, they have tiny populations, but,
to be even fairer, c’mon buddy. US toddlers have shot on average one person
a week (including themselves) for the past two years. Even warzones don’t have numbers like that. More bizarre still, America keeps on arming
its toddlers. In 2016, Iowa made it legal for babies to
handle loaded guns. That’s right. The guys in the Hawkeye State elected to arm
the very babies that are trying to shoot them. How’s that for hubris? 9. Bestiality is Still Legal in 9 US States (but
premarital sex is outlawed) Despite this being 2017, plenty of US States
still have sex laws on the books that are… unenlightened, to say the least. And by that, we mean they were seemingly written
by two guys named Festus and Bubba while necking with their pet hog Clancy. Incredible as it may seem, there are nearly
ten US States where it is still legal to have sexual intercourse with animals. We say ‘nearly’ ten, because one’s the
District of Columbia (not a state, kids!). The other nine are Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada,
New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming. In addition, plenty of states still only consider
bestiality a misdemeanor. This would be odd enough if the US was a spectacularly
licentious place, but it’s not. In addition to allowing you to marry your
bestest sow, four states still outlaw either premarital or extramarital sex, or co-habiting
with your partner prior to marriage. While the laws are effectively never enforced,
the fact they’re still on the statute books attests to America’s unique mix of religious
piety and deep-seated desire to mimic the guys from Deliverance. 8. The Highest Paid Public Employee in 39 States
is a Sports Coach Go to any other country in the Western world
– Canada, Germany, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, wherever – and the highest-paid
public employee will be someone working in a selfless capacity. They’ll be the guys and gals running universities,
or public hospitals, or the local council. America, though, laughs in the face of such
devotion to the public good. Instead of rewarding headmasters or doctors
or teachers, the highest public pay package in 39 states goes to sports coaches. Specifically, guys coaching football or men’s
basketball. We’re not talking comparatively small sums,
either. The salaries involved would be enviable in
the private sector. University of Alabama football coach Nick
Saban, for example, rakes in over $7 million, plus bonuses, likely making him one of the
highest-paid public employees not living in a corrupt dictatorship. For those from outside the states, this seems
less extravagant, and more like an absolute inability to get priorities right. Only Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Montana,
New York, Nevada, New Hampshire, Vermont and both Dakotas refuse to award their highest
public pay packet to a football or men’s basketball coach. Interestingly, both Hawaii and Vermont, as
you’ll remember from a second ago, still technically allow bestiality. We’re really not sure what to make of that. 7. Over Half of All Americans Don’t Hold a
Valid Passport In 2014, polling company YouGov revealed only
8% of Britons had never left their country of birth to travel abroad. While this is maybe not all that super-impressive
(Britain is tiny and France is close), it puts the US to shame. The same poll found only 50% of Americans
would admit to ever having left the country. That’s nearly 160 million people who have
never been to Canada or Mexico, let alone Europe or Asia. For people who were born in Europe, that’s
almost like saying you’ve never seen a glass of water. The idea of not going abroad from time to
time is alien. In places like Germany, over 90% of the population
hold a valid passport, and you better believe they use it. But that’s Europe, we hear you cry, it’s
a small continent with, like, a bazillion countries. Well, first, we’re pretty sure you’re
exaggerating there, bud. Secondly, look at Australia, a country nearly
as big as the US, and more cut-off from the rest of the world. According to official data, one third of the
population goes abroad every single year. That compares to 50% of Americans over their
entire lifetimes. Clearly, the US is a travel-averse country. 6. 30% of Americans Prefer Saving Money to Vital
Medical Treatment Compared to other developed nations, healthcare
in the US is expensive. You can blame that on too much Obamacare,
or not enough of it, but the fact remains that public systems, private systems, and
public-private systems elsewhere in the world all deliver better service at lower cost. This alone can seem staggering to foreigners. Then there’s the American attitude to health. Faced with a serious illness or injury, around
30 percent of Americans would rather walk it off than pay for treatment. This… simply doesn’t happen elsewhere. Norway has the second most-expensive healthcare
in the world, and pretty much no-one there avoids necessary treatment. Japan has an insurance-based, private system
with payments often covered by employers, just like the US, and people don’t skip
out on medical care. To find other people choosing money over hospitalization,
you have to leave the developed world behind and start poking around in poorer countries
where wages are low and healthcare unaffordable. We’re not trying to rag on American healthcare
here. America has some of the best doctors and hospitals
going. But the idea that you’d choose money over
health (or that you’d have to choose)? To non-Americans, that’s insane. 5. 7 States Have Custody Rights for Rapists OK, let’s turn to some really, really dark
stuff now. There exists a certain subsection of guys
who like to rape women. Occasionally, this results in their victims
getting pregnant. Depending on where they live and their religious
convictions, the women may then decide to carry the baby to term. Now, here’s where it gets creepy. In around 7 states, it’s perfectly legal
for the rapist-father to sue for custody of his newborn child. Imagine that for a second. You’ve been violently assaulted, gone through
the hell of guilt and self-recrimination, been courageous enough to bring the resulting
baby into the world… and now you’re forced to watch as the D-bag who hurt you decides
he wants to be a father to your son/daughter. Well, if you live in Alabama, Mississippi,
Maryland, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wyoming or Minnesota, that can totally happen. In addition, there are 20 more states where
it might be legal. In Indiana, for example, you can only block
the rapist from seeking custody if you remember to do so within 3 months of your baby being
born. This is some seriously dark stuff, and we
guarantee that if you mention it to anyone from elsewhere in the developed world, their
jaws will drop so low they hit the ground. Sure, some Middle East states may have even-worse
laws, but that’s not really a benchmark to aspire to. 4. America Has More Self-Identified Patriots
than Anywhere Else on Earth In July 2016, Gallup released the results
of their yearly patriotism poll. They found 52% of Americans call themselves
“extremely patriotic”, the lowest level in polling history. The news triggered a slew of introspective
articles by American writers, wondering what had gone wrong. For those reading elsewhere in the world,
it felt like stepping through the looking glass. 52% is such a good score it leaves other countries
eating the USA’s dust. Such levels of patriotism simply don’t exist
in the rest of the developed world. In a similar survey by YouGov, only 13% of
Brits thought their country was “the best in the world.” That was the highest score in the EU. Germany and France got only 5% each. The second and third highest-ranking countries
globally, India and Australia, scored 34% and 36%. But the US? The US busted through the 40% mark, with an
additional 32% claiming America was at the very least “better than most other countries.” For the majority of foreigners, the idea of
showing US-levels of patriotism is simply alien. You will never see a flag in every yard in
any other country on Earth. But that’s the US public for you: optimistic
to a tee. Even if they’re unhappy with their current
government, folks still believe that the idea of America itself is worth believing in. 3. Americans are More Likely to Get Bitten by
Other Americans than Rats The stereotype is that Americans likes three
things: football, fast food, and violence (often all at once). It’s true that America’s murder rate is
crazy-high. It’s also true that the national sport is
getting drunk and starting bar-fights. But surely it’s not as bad as all that? Well, we hate to break it to you, but this
arresting statistic says otherwise. If you live in America, you are more likely
to be bitten by another American than you are by a rat. To be clear, this isn’t because US rats
are particularly docile or rare on the ground. Cities like New York are completely infested,
and people get bitten all the freakin’ time. There are over 40,000 rat bites recorded in
America each year. The only trouble is, there are at least 45,000
human bites recorded right alongside them. Again, this is a freaky fact for Americans,
too. But, also again, it’s just something that
doesn’t happen in most other countries. Sure, drunks in Britain like to hit each other,
and Italian soccer hooligans are violent as heck, but biting enough people to outstrip
rats? It’s something we can’t imagine happening
anywhere else. 2. Americans Take ‘Fast Food’ Extremely Literally The US is the birthplace of fast food. It’s the nation that brought the world the
drive-thru, perfected the snack, and coined the phrase “lunch is for wimps.” Foreigners know all this intellectually. But confront them with a statistic like the
following, and it’ll still blow their minds. Americans, you see, are the 3rd fastest eaters
on Earth. On an average day, Americans spend only 74
minutes eating, nearly the lowest in the world. That’s only slightly over 20 minutes each
for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and far less if you include time put aside for eating snacks. If you live in the USA, this probably doesn’t
seem so weird to you (the working lunch is an American specialty), but if you live elsewhere…
man, you’re probably wondering how the heck they do it. In France, the average eating time is 135
minutes a day. In Turkey, it’s 162 minutes. Even in Japan, where people work far longer
hours than in the US, they still manage to put aside 117 minutes a day for chow. The only other countries to spend as little
time eating are Canada (72 minutes) and Mexico (under 70 minutes). This is probably to do with both the American
hard work ethic and fast food culture, which prioritizes productivity over relaxation. The same can be seen in a related statistic
on cooking times. Nowhere else on Earth do people spend as little
time cooking each day as in America. 1. Government Departments Have Official Advice
for Reporting Elvis Sightings One of the things foreigners know about the
US is that it’s full of wackos seeing wacko things. There’s a reason The X-Files was so popular
20 years ago. But it’s one thing to hear about guys filming
shaky footage of Bigfoot on their cell phone. It’s another entirely to hear that actual
US government departments have official advice for reporting Elvis sightings. Here, for example, is a link to the Federal
government’s official website for copyright. Hover your mouse over the link. See that it ends .gov? It’s impossible for anyone not representing
a government entity to register a .gov address. This site is legit. It’s part of the Federal government, and
paid for by taxpayers’ money. And it includes official advice on how to
copyright your sighting of Elvis. This isn’t a joke section put up by some
lighthearted bureaucrat indulging a whim. It’s completely, mind-bogglingly serious. Which means the government was getting deluged
with enough requests about Elvis sightings that they went to the trouble to post official
advice about it. OK, say it with me now, altogether: only in

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Facts About AMERICA That Make NO SENSE to Anyone Else”

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  2. UPDATE: US Toddlers DO NOT shoot one person a week and America IS better than any other country, Skippy. PS: grow some hair or stay off camera. You look like something a kid would draw on an echo-sketch. Nuff said.

  3. WOW! It's almost as if America is separated from Europe by an entire ocean and has developed a distinct and different culture!

  4. I use to like this channel. Where does he get this data? You have to really go to great lengths to extrapolate this.

  5. breathes heavy Yeah. We're broken. And as you can see from the comments, we're quite in denial over it. I was born here, spent nearly my entire life here, and these days, having seen through the illusion of this culture it's hard to even leave the house. We're in full societal meltdown.

  6. I live in the US and I don’t think I consider toddlers shooting people to be common. Correct me if I’m wrong fellow Americans

  7. The U.S. Military budget should be on top of the list, just beside the absence of a proper healthcare system.

  8. I can explain the patriotism thing. In the US, there is a civil cult of Columbia (the embodiment of the US similar to England's Johnny Bull). Atheists and Church-goers alike are all in the cult. It is what keeps us from (mostly not) murdering each other. So when patriotism in the US ebbs, I get really nervous. 😀

  9. This makes me think the rest of the developed world have an extremely undeveloped understanding of liberty and freedom than US.

  10. When you eat faster you eat more. Enjoy your meal and eat less then you do. I started eating less and it definitely doesn't effect my body. I have less gastric problem now.

  11. The information on Japan is COMPLETELY WRONG. Most people DO NOT have private medical insurance. It is a single-payer, government-funded system. If people want or if their company provides it, the small percentage that the patient pays may be covered. Even without private insurance for the co-pay amount, pretty much anyone will be capped at about $800 per year, even if you had surgery every day for that year and lived in the hospital.

  12. It’s hard to travel when you only get 3 paid vacation days a year, and why would you when you believe no other place is better than where you are? You have to be a fast eater in America for many lunch is held to a strict 30 minutes.

  13. Number 9. So is there a law saying bestiality is legal? l bet it is simply not stated to be illegal, because in those states it pretty much just doesn’t happen therefore why write a law against what never happens anyway? Cheap shot, top ten. You look like the bestiality sort of guy.

  14. We also have to look at history. Until recently, someone from the USA, could travel to Canada or to Mexico, with only a driver's license. No passports, visas, special ID, nada. Likewise, Canadians could do the same thing to the USA, and even, to Mexico.

    That changed after 9-11. and even then…. And to people traveling from A to B, it was not even viewed, often, as going to another country. It was a 2-3-day trip.

    So, 10 Provs, 50 States, 4 oceans, and a number of places in Mexico. Lots to see and visit. And in all of that, you had at least a dozen languages, and maybe 20 cultures.

    So… why go to the rest of the world, when you have your own French Quarter, your own SEVERAL Chinatowns, and lots of Spanish and Quebec French around?

  15. The first thing that makes no sense , is that this video shows the United States highlighted on a map at the very beginning , and calls that America , it is not , it is "The United States Of America" , it is a country , AMERICA is two continents , consisting of North and South America , and encompassing many other Countries , and sometimes called "The Americas"'
    Most people don't seem to realize this , and that makes no sense at all , LOL !!!!!!!
    So this video is just stupid crap , bye now……………………………

  16. Technically speaking, Hawaii isn't actually a state. It's an illegally occupied sovereign nation that white American men went to and overthrew the queen before making it illegal for the native population to speak their language or practice their religion unless it was to entertain white Americans.

  17. I think the percentage of Americas who dont have a passport was lower when a passport was not required to enter Canada or Mexico.

  18. no wonder the Yankees are so dum at arithmetic, they also think the world ends outside the USA, rapist suing for the custody of babies that like admitting guilt

  19. We had to have a strong common “myth” like a the US so we can unite over a large piece of land. Romans had to do the same thing. Thus flags are seen everywhere… we are very very self sufficient and see no real reason to go to other countries… we had to be for generations! It’s just what was passed down. Planes aren’t exactly an old invention. Everywhere else takes forever to get to and a lot of money

  20. People always use inanimate objects to commit horrible crimes and atrocities. How does gun ownership "lead to" it? America has federal laws prohibiting giving minors under the age of 16 access to firearms. Also, America doesn't give rapists (or any man who looks at women) any more liberty (or respect) than any other socialist Democracy. It's clear you are not telling real facts.

  21. Weird fact about the UK the rest of the world finds creepy – 94% of men are homosexual. Birthrates are critically low.

  22. America arrests more people per capita than ANY country in the world. It oppresses and murders unborn and newly born children by the millions. It arrests and murders 100's of thousands of males for being attracted to young adult females that, in any other time, would be available to get married. The laws are often outright evil.

  23. B.S. the 2nd amendment (gun rights) have been questioned for the last 40yrs. Prior to that we had enough sense to know it’s vital for our freedom.

  24. Two kinds of countries on this Earth, the one that puts men on the Moon, and everyone else….

    No one if perfect, so don't cast stones. And you ignore a lot of facts. Compared to most other countries, America has a LOT more citizens (330 million at last count) so yes, we have crazies, we have patriots, and we have a ton of people waving flags. WE aren't embarrassed by our history, so we wave flags. We had slavery, but fixed it a long time ago…The same can't be said by a LOT of other countries in YOUR neck of the woods. And that's just the start…. Don't get me started on the Gun facts. The Second Amendment is strong here for a reason. Maybe you remember it from school.

    Funny how a group of people are animate about screaming just how bad America is…. but everybody want's to immigrate here.
    Bottom line, if you don't like the USA, don't come here. It's OK, we won't miss you.

  25. We pay high drug prices so europe gets cheap ones…. check out drug pricing world wide and why US pays more

  26. If you find anything on this list bad/wrong/disgusting/yukkie then please don't come here, rather: DONT COME HERE. Buh Bye

  27. You so boring, you remind me of a guy turned upside down … lovely spam slap you've got there Mr upside down man ..

  28. I live here and most of these things baffle or infuriate me as well. However, people don’t just choose to forego necessary medical treatment to “save money”. Our healthcare is ridiculously expensive, and sometimes even if you have health insurance, the insurance company will refuse to cover things. It’s a disaster (and no, not because of “Obamacare”).

    “Lunch is for wimps” <— I have never heard anyone use that phrase in my entire life. It’s not a thing.
    Short meals and fast food is popular because we are almost all over worked and underpaid and need better work-life balance. We need a resurgence of labor unions, I think.

    Same for international travel. So many of us either have hardly any vacation days available (if any at all), or end up using them for illness (due to our shoddy/expensive healthcare system). If we do take a “vacation”, often we can’t afford to travel and end up just spending the time at home destressing (from being overworked and underpaid) or just visiting family (which are often spread across our vast country). Doesn’t leave much time (not to mention money) for traveling abroad. For the majority of us, the idea of being able to travel internationally every few years (let alone every year) is laughable. It’s not as much a matter of desire as it is the expense and logistics of it. Most people I know the #1 thing they say they’d do if they had more money (apart from pay bills or buy a house or car) is “TRAVEL!”

    Also, “complete inability to get their priorities straight” <— When talking about the US as a whole, this is 100% accurate. :/

  29. The sports coach is the highest paid because the NCAA rakes huge amounts of money through merchandise, advertising, etc. Plus the US colleges rake it in on tuition.

  30. A lot of you seem to forget that us "Gun nuts" saved your butts during world war 2. Britian would be heiling Hitler if we hadn't joined the war. As well as most of Europe too.

  31. I'd like to say that just because some of these are facts, not all of us agree with them, condone them, or even knew about them, in some cases! It's not like every other neighbor has his horse sleeping in his bed with him, or it's a cultural commonality to report Elvis sightings. I have never in my life heard of anyone biting anyone else, either by word of mouth or on the news.

    There are some dumb things here in the U.S., for sure, like the ridiculously short mealtimes, and to add to that, the ridiculously low amount of vacation time that Americans take compared to the rest of the world.

    Also, the gun thing depends on what state you live in. In my state, New York, the gun laws are much more prohibitive than in some other states. I was surprised that the mass-shooting issue wasn't raised. But the 1 toddler shooting someone per week is sobering!

    Yes, this was all quirky and some of it stupid, but it's not everywhere here. This is a big fat country.

  32. The United States should change their flag and put a gun on it along with the stars and stripes because afterall it is the gun capital of the world

  33. I'd go abroad frequently too if I lived in Australia. But when you live in America, there's just no need to go anywhere else.

  34. We are also the only nation where the citizens could let the whole army off for the weekend without any worry of another nation stepping in as we are the best self armed nation in the world. We’re not gonna have any 1812s.

  35. Americans eat fast food like the animals they are. IF you can stomach it, watch ow they hold forks like shovels, slurp like hogs ingesting slop and food dribbling down their nasty beards like Viking morons.

  36. America s gun problem is now keeping tourists and travellers in general from rethinking trips or visits to the the USA. The populace in the USA lives in fear of each other. They cannot recognize the disease that is ruining the country. Every line in their constitution has been negated and eroded by their ridiculous interpretation of the 2nd amendment. They can t seem to realize that owning a gun won t help them with a government gone off the rails in this day and age.

  37. The way you define Patriotism "thinking your country is the best or at least better than most"
    Uh, well Duh! It's more surprising it's not 100% to 0% because the USA Saved the world in WWII, Broke the USSR, and is the 1 economy. Without us, you all would be speaking Chinese! (And just ask Hong Kong how great they are.)

  38. When it comes to traveling out of the country, there's a pretty simple reason and it's not being adverse to going out of country. Unless you're making 6 figures or you have to travel abroad for business, we can't afford to travel abroad very often or at all. Seems the rest of the world never thought of that. We're crushed by debt, our wages don't reflect the prices we have to pay (prices went up 4x while wages only doubled since the '70s), and there are plenty sectors of the working world that don't include paid vacation time. Being a part-timer in the retail world, I don't get that. When I have to take time off for anything, I don't get paid. Whatever is working in Europe that allows more travel time, it would be nice if we could do the same. But first, they need to start paying us more. I went to Canada years ago before passports were required and I live in Ohio, literally across Lake Erie from said country. But I think the passport thing was in talks between the US and Canada for years and 9/11 just expediated the decision because it didn't go into effect afterward. Even then, it didn't feel like visiting a foreign country.

  39. The paranoid US government makes it difficult to travel, even to Canada. You will soon have to have a passport even to travel domestically by air. And I would not be surprised if in a few years you'll need a passport to go from Kansas to Missouri.

  40. Let's be fair about this. We do have more young people shooting each other in this country as compared to other countries. We also have more of the black culture here than other countries. You connect the dots. Not wanting to sound racists, just being real about the facts. Be honest.

  41. Two minutes in and one can already see that this video is about trashing America. More people on this planet are still trying to come to America than the rest of the combined free world. Your wasting your time with this piece of trashy negative propaganda but you won't waste anymore of mine. Buh-bye

  42. You forgot to mention child marriage. It is legal in most states, something you would only expect in places like Sudan or Yemen.

  43. Gun laws in Switzerland are incomparably stricter than in the US. You can only transport a gun with ammunition separate and only between your home and the firing range. Background checks are really strict, data is centralised in a database. You have to give a valid reason to apply for a licence. If it is for sport, you have to show a club membership card. Guns must be stored in a safe which is periodically verified by authorities.

  44. Im not even american and find this ridiculous. I can't tell if you are joking but this is some bs. I agree some things about america are just plain weird, but you're on some weird political agenda flex. I'm out.

  45. Americans choose to save over paying for healthcare because healthcare costs literally all the money you have, ever will have, and then some. So that "savings" is for things like rent and food later on. It's the choice between living now and dying next month from starvation while you're homeless, or maybe surviving on your body's natural regenerative powers then being able to eat for the remainder of your life. The difference between the cost of American healthcare and the next highest is astronomical so you can't just say "the second place can do it so why not you?"

  46. 1:59 Current Iowa law makes it a felony for a parent or guardian to allow a child younger than 14 to handle a pistol. Get your fact's straight! Yes we do have our problems with guns and violence's but we are not that irresponsible. Definition of a toddler; "a young child who is just beginning to walk". A toddler is not strong enough to pull a trigger moron! Where are you getting your information from?

  47. The 2nd Amendment has NOT been the subject of debate since it was written. For 150 years, no one felt the need to explain it simply because it didn't need explanation: It meant what was written, that 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'
    People. Not states. Not counties, not police. The people. The same people who every single other time the word is mentioned means 'All of us.'
    No one questioned this until 60-70 or so years ago, and to even bring up the idea as questionable they must resort to lying about the intent of the 2nd.
    Funny thing: Those who wrote the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, didn't just write it and retire to the plow; they were prolific writers and understandably proud of what they'd written and done. So, they wrote a lot about what the 2nd means, and why they included it; every single writing about it by its authors mentions that it is to ensure that no freeman is ever barred the use of arms, even writing a tract called 'That Every Man be Armed.'

    Not once did they write "This is so the states can have militias, we didn't mean 'the people' in this amendment, we meant 'the states,' sorry about the confusion." Nor did they write about the need for hunting. They wrote the amendment so that you and I can have firearms to keep those who are elected in check, because they knew that are human with personality defects just like everyone else.

  48. US toddlers shooting people… Sounds like they need to ban video games and dish out more guns… After all, more guns seems to be the country's answer to having less gun deaths somehow

  49. In defense of Americans lacking passports, there was a time not long ago when a US citizen could travel to Canada or Mexico with a state issued ID, plus a birth certificate. This is how I traveled to both. Sadly, that has changed.

  50. One reason that these 10 things dont make sense to foreigners is because in typical anti-American style, most of the examples are FAKE. This is what happenes when a millennial moron hipster makes a youtube because he is jealous of those of us that are American. Long live the USA!

  51. Is there a link between the fact American are very patriotic and the fact they accept to be at the same time the richest and most powerful country and a place where many people live in third world conditions? (I don't want to be judgemental at all so don't be angry, I just want to understand)

  52. No need to hold a passport everything we want is right here. Need the name of that website cause I saw Elvis just last week. Yee haw

  53. Once a week, on average, a toddler shoots someone?? Really? Know how many years it's been since I've seen that in the news? No? Me either. That's how long its been.

  54. What people may not understand about this country is our economics and how we reward success. Nick Saban makes a ridiculous amount of money because he brings in a ridiculous amount of money for the school. Successful sports programs bring in tons of revenue which is used to fund an array of programs nationwide. Our schools are top notch in the world because of the money that comes pouring in, and the colleges with the best coaches are at the top of the revenue earnings. In America we reward success, and that’s why #1 in the world!

  55. says most Americans don’t have a passport
    “well yeah cuz I live in America. Why tf would I want to go anywhere else? USA all the way baby”
    says Americans are more patriotic than any other country
    “Oh yeah that makes sense now”

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