100 thoughts on “Top 10 Colleges that are NOT in the Ivy League in the U.S.”

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  2. Amherst should have been on here too, tied at #10 with Williams. It's essentially the same school, just in a slightly different, less isolated location.

  3. You should do a "Most Overrated Colleges and Universities in the World." THAT hornet's nest would really generate some controversy!

  4. Swarthmore should be there too, there also on like the top #5 liberal arts colleges and is highly selective

  5. Best liberal arts is Kalamazoo college. Michigan Technology University and Western Michigan University should be added too

  6. Me, "Chill, folks. It's just a YouTube's opinion!" [A few minutes later] “Standford over Cal?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!"

  7. UC Berkeley social activism ,right you mean if you’re not a leftist you’re not allowed to talk or we will put violence on you

  8. This ranking couldn't be any worse. It goes #1 Stanford #2 MIT #3 UChicago #4 CalTech #5 UC Berkeley #6 Duke #7 Johns Hopkins #8 Northwestern #9 UCLA #10 Williams

  9. 1. Mit
    2. Caltech
    3. Stanford
    4. UC Berkeley
    5. Georgia Institute of Technology
    6. Carnegie Mellon
    8. DUKE
    9. A&M
    10. UCLA

    That should be the order at least from the perspective of a STEM graduate.

  10. MIT has been rated #1 in the world over and over again by numerous publications and world University reviewers. But, not even in the top 3 here? Seriously……..lol

  11. This list was kind of generic. I can’t believe that Washington University in St. Louis Missouri was not listed as one of the power houses that weren’t in the Ivy League. They can be with Johns Hopkins

  12. My sister wanted to go to Stanford to stay in California but she didn't get in so instead she's going to princeton

  13. This  video needs to be updated as UC Berkley has not been for the last years and is no longer #1 public university.

  14. MIT is ranked number one in the world on almost every list i find on the internet… it should be ranked #1 here too.

  15. Honorable members not in order:

    University of California, Los Angeles

    Vanderbilt University

    Washington University at St. Louis

    The University of Washington University

    University of California, San Diego

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    The University of Texas at Austin

    University of Southern California

    Purdue University

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Case Western Reserve University

    Emory University

    University of Rochester

    University of Virginia

    Georgetown University

    Boston College

    University of Notre Dame

    New York University

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

    Georgia Tech

    Virginia Tech

    Penn State University ( my school )

  16. most of these were my dream schools but I had a couple that was not on the list. I also dreamed of several religious-affiliated schools.
    Here was my personal dream list not in any particular order
    1) University of Notre Damn
    2) Baylor University
    3) Liberty University-Current School
    4) UC Davis
    5) UC Irvine
    6) Stanford University
    7) Johns Hopkins University
    8) MIT
    9) CSU Fullerton
    10) Chapman University

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