Top 10 Best Places To Live In Mississippi In 2019

When people think of the South, Mississippi
is often one of the first places that springs to mind. It may be home to one of the nation’s longest
rivers, and arguably the grandest. Mississippi is filled with variety. Forests, farms, cities, towns and everything
in between. The state has topped national lists for things
like safety, job growth, and more. Today, we will explore the 10 best places
to live in Mississippi. 1. Oxford. Oxford is a town in Mississippi with a population
of 22,000. Named by Forbes as “one of the fastest growing
small towns”, Oxford is one of the best places to live in Mississippi. Oxford is famous as a haven for writers and
artists and is home to several engaging cultural sights. Though it’s full of small town charm, it
is also the location of the University of Mississippi. Today, Oxford is still a leader in education,
with a low student to teacher ratio of just 13 to 1. 2. Starkville. Starkville is a small town with a very family
friendly community, and is one of the best places to live in Mississippi. There are lots of boutiques and places to
eat around town. Most of the town’s population is from the
students at Mississippi State University. Living in Starkville offers residents a suburban
feel. Many families and young professionals live
in Starkville and residents tend to lean liberal. The median income in Starkville is $31,000
and the median home value is $163,000, which should give you a pretty good idea of its
affordability. 3. Petal. Petal is home to 10,700 people, one of the
safest in the state. Boasting an unusually low crime rate, the
city’s residents can rest assured that they are safe in their home town. Petal offers access to the amenities of a
bigger city, all while maintaining its small town appeal. It also has a low unemployment rate and high
incomes. Petal is a greatly affordable area with an
extensive range of public schools making it an ideal place to raise a family. 4. Madison. The city is home to more than 25,000 residents
and encourages continued growth by providing abundant resources for new business owners. Madison may be the most expensive city in
Mississippi, with a cost of living of 102, but with a median household income of $103,000,
it is also the most affluent. Even with its considerable growth and close
proximity to Jackson, Madison still maintains a small town vibe which is evident in the
city’s low crime rate. In addition to being loved by its residents,
the town has been nationally recognized by a number of publications such as US News,
earning top rankings in categories such as the most livable city in the state, the best
town for families, one of the best places to retire, and the best place to live. 5. Ocean Springs. Ocean Springs is the suburb that surrounds
the Gulf Islands National Seashore, this national park area is the pride and joy of the locals
who live here. It is home to just 17,500 people; meaning
the beach is never too overcrowded. Residents here earn a really high salary each
year, and crime is fairly low, in comparison to the rest of Mississippi. Ocean Springs is the perfect mashup of independent
shops, art galleries, and culinary treasures, most of which are located in a quaint historic
district. 6. Ridgeland. Lying just south of Madison is the city of
Ridgeland, with a population of 24,000. From old-time Southern charm to modern amenities,
Ridgeland has it all – good schools, low cost of living, affordable housing, low taxes
and scenic splendor. Ridgeland is well known for its Fine Arts
Festival, an absolute array of shopping and restaurants, and, of course, the crispy catfish
at the Trace Grill. Although the state capital, Jackson, is minutes
away, Ridgeland has maintained its autonomy as a retail and business center flanked by
several industrial parks and the Central Mississippi Industrial Center. 7. Jackson. Jackson maintained much of its distinct Southern
charm, a characteristic that is drawing new chefs, artists, and other movers and shakers
to this region in droves. Locals are proud to call Jackson home, and
they have strong ties to their particular neighborhoods. The median home sale price is significantly
lower than the national median. Compared to other similarly sized metro areas,
Jackson is very affordable. If you’re a hunter or a fisherman, Jackson
is your ideal place, but hikers, rock climbers, cyclists and rafters will find that the city
proper lacks outdoor spaces designed for their hobbies. 8. Long Beach. Long Beach offers all that larger cities might
– industrial, commercial and retail – while maintaining small town charm. Life in Long Beach is cozy, quiet and Coastal. Diversified residents, strong small businesses
and outstanding educational facilities are the backbones of community. The city is served by the Long Beach School
District which operates five campuses. Long Beach also has one of the lowest crime
rates in the state. Here, residents enjoy a low unemployment rate
as well as really high salaries. 9. Clinton. For an affordable city with a small college
town feel, look at Clinton. Clinton is a city in Mississippi with a population
of 25,000, one of the best places to live in Mississippi. The median income in Clinton is $57,000 and
the median home value is $155,000, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability. Residents of Clinton are also highly educated,
and the university provides lifelong learning opportunities for retirees. 10. Olive Branch. The city of Olive Branch offers an easy escape
from neighboring Memphis, with a high quality of life, a historic small-town atmosphere,
and a moderate commute. There are 38 outstanding schools in the Olive
Branch area making it the best public school suburb in all of Mississippi. There are plenty of job opportunities in Olive
Branch and due to the thriving economy, job stability too. Families love Olive Branch for its good schools,
safe streets, and family-friendly activities, not to mention its affordability, the median
home price is $170,000.

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  1. Who made this video? It lists Jackson as the #7 best place to live in MS. Jackson is in the the top 5 most dangerous places in the US. It’s in the top 10 for murders.

  2. Карты не хватает, чтобы знать расположение городов, но вообще видео хорошое.

  3. Moved to MS from Baltimore, MD; don't regret a thing. People here are so much more friendlier and the cost of living down here is much better.

  4. Why are all these videos are the same. All about art and how socliset people are. I couldn't care less. I'm looking at these vids and there all the same, I don't want to move somewhere full of angry snowflakes that get offended all the time. I want to move somewhere where the people are free. Don't care about politics so much and good restraints, entertainment, safety, schooling and a good community. Not art gallerys where once you visited a couple of times you seen it all. I just wasted 10 mins of my life

  5. I'm from Mississippi I don't know about Jackson I wouldn't move there I could see living in Ridgeland, madison if I was rich I have a friend who married a girl from there and he told me if your car looks like trash cops are going to pull you over and ask why you in Madison most people in Madison don't even lock their doors because the cops show up quick if someone breaks in so if you have the money id say move to madison

  6. I’m not from Mississippi but I love it and hope to live there. The people are wonderful. Southern hospitality and manners are real.

  7. My rent in Vicksburg is 1/2 of my entire income, and I believe that the expensive cost of living is 1 of many reasons that Vicksburg didn't make the list.

  8. 5:47 "And, of course, the crispy catfish at the Trace Grill." But let's show a bowl of chili and some cornbread instead.#OfCourse

  9. Originally from Dallas Texas ..moved to Madison for about year and i loved it! So much beautiful scenery. Not like flat dry Texas . I'd move back for sure .

  10. Ewww! No.. aint nothing good in one of THE most racist uneducated stats in the nation! I lived there for a year. Had to spend most of my summers there as a child. Yuck!! No thanks!

  11. 1) Oxford
    2) Starkville
    3) Petal
    4) Madison
    5)Ocean Springs
    8)Long beach
    10)Olive Branch

    Your welcome

  12. Beautiful Gorgeous state to live..I am black and grew up in Mississippi…It's in my blood…Love it….There are bad people in all states, all country's just ask Jesus….there are some bad white people in Mississippi. And there are some horrible black people in Mississippi…that needs a new mind & heart from above…But it doesn't stifle the Hospitality of all the Good people of all colors in Mississippi…Mississippi is very beautiful, and has Fantastic Friendly people there….I love it….If you dont like it leave, you probably wont like wherever ur going…..if u dont wont to move here, stay away, make our day…..👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆

  13. I've lived in Mississippi my whole life and I can say that Jackson should absolutely NOT be on this list. There are a lot of things to do in Jackson, but you don't want to live there and you don't want to be in certain areas alone night or day. There's at least one murder reported every day. Not exactly my idea of a good place to live.

  14. You forgot to put Magee on there… Magee,Mississippi is a nice town to live in… That's what I think!!!! Magee is my hometown!!!! Also Mendenhall is nice too!!!!

  15. Take Jackson off this list. City ranks high in STD’s, murders, and the potholes will destroy your car.

  16. I have been to Mississippi alot. The place looks like where Hollywood goes to film horror movies. If you are from the north you might need a translator. The place is poor, and as you know poverty begets bigotry. If you are a woman, people of color, Yankees. Just Google their flag. And you will get what I'm talking about.

  17. Would never live in a state that has the confederate flag within its state flag. Mississippi is not a part of the USA – and all welfare that it gets from the USA has to be halted.

  18. Her is a edit to the video Jackson is not the best place to go to go anywhere besides Jackson also one good place is like flowood or madison

  19. Y'all probably should have put down Southaven or Tuploe on the list instead of Jackson, not trying 2 offend but Jackson doesn't really have a good reputation, but they do hve a lot of places 2 go and hve fun at though

  20. I am really sick of my country and the people living there. Mississippi is the place I want to visit and stay in.

  21. Ridgeland is also the healthiest town in Mississippi. Good bike trails etc. Also Jackson can be nice in certain areas like North Jackson but I wouldn't put it in the top ten. Flowood should have been on this list.

  22. This video is patently absurd. Mississippi is a shithole. Bottom-of-the-barrel in so many metrics. Lumped with equally corrupt neighboring states (lookin’ at you Louisiana and Alabama), Mississippi is an American tragedy writ large.

  23. My mom watched that black dude who got ran over by those ignorant white people off Ellis. Even cleaned up someone's brain off the floor. Jackson is not suppose to be on this list

  24. I have lived in Southaven,MS my entire life 53 years and it is a great place to live other than the fact that Memphis,TN has infected the northern part of Southaven.

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