Top 10 Best Places to Live in Georgia (USA) For 2018

Home to 1,700 internationally headquartered
facilities representing 43 countries, Georgia has a variety of industries such as
textiles, mining, agriculture and technology. Known for beautiful old houses, a rich history,
and some of the most welcoming and unique cities in the country. Here are the 10 best places to live in Georgia
for 2018. 1. Atlanta. Atlanta has one of the highest rates of job
growth in the US. Although a sprawling, constantly developing
area may mean construction sites at every turn,
a dense tree canopy covers any unsightliness, and prompts Atlanta’s reputation as the “city
in a forest.” The world’s largest chunk of exposed granite,
located just northeast of the city proper, also offer a quick escape from any urban anxiety. The average cost of living in Atlanta still
remains below the US average, despite the fact that home prices are on the rise. Summers may be hot and humid, but the subtropical
climate brings four distinct seasons, and winters are markedly mild. 2. Augusta. Augusta is home to a thriving culinary scene,
and residents show a deep appreciation for the arts and the outdoors. Augusta is also becoming a destination for
retirees who want warm weather and a low cost of living. This low cost of living draws families, college
students and retirees who want to live in a decently sized metro area,
but not pay a high price for housing. Augusta sees a good amount of rain each year,
and it remains humid year-round. Spring and fall are mild, with daytime highs
in the 70s. 3. Duluth. Duluth is a city with 28,000 residents. It has average home values, average rent costs,
and high income levels. People are friendly, good weather and great
schools. There are always a lot of things to do in
this city. There’s the fall festival, the turkey trot
and everything else going on. With a variety of amenities – spas, parks,
festivals, and restaurants, a median household income of $60,000, and a median home price
of $170,000, Duluth had one of the highest quality of life
scores.There is very little crime here and lots of new houses are being built with new
people moving to this area. 4. Marietta. Marrieta is a town near Atlanta,
It has many notable schools with a strong rating. Cost of living in Marietta is affordable,
with monthly rent averaging $900, below national average. Marietta has more than enough attractions
to accommodate its residents, theatres, museums and 18 parks. History lovers will appreciate the Civil War
museum and war reenactments in the area, while outdoor lovers will fancy the 18 miles
worth of trails in the nearby Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. 5. Decatur. Decatur is a beautiful community of close
to 21,000 people, a quiet place where people feel safe and secure. The schools here are ranked as some of the
best in Georgia, with students spending the second-highest amounts in the state. In Decatur you are not to far or too close
to the things that you needs to make your life convenient. The people who live here are nice and friendly. Crime is also low, making it a great area
for families, more so considering the wealth of dining,
shopping and recreation options available. 6. Alpharetta. A town near Atlanta has a population of 62,000
who enjoy a high quality of life. This is not just due to the area’s livability,
but also because each household takes home a high income amounting to $93,000 on average
each year. It also has some truly quality amenities to
offer; places like Sweet Apple Donut & Coffee, the Jerusalem Bakery, and the Alpine Bakery
and Trattoria. The crime rate is much lower here than in
the rest of Georgia. If you are a young family, the education system
in Alpharetta will work wonders for your kids, as the schools here are the best you can access
in the entire state. 7. Johns Creek. A suburb located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. It is home to 82,000 people who enjoy an extremely
high quality of life. The schools in this area are some of the best
in the state, with a close to 100% high school graduation rate that trounces the state’s
rate and that of the nation in general. John’s Creek enjoys low crime rate. The property crime rate is 75% lower than
the national average, while the rate of violent crime is a welcomed 90% lower. As far as amenities go, the residents have
a wide selection, including entertainment, dining, shopping and recreation options. 8. Roswell. Roswell is another town which is home to almost
94,000 residents. It has been called one of the best small towns
in America. If you live here, you’re most likely already
aware of how great it is to live there. Roswell has great schools and boasts one of
the lowest unemployment rates in Georgia. Crime is also lower than the state average,
and another perk is that the cost of living in this area is a tad lower than some other
areas in Fulton County. With 18 parks in Roswell, children have acres
of space to live and grow. 9. Peachtree City. Peachtree City is many things to many people
– a quiet retreat after a hard day at the office,
an oasis from the concrete and glass of the big city, a comfortable place to enjoy the
best times in your life, a vibrant place to raise a family. Peachtree City was built on a plan to provide
all the conveniences of living in metropolitan Atlanta, without the pressures that normally
come with the “big city.” Residents in this peach of a city can enjoy
over 24 square miles of resort-style living and an impressive 90 miles of running, biking,
and golf cart paths. The safety of this area is great. You always see a police officer off, and are
willing to will help you in any type of circumstance. 10. Milton. Approximately 32 miles north of Atlanta, is
Milton, one of Georgia’s newest cities. As a highly affluent city, Milton is full
of beautiful homes and recreational activities for residents to enjoy. Milton offers a small-town feel with easy
access to amenities in nearby cities. Surrounded by rolling hills and a beautiful,
rural landscape, Milton is a serene escape from the city. The climate in Milton is temperate, with spring
and summer filled with summer blossoms and colorful foliage in the fall. Winters are mild with a rare light snow.

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  1. I just gotta say y’all, Savannah is the place to live. I don’t live there but some of my family does and when we visit it, it is so cute and pretty. It does get a little hot but hello, Georgia is the 5th hottest state in the US. I just would suggest living there

  2. South GA born & raised here, right near the Georgia/Florida line. It's hotter than hell in the summer and the mosquitos are so big they will steal your keys but it will always be home

  3. Lol all these cities except Augusta are considered Atl and they wrong for saying Decatur safe 💀💀

  4. Welp Atlanta has some pretty shitty traffic I’ll say especially this road in east Dekalb county called snapfinger it’s a community right outside of the Atlanta loop and that traffic is the worst however Atlanta is pretty nice the problems are traffic, the fact that everything is spread out. But other then mostly transportation it’s got nice restaurants and parks south GA is boring however Savannah is very nice it’s got dark almost gothic buildings and other then that south GA is mostly farm land tbh there is a Power plant near Vidalia and north GA is epic there are mountains and stuff like that I’m not a biest I’m just giving you the info I got because I’ve been all over ga the west the east and the north and the south

  5. I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia and my sister lives in Atlanta Georgia but I really don’t get out because I am always to myself. I don’t hardly get out to go hardly anywhere because my mom works and her engine light comes on so I can never go anywhere, I don’t hang out with nobody anymore because nobody talks to me anymore but I would like to get out and travel if I had chance also if I had a way. Ain’t much here in Augusta, Georgia because I only get out to go to the doctor and grocery store, I can’t go to where I want because my mom’s engine light and I only get out on Tuesday’s is the only day my mom has a day off to take me anywhere but I get bored and never see anybody I know when I go out also my friends completely talking to me but it’s a long story. I really have no plans to go anywhere this summer and no friends to hang out with so I will be in the house everyday and all day because none of them ask me to hang out anymore and it’s my depression, I have anxiety being out in public alone and I am too shy to open. I always wanted to travel on all parts of Georgia I have never been before but I don’t know where to go that is fun in Georgia I have never been before but that is if I had a way to travel but my mom can’t travel because of her engine light, she works and I have no way or no friends I know to travel because my Facebook is dry because they have stopped talking to me completely but either way my mom just don’t want me traveling alone because it’s because of my safety even though I am 22 years old but I feel when I go out I have social anxiety because I don’t know what to say so I never have opened up in public since my friends had stopped talking to me for 3 months because it’s who I was with and I am still with and because when I moved to another state they have stopped supporting me and said they didn’t want to be my friend because I had moved. I am just bored and wish I had something to do and friends to go out with but just a girl best friend who I can talk to who will be there for me, understand my depression and more. It’s been very lonely and boring, I stay in the house all day and I do the same thing every day eat, sleep, listen to music and I don’t come out but to take a bath, use the bathroom and go anywhere in public but I really don’t feel safe in public alone because of all the crime and violence gives me bad anxiety because my anxiety is bad that I fear fearful situations and that makes my depression worst is why I really don’t get it is why I mostly hide and stay in my room. I have nowhere to go and it’s hard when my mom works and I want to go somewhere but got no other family to hang out with and no friends because most of my family has passed away and gone. My dad had passed away when I was 7 years old so I didn’t really know him like my mom and my sister did before he had passed, my mom and my real dad divorced when I was three then I got my grandpa, grandma and my cousin who had passed away. My cousin had passed away in 2017 because he had got hit by a car on December 21st, 2017 and had died on Christmas Eve that year which really hits me hard and I just get really emotionally sad easily thinking about it so I always feel alone. My mom is the only family I got that lives in Augusta Georgia and my sister lives in Atlanta but I have no time or way to see my sister and she always works too so this is a hard life I have and it sucks. I am constantly tired, my appetite and sleep is off and on, my hands always constantly shake but sometimes to where I feel like I am about to pass out and everything has to always go bad when I want things to get better.

  6. Hell no. Atlanta has turned into a 3rd world country with amenities. Cannot wait to get out of here. Never coming back. Born and raised here and moved back after 25 years. Its terrible

  7. Traffic, heat and homeless and mental people covers Atlanta alone. We are full and not accepting any vacancy. Atlanta is a trap don't come here. Also all the towns and cities it mentions is Atlanta.

  8. I am Georgia ok. I was born in Atlanta Grady baby . I made tho.
    There are other parts. That are ok. And what she talking about is not truth. Georgia is changing fast. They are burning Atlanta with new people from other states and other countries come here.. some of these counties are segregation still to this day and the counters that she's talkin about or good counties but you know most of them are predominantly white someone logged put on me black some of my RB done with the you know you have Latinos Mexicans all in one area I know this cuz I grew up in this.

  9. Once a white mayor is elected for the city of atlanta you will see a 360 change overnight…white folks are taking over downtown and already have buckhead…there sick and tired of crime and the current mayor (KB) is doing nothing about it…i wish they would gentrify decatur and bring it back up…lol…

  10. What about Southeast Georgia?? I live in the small town of Jesup and wouldn't live anywhere else. Surprised Brunswick wasnt on the list aswell as Savannah.

  11. LMAO every town listed is either overcrowded and full of crime or ridiculously expensive and bougie. And every place they mentioned, with the exception of Augusta, is part of the greater Atlanta area. Some actual decent places to visit, among others, are Columbus, Savannah, St. Simon's Island, and Woodstock.

  12. Also, before some smart ass comments, I know Milton is new, so just lump it in with Alpharetta. Most of these cities are for professionals who DOES NOT sit around watching clips of 'uou tube.'

  13. What about another Georgia? It's more beautiful and full of old structures that you will love 🇬🇪

  14. Not one town or city was mention outside the 50 mile radius of Atlanuh. Whos this bitch kidding? That's where you don't, want, to be…..? Now once I think about it. If you're from the North yes, by all means, move to one of these 10 places she talked about. You'll love it. Yall come back now Ya hear!

  15. As someone who lives in GA I wouldn't want to live anywhere near Atlanta. I live closer to Athens and there is less traffic and less people.

  16. As someone who lives in GA. Half of these are the boonies. And crime is not low in hardly any of these. More and more shootings and robberies are happening in suburban GA everyday

  17. She’s talking about good weather I’m like in Georgia we have two types of weather Satans butt hole & bone snapping cold! Like when is it ever a day time high of 70° the two weeks of fall we get if that. Then winter is so humid it’s like swimming in a frozen lake and the wind is crazy fast so you’re snapping fingers off when you get in. Georgia has many things but decent weather isn’t one of them!

  18. i lived in decatur for a little

    it’s expensive af and the kids there are like extra addicted to drugs but it’s a very social and lively place to be

  19. Who did this? Someone that does not know or live here? Decatur has high crime and so does Atlanta. Wow what a lie. I cant wait to find a better state to move!

  20. So….. I'm guessing this robotic nonsense is just an advertisement for metro Atlanta suburbs…. Augusta as the ONLY non northern town?? REALLY…. of all places??? Augusta? Give me a break.

  21. Georgia is one of 50 country’s we call the Untied State’s that each has its own State Constitution. In the Democrat Republic of the United States, they all form one nation with a Constitution for all.

  22. I lived in Seattle and then moved to Augusta and then moved back to Seattle but I just want to say Augusta is the most best place to live

  23. Best cities to live in georgia and the 1st city is Atlanta? Um I dont kno about that one chief. Atlanta is great if you're and bread winner or money chaser. Anything else Atlanta will run you over

  24. Can anyone please advise me on Duluth? My husband will be working near Atlanta, and we have young kids. Is the crime low? Good schools, playgrounds? TIA!

  25. Peachtree City is the last place for people of colored. Lived their 5yrs. There's a lot name calling & hate!! The teachers are evil!! My children went thru pure hell b/c their skin was too dark

  26. How about something in southern GA, like Statesboro, voted in the top 3 best live, work, play towns in the US??

  27. Lord, the lies. DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!! One, there's too many people already, we are CROWDED! and also, she's lying
    That voice is lying! Lol. Atlanta, Decatur, hell, even Augusta, some of the worst school zones. Worst crime. Smh. I live in the mountains, which Is a little less, blah, but there Is still the drugs, crime, etc up here

  28. Sponsored by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Aside from Augusta Ga, the other 9 Best Places to Live are nothing more than Suburbs of Atlanta.

  29. Nope I would never live in the Atlanta metro area they don't motion thile crime rate are the traffic u live in georgia but would never live there

  30. Good information but to anyone living in Georgia already, all of these cities are synonymous with Atlanta with the exception of Augusta (naturally). So what about the little know or scenic towns. There are plenty of other places to live in GA that are WAY better than Atlanta (which is the human trafficking capitol of the world btw). I feel like this video takes the easy way out.

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