Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)

[Boy:] That’s a really pretty drawing you got there! (coughs and clears throat) …That’s a really pretty drawing you got there! Hey listen, I was just complimenting your drawing. I’m not a creep that’s trying to get at you or anything. Girls these days! You think every guy is after you. You all have so much attitude…it’s ridiculous! [Words on paper] Sorry if I offended you. I’m Deaf.

100 thoughts on “Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)”

  1. At that many thousands of dislikes I knew it was going to be bad, I guessed she was going to be deaf the first time she was trying really hard to pretend she couldn’t hear him. The bad acting gave it away. At least it wasn’t some fundie pseudochristian crap.

  2. The comments 😂😂😂 if girls ignores you then there’s something wrong. LMFAO, either because of you or they’re deaf.

  3. I am partial deaf. If she cannot hear anything, I will wave at her to be attentive, and I will hand sign to her "are you deaf?". She will cheering happy and hand sign to me. Then I will ask her to go out to eat, and she will say, " Yes." I will jump wildly in a celebration and she will puzzle but she will understand my lonely heart. I will say "I found her to be my beautiful love in my heart after so many years of no love I endured!"

  4. First of all, who would leave their bag on a bench next to a stranger while they go running? At the least you'd ask them to watch it for you, surely?.secondly, he can't have run far as he wasn't even out of breath or worked up a sweat and thirdly, how was he supposed to know she was deaf? He spoke to her nicely and got totally blanked, of course he'd be offended.
    It's quite nice though that she apologised for offending him and he felt bad for jumping to a conclusion.

  5. Since I have a resting bitch face,

    Most people assume that I'm a snob, bitchy, mean and stuck up.

    And since I come across this way to most people they wind up giving me an attitude, And I'm a nice timid and shy person so I really don't know how to approach a conversation anyways.

  6. another weird scenario fabrication to make you think ,
    like they want you retards to think . go white women lol

  7. I'm gonna comment before reading the comments and if I get chewed out then maybe I am tripping, but this was the most dumbest message in judging I have ever seen in my life I thought she was gonna forget he put that bag there and accused him for stealing and even that was a little obvious in this message which is also dumb bcuz it's a total arrogant cleshay when it comes to blacks and Hispanics when dealing with whites now I'm not speaking for every person or even white at that I'm speaking on the actual true fact that this is how and what people really think with black and Mexicans or Hispanics like my self know only to well …also might have spelled cleshay wrong but u catch my drift ..but I'm sticking to my guns and this was stupid as fuck females who know there bad act just like this and it seems as this video was saying don't take a stuck up female personal cause she's probably def when all and all this would be like a one in a billion chance a who we thought was stuck up was really def like com on …this is actually the dumbest message I have ever seen and I seen alot just check out Franklin Apollo latter fail he's a fraud motivational speaker who also changed his name do to that video to Todd Conner lol check out Todd Conner promo video…and youl see what I mean…now I'm bout to read the comments and any one who bashes me for this I'll tell u now u can fuck off go get a hug …

  8. For some reason I thought that the judging was gonna be going the other way around, little did I know…

  9. when i saw the arab dude leaving the backpack on the bench and running away i taught it was going to exlpode n shit

  10. In my life that has been 47 year old in my life I has across and seing to many deaf and blind girl…
    They don't hear what I'm talking to them, they never reply to all my texts,.
    Thank you so much for your help with this video, now I know
    2019/08/28 Wednesday

  11. Damn, I'm just Nothing when I Saw this Vid..

    Whatever, That Girl has a Angelic Face.. I hope I Don't see Her in Pornhub 😑😑😑

  12. Watch when you speak to her ..does she turn her head? no? she is deaf. Wave at her to get her attention. See what's her reaction? All sounds is silent.

  13. Beautiful share ..Thanks❤
    The biggest Problem is we all sometime just Judge each other too soon without certain clarification …Everyone misunderstood everyone 😏🙄

  14. Thank you for the nice video. It happens a lot especially speedy time like these days. May I share this video with others thru my channel? Thank you.

  15. I have a few friends who are deaf and the one thing they admire about me is I don't automatically "assume" someone is not deaf or deaf.

  16. God bless you always!
    Is the actress
    who is in this movie,
    deaf or
    is she hard of hearing or
    is she wearing
    earphones or headphones
    is she concentrating
    too much on drawing,
    she does not hear
    the man
    and or
    she is not
    paying attention
    to the man
    who sits next to her
    on the bench
    he lets her know that
    he likes her drawing?!

  17. I am hearing impaired. My voice is loud, and I can't help it. I have had people not like me, just because my voice is so loud. I love this film!

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