Tony Robbins: How to Turn Knowledge Into Action ( Tony Robbins Motivation )

26 thoughts on “Tony Robbins: How to Turn Knowledge Into Action ( Tony Robbins Motivation )”

  1. "if you succeed and you do not feel fulfilled that's failure

    when you're not fulfilled you have nothing to give to anybody else" I feel like this currently, and I'm aware of it just need to find the solution to get out of it!

  2. This is Music to my ears… i listen at least 1 video per day if its not 10 … ive good a entire playlist of tony speech 😀 totaly changed my life even its just the begin i feel it its a new being with alot of tools i use every day .. meeting tony is in my top dream today … i used all he tought me trought his speech to help people around me to get back in the tracks… and im not done…! LOVE YOU PEOPLE!

  3. The people that needs this workshop rarely come because your workshops are like 5k….. a lot of people cannot afford that🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Love the speech but can you completely cut the freaking music out cuz it's kind of useless and it doesn't add any sort of effect other than what the hell are you saying I can barely hear over the music

  5. Tony has great stuff i just wish he would delete the music because it distracts from the great message hes giving. other than that Tony is awesome.

  6. I like to listen to Tony's voice. It's full of energy. Sometimes I listen to it while doing boring household chores.
    And I do listen 🙂 to his ideas and believe in his experienced knowledge.

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