Tom Morello Teaches Electric Guitar | Official Trailer | MasterClass

trust teachers. I didn't trust politicians. I didn't trust people
on the evening news. I trusted music. The language of my life is
written in rock and roll, and punk rock, and hip-hop. [SOUND EFFECTS] I'd like to teach a class
that makes your guitar playing meaningful to you. I'll show you ideas
in chords and solos. I'm going to go through my
entire arsenal of guitars, amps, and effects pedals. You practice technique
to get your fingers to go where you want them to go. You practice theory to
understand where they can go and why. Rock and roll is a
visceral experience and a connection with
the audience that should be exciting at its core. [MUSIC – RAGE AGAINST THE
MACHINE, "KILLING IN THE NAME"] I was the only black
kid in an all-white town and the only heavy metal
musician at Harvard University. In a world that can be cruel,
and is sometimes racist, and is grossly unfair,
all of a sudden– [PLAYS GUITAR] –with this thing
on, I'm invincible. [MUSIC PLAYING] In this class, you will
be able to write a song and play a guitar solo — then we rock. Even if you've
never touched a guitar before. And for the advanced
player, the sky's the limit. If you want to play
exactly like me, you're going to figure that
out in this MasterClass. If you want to play
guitar exactly like you, I'll reveal how you can create
a lifetime of awesome rocking. [PLAYING GUITAR] I'm Tom Morello. And this is my MasterClass.

41 thoughts on “Tom Morello Teaches Electric Guitar | Official Trailer | MasterClass”

  1. 0:03 "I didn't trust politicians"
    His great uncle was THE Jomo Kenyatta and one of his cousins is the current President of Kenya. 😂

  2. mimimimimi…i was the only black kid in a white town…mimimimi. you are a communism idiot with money.

  3. Right… If Tom Morello is black I am purple. His father was black and his mother white, this doesn't mean that you are black, Morello. Stop with this political correctness bullshit.

  4. Tom Morello is proof positive that one can be a Communist and still make a decent living doing what you love. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  5. Capitalism has murdered more people by the billions than Communism ever did. USA had a famine too, it's called "The Great Depression".

  6. "I didn't trust teachers, I didn't trust politicians, I didn't trust the evening news, I TRUSTED A BUNCH OF SMELLY DRUGGIES!

  7. Why dont the communist give it away for free? I love his music btw.

    People should just torrent it, thats what real communists would do.

  8. I went to music school, but I still can learn lots from other guitarists and am open to it. Regardless of his background witch I don't know and many people have ranted about in the comments section, a bunch of his lessons and he gave me some cool ideas for making my own music. I like learning from some different teachers. There is a workbook that you can get for the lessons and you can also slow down things a bit or speed up things which is cool. There is also some other musicians with classes too.

  9. Tom Morello is one of my favourite guitarists. I don't trust £170 for some videos that I need expensive effects pedals for. I learned to play "Bombtrack" and "Killing in the Name" okay enough from free tab. The price is too high for a lot of people.
    "Yes, I know my enemies!

    They're the teachers who taught me to fight me!

    Compromise! Conformity! Assimilation! Submission!

    Ignorance! Hypocrisy! Brutality! The elite!".

  10. This is quite sad Tom.. For many young kids their only escape in life is their music. They idolise you – they want to play like you and they want to be you. Do you really need to charge for these lessons? Do you really need the money ?. I think the saddest thing is that you proudly stand there with your ` Arm the Homeless` Guitar as if you are making a stance on poverty yet in reality .. You've just sold out.. Shame on you for doing so. If your so skint we could set up a `Gofundme` .

  11. I just looked up ol' Tom's net worth. I have no idea how close those things are but the search I did said his net worth was 30 million lol.

    Pretending to be a communist has really paid off for Tom.

    I can definitely see why he needs to sell guitar lessons. He needs another Bentley.

  12. I've always wondered what his "arm the homeless" slogan was supposed to mean? I mean….people are generally homeless because of drugs or mental illness. Probably not the best idea to arm them.

    Just more of his silly sloganeering.

  13. For a communist Tom sure does like money. I've seen this commerical (at least the first few seconds of it) probably a hundred times.

    Yeah, we get it. You're a rebel. You don't trust teachers, you don't trust politicians blah blah blah.

    Really, for someone who is so anti-capitalism Tom sure is reaping it's benefits. Why not just give the lessons away Tom?

  14. y'all like getting mad over a commercial… a lot of these comments kinda have the ire & jist of this rightwingery ––– Maybe you can learn from Tom's mistake of getting overtly political by just enjoying his musical talent without peppering in your political vibes ––– That being said it looks like his techniques are def. being shown in a cool way …Practice is the only thing thats going to improve anyone's playing. Give it your best snark, dude still has a way on the fretboard. Nothing wrong with picking a position on the fretboard rather than on party lines… Cheers.

  15. (Over-the-top Russian accent) “Welcome to state-sponsored guitar training course comrades!”

  16. I don't trust politicians, I don't trust teachers, I have trust issues LOL. Just a joke, he's a great guitar player

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