Tom Chatfield’s introduction to Critical Thinking: An Online Course

hi I'm Tom Chatfield and I want to tell you a little bit about my online critical thinking course saij it's a beautiful accessible engaging course designed to help students become self-confident self-motivated learners in a digital age there's a big emphasis on reasoning on use of evidence on reflection upon your own learning practices and how to create the space and the focus to successfully engage with others work and deliver your own to a high standard it's also about becoming a discerning user of technology in a digital age someone who can see through fake news you can get the most out of information systems who can find signals amid the noise I hope above all it's about critical thinking as a vital 21st century skill at the heart of lifelong learning at the heart of a successful education and at the heart of the skills that will carry us through the coming decades it's been a great pleasure to put it together and I very much hope you enjoy you

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