Toddlers Learning and Playing with Colored Blocks – Buni Super by Miniland Educational Toys for kids

Big giant blocks? Hey Daddy Big Giant Blocks Giant Blocks! Buni Super Open the box Yellow Blue Wow what’s that and red one showing: Unboxing Buni Super colored blocks set by Miniland Allright To show the kids that they can re-create the image Each card shows the parts needed and the design Lot’s of blocks! Let’s start with an easy one Can you do this one Number One One Yellow, one red, and another red Can you make it? So…look at the picture Make it look like the picture Can you do that? So one of them needs to be flipped around Look I’ll show you See how it looks like the picture Look! See? Look, watch this Oh there! …behind you Looks like an ‘H’ Now Yellow Oh, turn wrong way Yay you did it, look. It looks like the picture! Wow, you’re good Did it Okay next one Two greens and one yellow Good job, wow Just like the picture Does that look like the picure? Yes there! You did it! A blue one? Blue one Yellow one there, right there All done! You did it! Read picture Yeah looks like the picture See? Does that looks like the picture? Yeah! Yeah you did it! What picture is this one? Red, Blue and Green Red…Blue Green, this one There you go see looks like the picture You did it, wow! Show the cameria Picture Blue…yellow…red Right there! Blue? No Right here Yellow piece Wow! That one was quick Does it look like the picture? Yeah Show the camera That’s really fast This one? Getting harder No…You need yellow, yellow, blue, blue, and green OOO Right There! Found it! Wow! Wow does it look like the picture? Yeah! Wow that’s just like it Almost Is it? Yeah! Looks really close Does it look like picture? Yeah Picture! Two red, two yellows, and one blue There Look at the picture Wow Wow does that look like the picture? Nathan, Does it look like that? No oh! Red…like this, like this Nathan Look, see? Does that look like the picture? No No? Okay you got to fix this part Does it look like this? No No? Almost It look like that? Yeah! That one huh There, see! You did it! Wow look at that! Good Job! Show the camera? That one’s number eight, your getting more advanced Green Peice This Blue, Blue, Green, Green, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow Ready? Wow, there’s one more One more yellow Wow you did it, wow you’re getting good at it! See it’s a big one Want to show the camera? Woah You did nine of them already, wow Looks good Wow! Wow does that looks like the picture? Yeah! Picture, okay Picture

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