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hallo guys Now kevin want to play boca joca toca boca ohh guys I was wrong the name of his game guys Now it is time for going to school come on guys Went to school without nap It seems need to sleep here.. hahah aiiit….. Where all children why has not there Maybe they is in a closet aitt… They also did not here Must be called Now we would pick one more I choose you yay.. aiiit…where firefighters oohh.. there is no he is yet to come sorry sorry sorry ok guys…. xiip ok The children are will go out and play ok guys yay.. play.. hehe Time to play.. hehe i like to joke ok ok? okeeeee they are not here Go where they these them it is also Now it is all here guys…Bring forth all children of here Bring forth all Bring forth all… hehehe hilarious my behavior guys come on yay…. many do they They want to wait guys Who wants candy oohh you? aiit.. come on He wants to play ball basket come on You go down come on waaah guys He was playing basketball waaah It was time to eat the teacher said ok time to eat guys aiit…… alone? there are two Where are the others wooow nyam nyam nyam (eat) …. hehehe guys nyam nyam nyam….( eat ) waah delicious guys guys.. music guys musiic guys… thre is music guys.. come on we dance guys Now the time wearing costume we use clothing ghost ghost… ghost… hehehe Sorry i just kidding aiit You so much All is ready to wear ghost costume huu huu huu huuu auuuuuuuuuu… hu huhu auuu auuuu hehehe guys ready Everyone is already wear costumes ghost ghost ghost hahaha i was just kidding guys this suit suit is….. you would not know suit is…. is is magic ghost His name suit where his hat ]
Electricity and there are no guys now pretend to be a policeman singing already We get to keep first hi.. guys now Time wearing clothes guys this the wolf ready ok another wearing that outfit ready is there still clothes ok.. no problem guys…we are going home ok guys Back home to sleep There are ghosts again guys.. guys eehh Not people living here look blank Where is everyone hehehe There were here holloween this and it guys 1 2 3 3 4 Ia pergi tidur atas woaaa.. wawaa the guitar put here aa guys now they were sleeping we continue tomorrow If you want to see my video again Press subsribe here don’t forget subscribe see you guys da daaaaaaa

66 thoughts on “toca boca/toca life school/ game mobile education || KIDS video”

  1. de kevin aku request dong boleh gak kalo boleh aku riquest kamu buat main game toca life:stable ya 😊😊

  2. de kevin aku request dong boleh gak kalo boleh aku riquest kamu buat main game toca life:stable ya 😊😊

  3. Hi kevin aku boleh subcribe vidio kmu, klo boleh aku subcribe oh iya ya aku temenya karisa maulidya / karisa aline

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