To Those Who Shut Down Critical Thinking

good morning everybody I'm sitting out here on the deck enjoying the hummingbirds in this beautiful morning and thought I would just do a quick video here it appears that the Newsweek magazine that the article is only available online because Mike and I went to town yesterday and we went everywhere and could not find any Newsweek magazines we've seen several of their special editions but no regular magazine so then we came home and went online and we noticed that it says international news week for the bible-thumpers one with the numeral translation and the it looks like the edition here in the United States has Bernie Sanders on the front so we don't know what is up with that we tried to search everywhere online to get a hard copy of that Newsweek and we just couldn't find any and several people were calling and said the same thing they could not find that Newsweek so it looks like it might be the International Edition and we just couldn't find it so you know the link under that video to the article that article online is probably the only one that most of us is going to be able to see with the overwhelming amount of messages that we have received recently I chose to make this video and to set the record straight and I just want to say that I do believe the Bible is inspired but I do believe it is inspired of God but I just want to say that Mikey and I have helped many many people you know we try our best to help people and we have invited some into our home listen to their crying when they were at a low point spent a lot of time only to have them turn on us for an opinion Mikey and I are not preachers trying to build a flock we are here to hopefully help people we are not professionals we just want to be there you know and help them as and say yeah we understand you know been there done that but you know opening our home is a loving thing spending hours and hours with people who need a listening ear was loving on our part that's the only reason we do it is we love our brothers and sisters and just want to try to help people and we refuse to now get into a tit-for-tat with someone we opened our hearts to so while I appreciate all the concern we're fine we really are we're doing okay lesson learned we hold no animosity against anyone and will not address this again as we are done with it now on to something that we do care about Mike and I appreciate all of you guys comments your research that you're sending us you know and Mike and I sent ever since we left Watchtower we loved researching we loved reading all these different things because we can now we love watching documentary you know we're like sponges taking all of this in because it's JW's we were able to research we were able to look at other stuff you know we had to stick right with watched our stuff no it was interesting because the video I we did last weekend I believe it was where Mike mentioned that King David installed his sons into the priesthood I put that link on our Facebook you know so people could see that we had done the video and people started commenting under that video and then an amazing thing happened there was actually a discussion going on under that thank you so much guys and their research and comments we learned some things some things that we never thought of see the problem is when we think oh well I've been a Bible student my whole life orthodoxy has been around for 2,000 years so they can't be wrong the problem is when we think we know it all and can't learn anything okay I'm just gonna shut those crazy heretics off because they have nothing I want to hear so I want to share a few things that someone that was in that discussion from many people and I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to everybody's comments and post but we should be able to have a discussion like this without Bible bullies coming in and saying this is the way it has to be this is what you need to believe this is the Bible you need to read and use this is the way you need to believe this is what you have to research oh not that over there that's fake that shuts down discussion there were some things we never thought about we learned some things and just want to share a few of these because we thought about this King David put his son in as priests we know Jesus was very condemnatory against these Pharisees for being corrupt and not from that priestly line if nothing else that makes us think of things we may never thought of before that's why I don't like to discredit anybody bugs are coming out they're entitled to their beliefs I just don't want it crammed down my throat we all have something to add to a discussion we can all learn something someone brought up the scripture Luke 1 starting in verse 5 I'm gonna read this I have my layman's parallel Bible here and oh let's just read this from the Revised Standard in the days of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah of the division of Abijah and he had a wife of the daughters of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth and they were righteous before God walking in all the come Amonson ordinances of the Lord blamelessly yes this is John the Baptist parents mentions the line of Aaron the priestly line Zechariah was a priest and then it goes on to talk about you know they had no child verse 8 now while he was serving as priest before God when his division was on duty so he was in the temple serving his priests when Gabriel came to tell him that he was gonna have a son and they were to call his name John so John the Baptist was in this priestly line that never dawned on us before is Jehovah Witnesses yeah you guys are right and it's funny cuz witness discussions going on in Facebook we've been watching a show called decoding the ancients my think it's on like Amazon Prime or something like that and there was an episode called the nails in the cross and it mentions that they found the ocre of Caiaphas in fact I found two of them and they think one was the Sun one was the father they're not exactly sure which one was the high priests at the time of Jesus but mentions these Pharisees were put there in their place by the Romans so they were fake priests they were not real priests from the priestly line John 11:48 mentioned that if they were saying if we leave him alone the Romans will come and take our place in our nation so they were concerned that if they did not do something about Jesus that you know the Romans would take that position away from them but John the Baptist was a rightful priest from the line of Aaron and he was preaching when he seen Jesus here comes the Lamb of God you know and he was preaching and the Messiah was coming so he was a true priests not the Pharisees the Pharisees denied Jesus as the Messiah so you know if nothing else this should make us think about things and like I said this is amazing because we can have this discussion and when you're dogmatic and this is the way it is and this is what you need to believe it shuts down discussion nobody wants to discuss things with Bible bullies but this is a good thing because we can all interact and we all have something to share so anyway I just wanted to say a few thoughts about that and thank you so much everybody for your phone calls and emails but we are doing fine you know it just breaks our hearts but you know like I said earlier lesson learned and it's just a really rough lesson to learn and so anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I love you bye

48 thoughts on “To Those Who Shut Down Critical Thinking”

  1. I forgot to mention that in that Decoding the Ancients show, they found 2 Roman crucifixion nails in Caiaphas ossuary. Were these a keepsake?

  2. Apart from being disfellowshiped I got tired of different groups of Christians saying what you have just mentioned.
    This bible is a better version then that bible and you should really search this out because the other stuff is missing leading.
    Well I sum it up.
    No such thing as absolute truth .
    But I belive there is subjective truth according to ones own personal experience.
    Physical, mental, spiritual.
    That's why I walked away from Christianity.
    I respect what others may or may not belive .
    But I won't tolerate someone trying to hammer my intelligence with stupidity and insults.
    I respect others for what they belive and practice .
    So they should do the same.
    I belive true spirituality is not confined to any one group or religion.
    Men over many centuries have taken what is free to everyone and compartmentaliz it into different ideas.
    Then people who had at one point belived on their own found others of the same like minded approach got together and shared these ideas.
    Then all you get one out of the bunch of idealist , who is very clever and start to coerce the group to form rules and regulations, then that in turn eventually becomes a religion.
    And before you know it others break off and form their own group .
    This in turn leads to the we're right and your wrong scenario.
    See where I'm going with this .
    And another thing what you mentioned too.
    How many times I've done my best to be there for so called brothers and sisters and in the end get burned pretty hard .
    Especially when I was going through depression and anxiety .
    Shows how Christian people really are in times of need.
    Anyway I just thought I'd get that off my chest.
    But as always Kim I love what you and mick do.
    I really appreciate your channel.
    It has in a lot of ways amongst others ,like son of thunder,Vinnie Vincent and others I can't quite remember off the top my head , have to a large degree help me through this process .
    Been disfellowshiped since 2015.
    Can't be happier to be out.
    There is still a lot to be said but I'll just stop at this point.
    Love you both .
    Oh before I forget
    Mark & cora as well.
    They're a big help too .
    Anyway have a lovely day merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year to you both.

  3. My hope is that the X-JW community will turn from self-glorifying JW to the real "CHRIST " as God in human flesh and sent as only propetuation for sin of human race…. There's no other name under heaven whereby men may be saved. Christ is the end all be all for salvation…. He extends his Love to anyone with no reguard for status, money, crimes, goodness, poverty level, sickness etc. etc. And offers salvation as a free gift for all who turn from sin and to him for everlasting life and more abundant life on earth. All you must do is place faith in him as THE SAVIOR AND CHRIST.

  4. I love talking to you both. You are some very sweet and kind people. I am so sorry for your troubles. I am to have come to meet you, a blessing indeed.

  5. I appreciate all that you do trying to wake people up. My wife was a product of the JW cult, thankfully she got out years ago.

  6. I know your busy. I have been disfellowshipped 3 times and reproved 3 times. Im now labeled as an apostate, my name is Michael. God has anointed me last year, i tried to write the brothers, ive met with them, ive tried to mail letters to bethel. They have not contacted me. I feel God has apointed my wife and I as the twobwitnesses in revelation. My wife has had visions of us before we have ever met praying to Michael the arch angel. I know i am not the arch angel yet. But i am the michael in the bible. God has revealed this to me. God has helped me to understand that the story of abraham and ishmael and issac are critical to unlocking the secret for the end times and true understanding. Please contact me [email protected]

  7. Chin up ..stiff upper lip .
    Keep up your good work and thank you once again.
    Christian love
    London England

  8. Hello Kimmy, my Dear Cousin

    We are all free to believe as we will. The bible has much to offer in terms of living a good and dignified life. It states that the work of God is to have faith in the Lord.

    No one has the right to judge that Faith, unless criminal behaviour is present. We shall all stand individually on the Lord's day.

    It's so good to see you getting better.

    May the Lord bless you
    Peace be with you Cousin Rick

  9. I luv u guys , you are so selfless and you help so many people in the ex he community you have been my lifeline since I woke up 2 1/2 years ago, the thought of u guys being hurt by selfish people breaks my heart, keep doing the good work u do guy’s, we support and love you just as you do us !!! Xxx❤️

  10. I'm a believer !!! I believe a lot of things. I believe more now than when I was in. I believe I will never know all the answers. I believe I am wrong most of the time. I love being a believer! Hell. I love the flat earth people. Love you guys

  11. But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.

    You have zero interest in truth!! What you try to find is fault..with all of God's servants and with Jehovah and his immortal Son. It now matters zero what church you join or dont join. Your rebellion against the God of Truth and His word will always be remembered along with the ones you have murdered. Your sin is willful and subtil; like your father's. Your desire is to help others follow you on your road to Gehennah! You are sick and pathetic losers. Enemies of all human beings! When you eventually wake up, you will hang yourself. Forever and ever the smoke of your torment ascends!

    And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the JHVH.
     And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh. FOREVER AMEN!!!

  12. There is also a false priesthood today, replacing the genuine. They are what Jesus called, the "disgusting thing standing in the holy place".

  13. That scripture about Elizabeth and Zacariah also proves that the Jews, who were pious and obedient, had a righteous standing before Jehovah God. This is in direct contrast to the much repeated statement: "Oh, nobody could live up to the Law" They did it! Sure they also, had to show up for the Day of Atonement to have their sins overlooked for another year, but they were righteous people and will be remember in the resurrection of ALL mankind. Romans 3 and 11.

  14. Thanks for your videos, good news I am mailing in my dissociation letter into the organization and getting out of this mind controlling cult, for one they don't teach what the bible and the first century apostles taught us in God's word, to all out there do not study the bible with Jehovah's witnesses or get mixed up in that cult

  15. I'm so trying hard to unbrainwash myself from the Bible, because it ruined my life, but I just can't stop believing it.

  16. The Bible is a fascinating book. Yet I no longer believe it is inspired. As I no longer believe in a personal God. That said no-one has a lock on truth.

  17. I really don't know what's going on when you talk about other people and you getting back and forth but I just wanted to share my example with my own mother I saw something on TV about weddings and some of the things that happens in weddings Are pagan also baby showers I texted her and mentioned that to her and she told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore and for me to get off the apostate internet for some reason she took it as an affront to her and I still don't understand it but she wasn't going to listen anymore and basically all I had to do is write a letter to come back and be a JW and when my mom acted like that just because of something I saw on television she thought I was listening to apostate internet sites I don't think I can write that letter anymore I wish I had someone like you Kim. I do, I guess cuz I do watch your videos and I appreciate your words and your kindness you guys have a great day out there by

  18. I agree with you Kim, ever since I left the JW's I also like doing research, watching video's on different bible topics and it's so liberating because like you said as a JW you were not allowed to. Great video.

  19. There is more than one way to skin a cat ,and that pretty much describes the numerous scriptural applications that people swear by !…..the apostles were apparently baptized by john the baptist before they even met Jesus ,SO what does this mean ?… further baptism was expected ?

  20. greetings from colorado springs. love the outdoors. i couldnt find the Newsweek either. and i went to walmart.!

  21. If the Creator did not want us to think she/he would not have given us a brain so powerful, and by the way he/she did not give anyone any message to give me, He/She will have to start talking again and this time to me, if not I will come to my own conclusions with no apologies to anyone. I am spirit in a physical body, I know who I am, God does not judge anyone, man made that crap up.I am completely free likewise everyone else.

  22. I say the Bible is not inspired!! impossible !!! take a good look at the contents, and if it is the true God am not interested, I will NOT respect a god who use fear to control it's subjects. The Creator does not NEED worship or anything for that matter. If he is coming am waiting. Think people think! Kim you a doing a great job, I would not wast any time with religious people, waking up from watchtower does not mean they are fully awake.

  23. Love you and Mike. You doing a great job. I was a J.W. For 19yrs. Did me so much family damage. I went back to the Catholic Church. Doing early Church history brought me back to the Church. But I would not force my beliefs on my family or anyone. God bless you both.💕

  24. Isn't it great to be a sponge 🙂 to be able to research and learn. It's a little scary though because the more I learn the more I see that there's a plethora of hoaxes out there. (JW's don't have the market on hoaxes and being controlling.) Thanks for what you share with us, it's nice to find people of "kindred spirit". Hugs!

  25. Hi Kim & Mikey. Check out . The UK Bethel is now selling off the Bethelites homes in London. Look at the professional website aiming to get the best market prices for the properties. Look at the way they are marketing them, not as ex JW properties. They have all been renovated with new kitchens and bathrooms and decorated to get the best market prices, they were dowdy and full when the workers lived in them. So check the prices too.

  26. Just like today Kim , our modern day roman government has control of our religion s ,making them afraid of losing there 501C3 tax free status , this includes CULTS , these Pharisees watchtower organisation that deny Christ ,and call themselves the only way to freedom or salvation ,are the jews who call themselves jews but are not of the line of David HATE the Christ to this day, until the day all governments go broke , and THEN there power and money will be taken from these filth rich fake Pharisees.

  27. I love you guys!! BUT THIS VIDEO SOUNDS LIKE A SCRIPTED JW MESSAGE…seems like it is being read from a book 😧😧

  28. We all love that you love. We appreciate you and the fact that you support others.
    I truly believe that you spent those decades with blinkers on for a reason. Your experiences help others, you can identify, you are both big care givers!!!! Thank you! 👏🏻🇦🇺

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