To succeed in a creative career, consider moving to a city

To succeed in a creative career, consider moving to a city. To be a successful artist, you’ll need a whole community of people supporting your career. Let’s say you’re a writer with a new play. You’ll need people to run a theatre, people to promote the play, people to fill the seats of an auditorium, and people to write reviews. Cities are the only places large enough to have a pool of people who can do all this. But that’s not the only way cities can help you succeed in your career as an artist. If you live in a city, you’ll be surrounded by people with a range of diverse skills, ideas, and opinions. This diversity will stimulate you to produce new ideas. Cities are also good for creative companies, as they can draw on a variety of talent. You need lots of different specific skills to go from idea to finished product – not just a movie star, but camera operators, sound technicians, script writers, voice coaches, and many more. Cities – and only a few of them – are big enough to support a population that covers the vast range of skills and ideas that go into making a new product. Finally, it’s in cities that artists get a better chance to find cultural intermediaries – agents and advisors who know the right people to contact, and whom to connect with whom. A good agent will find and cultivate an audience for a new book or work of art, create buzz, publicity and sales, and turn these into income. So, must everyone move to a city to have a successful creative career? Some might say that cities don’t allow for the peace and reflection needed to create art. But even so, you’ll need an audience, and co-artists to help you develop. And when a lot of talented people gather in one place, creative magic happens. Read the related article on our Voices blog by clicking on the info button above and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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