Tip Teaches Major & King About Entrepreneurship ‘Sneak Peek’ | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

40 thoughts on “Tip Teaches Major & King About Entrepreneurship ‘Sneak Peek’ | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle”

  1. Gawddd Major Harris is all grown up.!!! This kid is so much more mature and calm and intelligent.. Dayumm Tiny and TI raising their kids damn well!

  2. I know 4 kids that are smart as hell and are home schooled. Now, with his son actually still in school and this is what he is coming up with, maybe homeschool isn't a bad idea.

  3. I love it,,He teaching them Kids,how to have Financial independence,,,I love it,,this is Great,,everybody,,Shhhh pay attention.

  4. Honestly y’all are retarded. King is a child. A lot of children are so busy being children they don’t see the severity in taking advantage of certain opportunities. I passed up early college and upward bound to stick with my friends and family. I regret that decision to the fullest. If I had the support system those kids have I probably would have took it.

    He allows them to follow their heart as long as they use the head. I only know one regular black family like that. Honestly it’s something that’s not common for us: a foundation.

  5. Guarantee if this kid & Jaden Smith didn't have famous father's, neither of them would be allowed to wear half the dumb 💩 they do now!

  6. This kid is a little young to be wearing spiked dog collars! And what's up w/Grandma's pearl earring? Guess they let him wear LITERALLY anything he wants!

  7. One issue is how the hell they let king walk round looking like that he looks crazy I know will and Jada let their kids find they selves but dam cut king hair down and change the color he got a lot to learn kid barley can speak properly but wanna rap

  8. Tip is a great father A-1 dad.. major got so big, handsome, an mature … king needs to focus more on school instead of music!!.. i love how tip takes time out with all his kids!!.. way to go tip #1 team dad!!..

  9. T.I need to have a serious talk with King, I'm talking lay it out on the table that at this point in his life, he can't rap and to educate himself because when he don't make it after putting all his eggs in one basket then he go be stuck

  10. King needs to read more, study to comprehend, and find ways to stimulate his mind because he's going to need it.

    Laughing at him is not funny.

  11. They get all these opportunities for no reason at all. Its gud tht they grew up well but its just like as many places as ti has taken his kids do all these things tht other kids probly deserve more they hav never taken any of it seriously they just there cuz they tis kids.

  12. @TIP. Greetings. My brother invented and patented the first Internet Vending Machine in Tuskegee, AL where I attended college. Like you, he has several sons that he is teaching entreprenuership. Our family would be delighted to show you the ends and outs of how he created the machines that RedBox is now using. Take a look at some of his YouTube Videos. His company called VendoNet.

  13. King is a damn joke sad part is he's dead ass serious he wants to be Xxx so bad i love his sling bag though

  14. King is a joke then at 2:25 looks a Major with shade like he mad he showed him up on an easy elementary question

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