Times Higher Education, World University Rankings with Elsevier's Scopus

Times Higher Education World University
Rankings mission is to help probably the top 2,000 universities in the world so
these are the research intensive universities and we use Elsevier data to
help them improve their performance. For Times Higher Education and for their
World University Ranking we provide publication data that is coming from
Scopus our abstracting indexing database. Scopus is the largest abstracting
indexing database. It covers journals from more than 5,000
publishers – not just Elsevier but it goes beyond Elsevier – we have over 23,000
journals from more than 150 countries covering more than 50
different languages and we just passed the milestone of 70 million articles. The
benefits of being part of RELX is that it allows us to tap into a wealth of
assets whether it's related to technology whether it's to data or to
subject matter expertise. Since we share the same vision with regard to deploying
technologies in our solutions it allows us to join forces and to produce
cutting-edge and leading solutions for our different segments. With Elsevier's help we're able now to
have a much more global view of university performance and we've also got a much more global view of universities. As a result of that, the World University
Rankings three and a half or four years ago had 400
universities ranked, we've now got eleven hundred universities. The University
Rankings it's not to say that a university is better than than the other
University but it's much more to put the universities in a context from different
lenses whether it's about teaching whether it's about research whether it's
about international outlook and international visibility. Students and
parents are using rankings to inform their decision to choose a university
where to study. Universities themselves obviously want to showcase their performance, whether it's about education or research. In some countries institutions are funded based on their ranking. Scopus covers across all disciplines allowing Times Higher Education for example to
provide rankings that include more and more universities. We have a very very
strong relationship with Elsevier. What we're both doing is looking at it from the university perspective – how can we work together to actually help
the universities perform better and benefit the world at

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