Time Signatures Explained (Beginner Piano Lessons: 34)

hello and welcome to beginner piano lessons a 14 week course designed to help you feel confident with the basics of piano I'm your teacher Dylan Lee and today's goal is to learn all about the time signature before we get started make sure to download a free sample of my beginner piano lessons ebook which I will link in the description box down below for every video in this course there's a related page in the e-book containing color coded examples pictures of my hands on the piano chords simplified definitions and links to the related videos in less than 32 we studied the staff which is a group of four spaces and five lines where music is written in lesson 33 we studied measures which helps to divide a composition into parts typically with equally numbered beats today we're going to learn about the time signature which tells us how many beats are going to be in each measure time signature consists of two numbers the top number which tells us how many beats are going to be in each measure and the bottom number which tells us the value of each beat the time signature that I'm going to place on the screen is 4/4 the top number four shows us that there will be four beats in each measure each of those beats are equal to a quarter note which is shown by the bottom number a common misunderstanding with 4/4 time if something needs to be four notes in each measure rather than four beats remember you can have one note that equals four beats such as the whole note or you could have four quarter notes which also equals four beats you could also have two half notes in each half note equals two beats two plus two equals four beats or you could have one dotted half note and one quarter note dotted half note equals three beats the quarter note equals one beat three plus one equals four beats well four four is the most common time signature in music 3/4 is the second most common and the next lesson will begin practicing sane and playing the notes and rhythms written on the staff again check the description box for a link to download a free sample of my beginner piano lessons ebook as well as for links to all 44 videos in this course I'm Dylan Lane and I look forward to seeing you in the blessing

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  1. Thank you ! You are an incredible teacher !!!!! I truly appreciate you!!!!!!🌈💐🥰💝🎉🎵

  2. her videos are so underrated. Like people. come on. I love your videos so much and I hope more people can see your amazing talents

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