Tim Rhoades: Education & Pen Turning

Tim Rhoades: I’ve been making pens for probably 20 years and I’ve taken three or four classes on how to turn pens and now I actually
teach pen turning to other people. So as a teacher we have lots of different
tools we use to help you. And here’s the cool part, come look at that now. That’s where it started out as, see that block of wood, now look at it Student: how do you know what it’s gonna look like? Tim Rhoades: I don’t. How do I know what Brayden’s going to look like when he grows up? I don’t. That’s what I like about pen turning and teaching. I don’t know what this pens gonna look like until I start turning it. And what’s kind of cool is, sometimes with pens, I might want to put a design on like this one. See how it’s got a little– how it’s
indented in? Every pen like every student is different and they change over time
just like how you are right now. how you are right now as a 5th grader it’s not going to be how you’re gonna be like as a 8th grader or as a 12th grader or as
an adult. Your life can change just like I can change this wood, which is what I
love about teaching, I love about woodworking, I’m always creating new things and I
never know exactly how it’s going to look like until I’m done

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