Tim Rabolt – Association of Recovery in Higher Education (PROMO)

You know like a lot of other high school
students you know you end up it at parties or hanging out with friends
someone offers you a drink or a drug and all of a sudden like all those those
feelings I’ve had that you know I’m not enough after you know having you know
feeling like I was on top of the world and having it all kind of crash down
well you know that that first drink or drug kind of made that go away. And you
know throughout high school I chased that. And kept chasing it. And you know it
kind of culminated in in me finding recovery thankfully as a senior in high
school. A collegiate recovery program, the easy way to look at is kind of
wraparound support services. So you might see this already with some other student
populations on campus whether it’s you know veterans, or LGBT students,
international students, first-generation students, student athletes, …you know have
unique sets of needs and accommodations in order for them to be able to succeed. And you know the work we do at the Association of Recovery and Higher
Education, we’re small… but we’re trying to make that a reality on college campuses.
Because you know I got into recovery in high school and I went to college and
even with some time it was the hardest thing I ever had to do was get through
freshman year. And I saw countless people leave the school entirely after battling
drug and alcohol use because it felt like you had to decide. Right? You had to
decide you know am I gonna pursue recovery, or college? You know? And no one
should have to make that choice. So that’s kind of the work we’re doing is
trying to get what are called collegiate recovery programs on every single
college campus throughout the country

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